Monday, 2018-01-22

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johnsomWhen I try to pip install openstacksdk master I get the following error:00:46
johnsomI'm wondering if the version code is bad...00:46
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openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Fix clustering detach policy describe error
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openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Fix compute keypair functional test error
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openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Add clustering guides cluster file, examples cluster code
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openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Add clustering guides cluster file, examples cluster code
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openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Replace assert with condition
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Use general py3 env in default tox run
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dtantsurelmiko: hey! early heads-up: I'll be out this Thursday11:27
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mnasermorning mordred - - i'm not sure if i understand the normalizing code properly but it looks like i ended up with created = None .. should I avoid using pop or get and instead just pass the value directly?13:05
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Shrewsmnaser: i think you need to remove 'created' from _SERVER_FIELDS b/c that's putting it back into the dict always. But I also don't think we should just remove 'created' from our model, even in strict mode, since it's already part of our model contract.13:23
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mnaserShrews: probably a good discussion item then with mordred ?13:41
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elmikodtantsur: ack, i might not make it either. will be at devconf13:52
dtantsurelmiko: which devconf, .cz?13:55
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elmikodtantsur: yeah, .cz, i thought i saw you had a talk there?13:57
dtantsurelmiko: right, so see you there ;)13:58
elmikohaha, yeah!13:58
dtantsurelmiko: so I'll be travelling as well, arriving to Brno 4-5pm. and you? where do you stay?14:02
dtantsurcdent: so FYI ^^^ we both probably out on Thu14:03
elmikodtantsur: i'll arrive in brno tomorrow at around 2-3pm, stating at the grandezza14:03
elmikothanks cdent14:03
dtantsurtomorrow, wow :)14:03
elmikodtantsur: when do you get there?14:04
dtantsurelmiko: Thursday afternoon14:04
elmikoah, cool14:04
elmikodtantsur: yeah, me and Will were going out early to do some work at the office there14:04
dtantsurmy train arrives at 4 something, but it will probably be delayed, as always :)14:04
dtantsurI'm staying not so far from downtown, but in a less fancy hotel :)14:05
elmikoi stayed at the avanti last year, but some of our brno colleagues recommended the grandezza14:05
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dtantsurmore that twice more expensive than one that I have14:09
elmikowhere are you stayung?14:12
dtantsurelmiko: Hotel Europa
dtantsuryeah, my parents stayed there once. they seemed to like it, and reviews are quite good14:18
elmikonow i just gotta sit through 11 hours of travel...14:19
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/os-api-ref master: Fix UnicodeDecodeError
dtantsurelmiko: ouch! well, yeah. it's 7 hours by train for me :) I guess I'd prefer to fly14:21
elmikodtantsur: that's a decent train ride!14:34
elmikowill you at least get the train with internet the whole way there?14:35
dtantsurelmiko: I doubt it14:35
openstackgerritChen Hanxiao proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add --image-property parameter in 'server create'
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slaweqfrickler: hi15:16
slaweqfrickler: I don't know if You saw but I did patches for find_best_address() as we talked last week:
slaweqfrickler: and
slaweqmordred: hi, is there any "procedure" how such patches like ^^ should be ported from shade to openstacksdk now?15:18
slaweqor should I just do same/similar patches to openstacksdk repo now?15:19
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openstackgerritChen Hanxiao proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add --image-property parameter in 'server create'
mordredslaweq: I should write a quick note on that for the dev docs ... the tl;dr is...15:25
mordredslaweq: assuming you have git repos of each in and ... in the python-openstacksdk dir, do 'git fetch ../../openstack-infra/shade ; git cherry-pick $sha ; git review'15:27
mordredslaweq: we merged the whole git history from shade into openstacksdk, so fetching and cherry-picking and whatnot should just work most of the time15:28
slaweqmordred: thx a lot15:30
slaweqmordred: I will try it today with my last 2 patches done for shade :)15:30
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mordredsweet! and thanks for reminding me, we should go through and make sure we've done that for all of the shade patches16:27
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jeremyfreudbergmordred, about your saharaclient patch - what's the next step? is there something else i need to do to sahara to make your patch work as it should, or is it really an incompleteness of keystoneauth17:00
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mordredjeremyfreudberg: ah - just saw your last comment there ... interesting question17:30
mordredSO - there's a few options I think (this is off the top of  my head - I'll probably want to ponder a little longer)17:30
mordredthe first one is the one that's likely the largest amount of work for you but is the thing that's likely the most resilient17:31
mordredwhich is to update your v1 service in sahara to make the project-id in the URL optional (nova did this a couple of years ago)17:32
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mordredI don't know enough about your API server implementation to know how much work that is for your v1 codebase, but it would get you into a good forward-compatible place17:33
jeremyfreudbergmordred: it's not much work, but that solution also seems a bit sad17:34
jeremyfreudbergi'd like to hear the other options for sake of completeness17:34
mordredksa will keep the project-id if it finds it on the endpoint in the catalog, even if it finds a different endpoint via version negotiation17:35
mordredSO - that way if you have an existing deployment that has versioned endpoints with project-ids in their catalog already, then they update to a new version of sahara that has v2 available, and the user requests that they want to use v2, version discovery can get from{project-id} to for discover, discover exists, then append {project-id}17:37
mordredbecause it was on the original url17:37
mordredk. that's about enough for that option :)17:37
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jeremyfreudbergargh, pushed the wrong button in the irc client17:38
jeremyfreudbergi'm paying attention17:39
mordredjeremyfreudberg: :)17:39
mordredanother option is we could potentially add a flag to ksa to tell it to append project-id to discovered endpoints regardless of whether it found a project-id originally17:39
mordredthat shouldn't be terribly hard - but I worry about what the impact is on non-python/non-ksa users17:40
mordredactually - let's back up real quick ...17:41
mordredthere's a few cases: existing deployments that already have v1/project-id in the catalog, new deployments that are going to register unversioned endpoint in the catalog ... and existing deployments that have v1/project-id in the catalog who want to upgrade to having v2 be the default17:42
mordredjeremyfreudberg: are there any use-cases we're missing there ^^?17:42
jeremyfreudbergmordred: i believe that's all of them17:43
mordredfor the first one, you should be set with no changes - existing catalogs have appended project-id, ksa will do version discovery, find v2, append project-id, all should be fine, so existing users should be fine17:43
jeremyfreudbergi'm not sure about that17:44
mordredfor the second one, v2 will work via discovery properly if it doesn't require project-ids in the url, but v1 will not work if it does continue to require project-ids (and v2 will also not work if it requires project ids in the urls)17:44
jeremyfreudbergor sorry, yes i am sure, got confused17:44
jeremyfreudbergyes, so far the first two your analysis is correct17:45
mordredfor the third, if the deployer switches to a versioned endpoint in the catalog with /v2/{project-id} the existing setup will work for both versions - although users with old versions of saharaclient would be broken since they wouldn't understand the /v2 in the catalog17:46
mordred(sorry for all the words, basically thinking out loud) :)17:47
jeremyfreudbergmordred: right, but putting /v2/{project_id} in the catalog would be an undesirable hack17:47
jeremyfreudbergalthough it would work17:47
mordredso - quick question - when you say "that solution also seems a bit sad" - is that because you desire keeping project-ids in the urls? or a different reason?17:49
mordred(making sure before walking down other options we grok all the inputs)17:50
jeremyfreudbergmordred: hmm, no, i don't desire to keep project-id in the url, but that solution seems to introduce an even tighter coupling of sahara version vs saharaclient version vs catalog antics17:52
jeremyfreudberghmm, but that might just be how it feels in my mind17:54
jeremyfreudbergtrying to think if there is actually a difference in practice17:54
mordredgotcha. so - I think it *should* help to decouple those17:54
mordredfor cases 2 and 3, a consumer is going to need a new/updated client no matter what17:55
mordredthe old client isn't going to grok unversioned urls or v2 urls, but it's a new deployment so requiring a newer client sohuld be ok, yeah?17:55
mordredfor case one- the existing deployment with v1/{project-id} in the catalog17:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient master: Check that Glance returns image data before processing it
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient master: Replace assert with condition
mordredold saharaclient should work since it's got v1/project-id in the catalog like it expects, and old client will still send project-id in urls to saraha which will continue to work17:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient master: Updated from global requirements
jeremyfreudbergmordred, alright, i guess i'm convinced17:57
mordredI think what can be gained by making project-id in the url optional is that a user with an updated saharaclient could use v1 on a catalog with unversioned endpoint as well17:57
mordredNOW - other options would be to update saharaclient to pre-pend project-ids for v1 if it does't have them already - your API docs already indicate project-id is a required part of the API call17:58
mordredthat would also get you people being able to use unversioned catalog endpoints with newer saharaclient17:59
mordredand non-python things are going to need to deal with unversioned endpoints to be ableto consume those *anyway*17:59
mordredso the biggest issue with doing appending in saharaclient itself would be, amusingly enough, python consumers who are using ksa but not python-saharaclient18:01
mordred(like openstacksdk)18:01
jeremyfreudbergmordred: right18:01
jeremyfreudbergok, so i guess making project-id optional on the server-side is the best way forward18:01
mordredyah- I think it enables the largest number of people18:02
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mordredwe could also talk to cdent and edleafe and elmiko about adding an optional field to the version discovery document specification18:02
mordredso that a discovery doc with an endpoint could have an optional field 'requires-project-id'18:03
jeremyfreudbergmordred: yes, i was thinking of that too, to extend version discovery (and have keystoneauth understand those new extensions), but i'm also assuming that situations like Sahara's are only getting rarer as time goes on18:03
jeremyfreudbergso it might be a lot of work for nothing18:03
mordredand we could update the consumption docs and ksa to look for that field and know to append a project id to any endpoint it finds that has that field18:03
mordredjeremyfreudberg: yah. it might be - otoh, I haven't looked to see how many services we have in a similar place to where sahara is now ...18:04
mordredand if we made it a systemic flag like that, we could update things at a base layer in ksa, gophercloud, fog, etc and then people wouldn't necessarily need sahara-specific logic in base clients18:05
mordredlike - maybe it's a one-two punch18:05
mordreddo 'make project-id optional for sahara v1' and also look in to adding an optional field to version docs and getting base clients updated to understand it18:06
mordredit wouldn't be much work to add to ksa or to add to the version spec (other than bikshedding of course)18:06
mordredcdent, elmiko, edleafe: ^^ any thoughts on that?18:07
edleafemordred: current heads-down on placement, with feature freeze this week18:08
mordrededleafe: kk. I guess that's important :)18:08
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jeremyfreudbergmordred: i agree it's not too much work. and happy to have contributed to circumstances that lead to its inspiration18:09
jeremyfreudbergshould be interesting to see if it goes somewhere18:09
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elmikomordred: about to leave for the airport, but i'll catch up on the plane18:17
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cdentmordred, jeremyfreudberg : nova made it optional but I don't recall the details on how that was managed service catalog or version-wise. sdague will probably know18:19
cdentmy preference would be to _not_ add something to version discovery18:19
cdentbut then I have a pathalogical problem with project id in uris18:19
cdent(except where they actually mean something)18:20
mordredcdent: yah - I think we're all in strong agreement about them going away (except where they mean something)18:23
mordredcdent: I *think* nova just made them optional, and then over a period of time convinced people to stop putting them into catalog entries18:24
cdentmordred: I would fear that if we make it easy and non-painful to keep them around, then they'll stay around. Which is unfriendly of me, but I can't. be friendly _all_ the time.18:26
mordredcdent: I reject that premise. you're always friendly :)18:27
* cdent loses all credibility18:28
jeremyfreudbergmordred: thanks again. i'll ping you again if needed (but it looks like we're good)18:31
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sdagueit was made optional but deprecated. There is a microversion used for signaling that the code can support it19:15
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/os-api-ref master: Remove name from project stanza
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openstackgerritSlawek Kaplonski proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Make floating IP to be prefered over fixed when looking for IP
openstackgerritSlawek Kaplonski proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Make meta.find_best_address() more generic
slaweqmordred: hi, ^^ two cherry-picks from shade to openstacksdk20:14
slaweqmordred: it was as easy as You said me earlier :) thx20:15
mordredslaweq: woot!20:16
mordredslaweq: there's also a topic i've been using 'merge-shade' - and a few outstanding patches we should make sure get in20:16
slaweqok, I will change topic then20:17
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add system role functionality
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openstackgerritAdrian Turjak proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Raise error when supplying invalid query params
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Rework Network client config for new SDK Connection
mordreddtroyer: could I impose upon you to +A ?22:52
mordreddtroyer: I'm trying to get the osc-tips jobs added to openstacksdk which kind of fell off the radar a bit22:52
openstackgerritIhar Hrachyshka proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: DNM testing whether lib/neutron switch breaks this repo
mordredamotoki, dhellmann: also, if either of you have a sec to +A a patch from dtroyer ...
mordredRuiChen: you too re: 52471523:00
openstackgerritColleen Murphy proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add CRUD support for application credentials
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openstackgerritColleen Murphy proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add CRUD support for application credentials
mordredadriant: fyi - the test failure you're seeing on your patch is not related to your patch23:14
adriantmordred: I gathered. I'm just keeping it rebased out of habit.23:16
mordredadriant: it should be fixed by - although now that one has a super-fun error about invalid gateways23:16
mordredadriant: ++23:16
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Fix releasenotes builds
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