Wednesday, 2017-10-11

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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: Split request logging into four different loggers
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ldlHi, friends, do you have encountered this issue?06:52
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umbSublimethanks briancurtin08:14
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slaweq_hello briancurtin08:50
slaweq_briancurtin: some time ago You told me that You will check if You can release new version of OpenStack SDK08:50
slaweq_did You check this already?08:50
slaweq_do You know if it's possible to release it?08:50
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openstackgerritStephen Finucane proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Convert 'server' commands to use autoprogram
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The CI system will be offline starting at 11:00 UTC (in just under an hour) for Zuul v3 rollout:
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Due to unrelated emergencies, the Zuul v3 rollout has not started yet; stay tuned for further updates13:06
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kuzkohello, I am using shade to try to create my instances, but I cannot seem to boot from a volume only, image seems to be a requirement13:43
kuzkoI am getting TypeError: create_server() missing 1 required positional argument: 'image'13:44
mordredkuzko: one sec ... lemme check something13:51
mordredkuzko: OH FOR THE LOVE OF ... wow. yah. that's a bug, I'm sorry. pass image=None and it should work - and I'll fix it in the code13:53
kuzkook, I've seen that placing image=None works.. but, now my volume isn't bootable ^^13:53
mordredoh. well, that's less good - can you paste me your whole create_server call?13:54
mordredthis is basic feature so I'm *extra* unpleased with it not working for you13:54
kuzkook, I create a volume beforehand, maybe there is a switch to set it bootable I did not see.. hang on i'm pastebining it13:54
kuzkodon't sweat it, there is a workaround so that's not biggie...13:55
kuzko there you go mordred13:56
kuzkothat's the correct one, remove image=None and that's what I had beforehand13:57
mordredkuzko: sweet - thanks. that's SUPPOSED to create a bootable volume (the create_volume(image= ..)14:01
mordredkuzko: there's a way to toggle the bootable flag on a volume but we don't expose it - I'll add that for you too14:02
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kuzkowell that's nice, I used pip to fech the libray, should I update using pip or git clone?14:05
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mordredkuzko: I'm overdue for a release - so I'll try to get one cut tomorrow14:10
umbSublimemordred, if you can add that feature for custom api call like we discussed yesterday in the next release (if it's ready that is) it would be awesome !!14:24
mordredumbSublime: yes - I fully intend to get that in to the next release14:25
mordredumbSublime: well - next sdk release - not next shade release14:26
umbSublimeohh right you guys were talking about shade, my bad :)14:26
mordredumbSublime: well - hopefully that confusion will not persist for TOO much longer :)14:27
mordredbut that certaily won't get done by tomorrow :)14:27
umbSublimeno worries, I have my work-around working :)14:27
kuzkois shade supposed to become the SDK at a later date? ^^14:37
mordredkuzko: the current proposed plan is that we merge the shade code into the sdk tree, then make the shade library a thin backwards-compat shim that wraps and uses the equivilent code in the sdk14:38
mordredkuzko: so it's still totally safe to use shade today - and I do not intend to break it, well, ever14:38
kuzkonice, because I think we might use it for our operations going forward14:39
kuzkosimplicity allow for quick newbs onboarding and teaching14:40
mordredkuzko: the overall intent is to have all three types of access co-exist using the same Connection object - the object-oriented API that sdk currently has - the more procedural business-logic 'easy' api of shade - and fallback/passthrough layer for just making direct REST calls if you need something that doesnt' have a higher-level wrapper14:47
mordredso you can do conn.list_servers() ... conn.compute.server.servers() and conn.compute.get('/servers') depending on your need14:48
kuzkooh right, that would be sweet14:49
umbSublimeindeed ^^14:49
mordredthat way for times like today if you're like 'hi, I need to set bootable flag' I can say "crap, well, for now just do'/volumes/{id}/action'.format(volume['id']), {'os-set_bootable': True})14:50
mordredI've got most of that working locally but not passing tests  yet14:50
mordred(which is mostly just due to mocking issues in the tests - not actual issues)14:53
mordredkuzko: so your workaroud is just to create the volume using cloud.create_volume(image=imageMA, name='ATEL-Modele-20170926',size=50) and that did properly wind up with a bootable volume yeah?14:56
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mordredkuzko: did you specifically want to do that in two steps? asking because if your goal is 'create a volume from this image and then boot a server from it' - you can totally do that all just in the create_server call14:59
kuzkoit's in two step because I want to reuse the volume to upload it at a later date, it's part of an image update script... and no, it's not doing a proper bootable volume...15:00
kuzko*at a later date ... in the script...15:01
mordredhrm. creating the volume from an image is supposed to set bootable ... lemme go ask someone something15:03
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mordredkuzko: SOOO ... I've got some patches queued up to deal with this15:29
mordredkuzko: but - I chatted with the cinder folks and also just did a test real quick against vexxhost doing v=c.create_volume(image='dib-ubuntu-trusty', wait=True, size=50) ... and I get v['is_bootable'] == True15:29
mordredkuzko: can you verify that newvolume['is_bootable'] in your script is False? or, if it is showing True, can you paste me the error you're getting when you get it?15:30
mordred(trying to figure out if there is a deeper bug somewhere)15:31
kuzko'bootable': False15:32
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kuzkoyou seem awfuly entertained by a bug15:35
mordredwell - I'm sick in the head15:35
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mordredkuzko: AHA! I think I know what the issue is16:29
kuzkomordred : so how bad is it?16:30
mordredkuzko: your create volume call is not waiting for the volume to be ready - and cinder does not set the bootable attribute on the image until later in processing16:30
kuzkoI just have to set a wait?16:31
mordredkuzko: yah. try changing cloud.create_volume(image=imageMA, name='ATEL-Modele-20170926',size=50) to cloud.create_volume(image=imageMA, name='ATEL-Modele-20170926',size=50, wait=True)16:31
kuzkomordred : hang on, that makes no sense, the default value of wait is true16:32
mordredoh. hrm16:32
mordredkuzko: ok. nevermind. ignore me :)16:32
kuzkodef create_volume(16:32
kuzko            self, size,16:32
kuzko            wait=True, timeout=None, image=None, **kwargs):16:32
mordredyup. you're very right16:32
* mordred goes backto drawing board16:32
mordredkuzko: the cinder team are curious as to what version of cinder you're running - if you happen to know16:34
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kuzko:~$ cinder --version16:35
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kuzkomordred : should I use an other?16:38
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mordredkuzko: nah - if you have time, would you mind running with http logging set like: and pasting the (likely annoying long) results?16:39
kuzkomordred : paste not running16:39
kuzkomordred : alright there you go
mordredkuzko: sweet - thankyou very much - I appreciate your help here16:43
kuzkotell me if there is something more i can do about it16:47
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mordredooh- look at line 59 - it's not passing imageRef - I think the reason it's not bootable is that it's not even creating it from the image16:48
kuzkohu... what?16:48
mordredyah. so - that'll be the next rabbit hole to dive down16:53
mordredkuzko: I think I see it ... your script does a get_image for 'ATEL-Modele-Latest' ... but I do not see that image in your image list16:54
mordredkuzko: so I thinkn imageMA is coming back None, which you are then passing to create_volume16:54
* mordred should make a shade flag that can be enabled to throw exceptions on failed gets rather than returning None ...16:55
kuzkoindeed, I am also a dumbass for not checking my code16:55
kuzkoand my tenant16:55
mordredwell - also shade is failing at figuring out that you requested something it can't do16:56
mordredI have an idea for solving that ...16:57
mordredat least for this use case16:57
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kuzkoprint("dude, you're doing it wrong, that image doesn't exist")17:01
kuzkomordred : maybe?17:01
mordredkuzko: amusingly enough - if you had just passed image='ATEL-Modele-Latest' to create_volume, you would get an exception17:03
kuzkoah... yeah, that makes sense17:03
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kuzkogod, yeah, i'm stupid, so much time for a freaking varaible misshap17:07
kuzkoanyhow, thank you mordred17:07
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mordredkuzko: well - it certainly shows a place where there is potential for very confusing user mishap - and we've also gotten 2 shiny new patches pushed up17:18
mordredkuzko: so thanks!17:18
kuzkoanyway, gotta go thanks for the help !17:23
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hyanghi there, I'm working on openstackclient and wondering how we deal with password cache in current version? I know we used to have keyring support long time ago but that was removed.17:52
hyangIf we don't want store password in env and not using the token flow, is there any other option to avoid typing password every time?17:53
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: Add EndpointData.__str__ for debugging
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: WIP: Return the endpoint_override from EndpointData
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dtroyerhyang: yes, you can put it in ~/.config/openstack/clouds.yaml19:56
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enis_I'm trying to retrieve details about a specific project using it's name but `conn.identity.projects(name='pr-name')` returns all the projects even though a project by the specified name exists. Is there a different parameter I should be using?20:14
enis_Using conn.keystone.projects.list(name='pr-name') works but I'd like to use single sdk.20:15
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