Wednesday, 2017-10-04

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slaweqbriancurtin: hello, can You take a look once again at
slaweqbriancurtin: Your W+1 disappeared probably because of zuul v2 <--> v3 migrations07:33
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slaweqhi, when will be some new version of openstacksdk released?08:47
slaweqI need one feature from it to make properly patch
slaweqand I will also need one more patch from SDK for OSC later08:48
slaweqis there any schedule of releases for openstack sdk?08:49
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flanders_slaweq: you'll want to chat with the API-SIG over on #openstack-api09:01
slaweqflanders_: ok, thx09:01
slaweqI will talk there09:01
flanders_slaweq: ask for edleafe09:02
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slaweqok, thx for tip flanders_09:31
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briancurtinslaweq: not sure what he’s talking about, this is the right place. i’ll take a look at what else has been merged and i can put together a release11:18
briancurtinslaweq: i just w+1’ed it so it should be merged soon11:20
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Add support for network quota details command
slaweqbriancurtin: thx a lot11:28
slaweqbriancurtin: in fact I will need for OSC patches also this patch which You just w+1'ed :)11:29
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mordredbriancurtin: sorry for the delay, yesterday was a bit hectic ...13:08
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mordredbriancurtin: I'm not anticipating much moving or shaking this week what with all the zuul v3 stuff flying around this week.13:10
mordredbriancurtin:  that said, there was never any intention of removing any existing cores, so I don't think there shouldn't be any time-related issues for getting that in13:12
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openstackgerritHongbin Lu proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Added AddNetwork command to server
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mriedemso apparently the openstack python sdk doesn't have any support for flavor extra specs20:52
mriedemwhich is pretty basic if you're using nova20:52
mriedemdoes anyone know if someone is already working on this?20:52
mriedemno you don't know, or no no one is working on it?20:54
briancurtinno, i didn’t get around to implementing that in my free time and i am not working on it nor will i be.20:56
briancurtinit’s pretty basic though20:56
mriedemok, yeah, should be - i've just never done any sdk coding, so wanted to ask before spending any time on it20:57
mriedemfor now i sent someone to novaclient20:57
flanders_Have you looked at python shade SDK mriedem ?20:59
mriedemi really don't venture outside of novaclient21:00
flanders_No worries.21:00
flanders_Good luck.21:00
mriedemflanders_: so i've heard you have some gap analysis charts21:00
mriedemwould that be so detailed to the point of knowing some of these major gaps in the compute api in the openstacksdk?21:01
flanders_Analysis was usability study on getting started quickly with each of the sdks21:01
flanders_Shade is the easiest, in short.21:02
flanders_Worth talking with chairs of API-SIG for feedback via #openstack-api21:02
briancurtinmriedem: i doubt anyone knows such a thing, but yeah, someone could look at the docs, look at the code, and implement what’s not there. same for just about everything ever.21:02
mriedemto get started, but not the most feature complete21:02
briancurtinAPI-SIG and openstack-api has nothing to do with this project.21:03
mriedemflanders_: ^21:03
briancurtinyeah it’s not the most feature complete because people building it weren’t on the server-side projects and no one on the server-side projects cared about SDK, so we built what we knew and what we were using21:03
flanders_My bad briancurtin - mea culpa21:03
mriedembriancurtin: tbc, i was replying to flanders_ about shade21:04
edleafeflanders_: FWIW, we hang out here, not #openstack-api21:04
flanders_Duly noted edleafe21:05
mriedemhells bells it's edleafe21:05
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mordredmriedem: we've got flavor extra specs in shade - I expect we'll add support for it to sdk as we work on getting the shade layer and the sdk layer integrated with each other21:09
mriedemmordred: so if i worked on extra specs in the sdk, that would ultimately benefit shade?21:10
mriedemand the sdk21:10
mordredmriedem: sure nuff21:12
xarsesto echo the conversation that was going on in #openstack-dev "<xarses> Given the openstack python sdk, how is one expected to CRUD flavor properties? Seems to have no clue, and flavor_create took kwargs from me that it did nothing with (I initially figured that sending properties would have done it, but its ignored) "21:18
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xarsesAPI is:
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briancurtinxarses: create_flavor would take any of the names on, so create_flavor(disk=blah, ram=blah, ephemeral=False, …) and calling that does what?21:19
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mordredadding extra specs to a flavor is an additional call - it's not part of the create_flavor flow21:20
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briancurtinsure, but create_flavor shouldn’t be doing nothing21:20
mordredonce you have a flavor, you POST to /flavors/{id}/os-extra_specs21:20
mordredbriancurtin: agreed21:21
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xarsesf = {'property': {'hw:cpu_policy': 'dedicated', 'hw:cpu_sockets': 1, 'hw:cpu_threads': 2, 'cost': 148.5, 'hw:cpu_cores': 8, 'hw:cpu_thread_policy': 'prefer'}, 'vcpus': 16, 'ram': 32256, 'name': 'm32-c16-d320-as', 'disk': 320, 'id': 'e2193116-f4f6-4db1-9191-33ef7d958895'}21:22
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xarsesreturns the flavor object21:22
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xarsesno info about that keys where ignored21:22
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briancurtinyeah, should probably output that and/or fail. i believe there was a ticket to output a warning with the ignored keys21:23
xarsesI see two problems, it took extra keys21:23
briancurtineverything you pass has to match up with something on the associated resource21:23
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xarsesand that there is no interface in sdk.compute to set os-extra_specs21:23
briancurtinyeah well someone has the add the later21:24
briancurtinim also not sure how you figured you could just send an arbitrary list of keys21:24
briancurtin(that’s horribly worded…it’s not a list. arbitrary keyword arguments)21:25
xarsesby sending them and it just returning the result that I sort-of expected and moving on21:25
xarsesthen accidentally reviewing the output of `openstack flavor list --long` and seeing they where missing21:25
xarsesI get the most frustrated when the sdk objects don't resemble what you get back on the CLI (like keys are wholly renamed)21:26
briancurtinthat’s a feature of the SDK, as there are several naming formats across openstack REST responses, including keys which cannot be python names21:27
briancurtinfor example, most of what you tried to send21:28
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briancurtinpeople want (wanted?) one place to do all of this, one format, one thing to install, consistency all around. a bunch of things get renamed in the process to make it usable for the masses, but yeah, if you’re looking at what are probably database column names or something, they don’t always match up 1-1 with the names in openstacksdk. on purpose.21:31
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openstackgerritDean Troyer proposed openstack/osc-lib master: --os-profile option suddenly causes trouble in unit tests
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