Wednesday, 2017-08-09

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/os-client-config master: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritArtur Basiak proposed openstack/service-types-authority master: Add monasca-events-api project
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add new commands for karbor osc plugin
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openstackgerritliyi proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Add profile type ops cli
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/service-types-authority master: Change default swift name to object-storage
openstackgerritMerged openstack/service-types-authority master: Add and rename monitoring services
openstackgerritMerged openstack/service-types-authority master: Add monasca-events-api project
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/service-types-authority master: Add placement service
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cmurphymordred: efried I had a customer report to me, it seems like there was some surprising behavior in ksa 2.x that was fixed in a backwards incompatible way15:40
openstackLaunchpad bug 1709658 in keystoneauth ""Could not find requested endpoint in Service Catalog" when requesting unavailable identity endpoint" [Undecided,New]15:40
cmurphyI will try to look into it later tonight or tomorrow morning if it doesn't nerdsnipe you sooner15:41
efriedcmurphy Looking.  But given what I was playing around with yesterday, I'm probably not going to be surprised...15:41
efriedcmurphy Oh, okay, this has nothing to do with what I saw yesterday.  But yeah, this looks like RBB to me.15:42
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mordredcmurphy: yay nerdsniping16:40
mordredcmurphy: oh - fun. so - I haven't started digging in to the code yet, but there's an additional weirdness in there, which is OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION and how that's getting set or not via python-openstackclient16:42
mordredcmurphy: I asked for some additional informatoin in the bug16:45
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cdentmordred: you might know this, but anyone else feel free to chime in: Is there a canonical doc somewhere on what the service catalog is and is for?18:14
cdentthere’s plenty of stuff near to that, but what I’ve been able to find so far glances off being what I’m looking for18:15
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mordredcdent: maybe? can you say that same thing maybe in different words though, I may misunderstand the question18:54
cdentmordred: I can link you to why it matters, one moment18:54
cdentmordred: see the discussion with edleafe here:
mordredcdent: hrm. this is deeper and more philosophical18:57
mordredcdent: (and important, obvs)18:57
mordredcdent: I do not believe there is a document that explains service catalog intent at a high level18:58
mordredcdent: but I do believe having such a document would be helpful18:59
cdent“service catalog intent” is the right phrase19:00
mordredyah. I mean, it has a very specific purpose in openstack, but is also completely posible for a deployer to stick other things in it too.sticking other things in it wn't neccessarily mean any tools will know what to do with those things19:01
mordredcdent: also, I'd suggest that we write as more of a sliding scale of recommendations to accomodate things that provide capabilities discovery ... but maybe I should, you know, leave a review comment19:01
cdenta) maybe, b) yes, c) I really wanted to keep this thing as simple as possible and while we don’t currently have a standard for capabilities the “safe” strategy is NO19:02
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mordredcdent: totally - and I agree with that broadly - I mostly worry that if we published an API-WG recommendation that is wildly contrary to widespread practice without including accomodation in some manner for how people are doing things today that we run the risk of being disregarded which would be bad19:11
mordredaw. cdent missed my response19:11
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystoneauth master: Parameter to tune mutual authentication in kerberos
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mordredefried: I was working a patch a few seconds ago using the new ksa stuff - and the Adapter _would_not_ actually consume the version arg I was passing it and I was starting to freak out that we'd released a completely broken thing ...21:22
mordredefried: turns out I was overwriting the object due to copy-pasta  acouple of lines below. WHOOPS21:23
efriedmordred Phew.21:23
efriedNot phew, you're saying you overwrote the object in your consuming patch, or you found a real bug in ksa?21:23
mordredno - in my consuming patch21:24
mordredtotally just dumb PEBKAC on my part21:24
efriedphew, I say again.21:24
mordredbut WOW did I have print statements EVERYWHERE21:24
mordred*why is this not using the right url????*21:24
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efriedI'm experiencing an interesting oslo_config possible-bug.21:24
efriedAs I'm deprecating old opts with new adapter ones...21:25
mordredooh. that sounds like fun21:25
efriedThe option comes through to the real code correctly, but in UT when we do CONF.set_override, it doesn't.21:25
mordredI love it when there's a bug in unittests that is just a bug in unittests21:25
efriedThat's not very clear.  Here: (dhellmann this might interest you)21:25
efriedI've got an option 'old'.  I deprecate it in favor of 'new' by registering a DeprecatedOpt.  I set up my conf to contain old = 'foo'.  In my actual code, I can see CONF.old == 'foo' and == 'foo', which is how deprecation aliases are s'posed to work.21:26
efriedWhen I say CONF.set_override(old='bar')21:27 CONF.old == 'bar' but still == 'foo'.21:27
dhellmannefried : that sounds like a bug. The original version of the deprecation stuff didn't support using the old name in code, because you were supposed to update all of those references at the same time. When mtreinish added that feature for tempest, we missed some access paths.21:47
dhellmannefried : my own position is that I would expect all references to the old option name to be updated when the deprecated option is registered, so that the only place one should see that old name is in an old configuration file21:48
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efrieddhellmann That makes sense to me.  Ergo I wouldn't expect someone to use CONF.set_override('old', ...) at all... except in unit tests to prove that stuff still works if the deprecated conf option is used ;-)21:59
efried(in the conf)21:59
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efrieddhellmann (mordred)
openstackLaunchpad bug 1709728 in oslo.config "CONF.set_override doesn't alias deprecated opts" [Undecided,New]22:42
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efriedmordred Does endpoint_filter={'interface': ['internal', 'public']} work as an arg to Session.request??23:03
efriedCause doesn't that endpoint_filter wind up in requests.Session?23:03
mordredefried: no - requests doesn't know anything about endpoint_filter23:11
efriedmordred I must not have traced it through right, then.23:12
mordredefried: session.request(endpoint_filter={'interface': ['internal', 'public']}) SHOULD work and if it doesn't somethig is broke23:12
efriedmordred We'll find out in
efriedmordred Beaut.  But will still send the endpoint filter through, right?  It'll just get ignored?23:16
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