Thursday, 2017-02-16

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openstackgerritSindhu Devale proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: OSC Quota List
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sindhudtroyer: ping?00:58
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RuiChenping ankur-gupta-f401:43
ankur-gupta-f4Hey Rui01:43
ankur-gupta-f4Good morning01:44
RuiChenmorning : )01:44
RuiChenyou know our patches fix the same bug01:45
ankur-gupta-f4Yea i posted comment01:45
RuiChenI would like to add Co-Authored-by and abandon one of them01:45
ankur-gupta-f4Okay. Abandon yours and add co-authored to mine01:45
RuiChensave the core review time01:46
ankur-gupta-f4I think dean put +2 on it01:46
ankur-gupta-f4But gate issues01:46
RuiChenok, I prefer to rebase your patch ob my functional port test patch01:47
RuiChensorry, s/ob/on/01:47
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RuiChen>> this one
ankur-gupta-f4It should be the other way. Because the updated functional tests will fail without bug fix01:50
ankur-gupta-f4Or it should if functional hits bug, which if its a complete functional test it should hit01:50
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RuiChenthe current functional test don't cover the port set/unset --secuerty-group logic, so it don't catch the bug01:53
RuiChenthe related cases should be added in your patch, it's good, I just want to avoid the merge conflict01:54
ankur-gupta-f4Okay. Fair enough01:54
ankur-gupta-f4Im good with whichever decision you make01:54
ankur-gupta-f4As long as it gets done im happy :)01:54
RuiChenthank you :)01:56
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Reorganize image docs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Reorganize compute docs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Reorganize database docs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Reorganize bare_metal docs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Privatize session instance on Proxy subclasses
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Remove unnecessary coding format in the head of files
openstackgerritjiahui.qiang proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix can not set is_default in network
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RuiChenanyone face the issue ? I have no idea about it04:07
RuiChenft1.1: openstackclient.tests.functional.compute.v2.test_server.ServerTests.test_server_attach_detach_floating_ip_StringException: Traceback (most recent call last):04:07
RuiChen  File "openstackclient/tests/functional/compute/v2/", line 94, in setUp04:07
RuiChen    self.server_create(self.NAME)04:07
RuiChen  File "openstackclient/tests/functional/compute/v2/", line 68, in server_create04:07
RuiChen    name + opts)04:07
RuiChenTypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found04:07
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RuiChenin functional tests, block current jenkin jobs gate-osc-dsvm-functional-ubuntu-xenial04:08
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sindhuRuiChen: yes, even  I m getting the same error04:22
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openstackgerritzhiyong.dai proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix the output of quota show
openstackgerritzhiyong.dai proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Support --no-property in "volume set" command
openstackgerritjiahui.qiang proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix can not set is_default in network
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openstackgerritjiahui.qiang proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix can not set is_default in network
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RuiChensindhu, reedip looks like all patch are blocked by the issue, so we have some workaround tips?06:13
reedipwhich issue ?06:25
reedipRuiChen : nm06:26
reedipRuiChen, restacking devstack, will look into it as soon as it is up.06:27
reedipRuiChen : ??06:29
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RuiChenreedip: yes, I found the current osc patches face the same issue in job gate-osc-dsvm-functional-ubuntu-xenial06:32
RuiChenTypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found06:32
RuiChenraise TypeError in setup() of functional tests06:32
RuiChenthe same cases pass in my local devstack env06:33
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openstackgerritHuanxuan Ao proposed openstack/osc-lib master: Avoid 'NoneType' error when format conversion
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openstackgerritRodolfo Alonso Hernandez proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add new parameter "is_default" to Network QoS policy.
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openstackgerritHuanxuan Ao proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Gate broken test
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openstackgerritBrian Curtin proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Reorganize identity docs
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cdentmordred: thanks for adding your words to the api stability guideline thing. I think we'll get there in the end, but if nothing else it has done a good job of showing what I thought: that there isn't yet a solid consensus. So all in all a good exercise I guess.14:35
mordredcdent: ++14:35
cdentI was hoping to write a new version today, but I don't think we're there yet14:36
mordredcdent: if I had a billion dollars, I'd buy a large billboard in the bay area and put on it "using semver is not an excuse to break your users"14:36
mordredof course, if I actually had a billion dollars, Id likely stop caring about semver really quickly14:37
cdentI would hope so14:37
cdentI tried to address that concept at the top a bit where I say that if you do use versioning it shouldn't mean that you're removing the old version.14:38
dtroyermordred: you might be able to pay me to care as your proxy though...14:38
cdentBut that's in the "should" side.14:38
* cdent checks something14:39
cdentyup. dtroyer you're input is eagerly awaited here:
cdentoh for heaven's sake14:39
* cdent puts on a hairshirt14:40
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sdaguecdent: that's looking quite good, it would be nice to move that into merge state14:50
sdagueso even mordred's issues don't seem very far from concensus14:51
cdentsdague: Yes, but I'm not willing to do so while there's still some pretty hefty disagreement in the comments. I'm trying to be really agnostic about my own points of view and get the disagreements to a point of at least compromise if not aggreement, without imposing my own view.14:51
cdentI think steve isn't fully on board with everything yet, for example14:52
sdagueok, what do you see as the major disagreements?14:52
* cdent looks again14:52
cdenta) not a disagreement but something that needs to be cleared up is the unresolved questions section14:53
cdentb) monty's comments about never changing even with a version is an important thing to resolve. it is the heart of the discussion and the main reason why the document now opens with "if you're gonna do this you must version"14:54
cdentc) the role or meaning of discoverability with regard to capability needs to be clarified14:54
cdentd) 5xx to 4xx == okay needs to change to 500 to anything == okay14:55
cdente) at least one person wants the examples back14:55
sdagueso I don't think c) needs to be resolved before this is updated, because that's an active and ongoing discussion14:56
sdagueand other things are held up by the asserting that the currently written api guidelines aren't valid any more14:56
cdentsure, but that conversation is happening because we are doing this process14:56
cdentso it would be good to have it play out on a field where it's already happening?14:57
sdagueonly if there is a belief that all relevant inputs have the stamina for that, and won't give up and go other places. I'm much more a fan of "ok, we're all agreed on X, get that committed, so it's clear where we are still having discussion"14:58
sdaguebecause while the whole thing remains uncommitted people assume, correctly, that everything is up for reinterpretation14:59
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cdentI guess I'm pretty invested in allowing people to explore that reinterpretation because it is exactly that which leads to real, instead of artifical, agreement15:03
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cdentsdague: I'm not intending to draw this out forever or anything, and if I had a clear understanding of everything that was in the comments right now, I'd try to close it up pronto. but right now I don't.15:04
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cdentsdague: I'm especially hesitant to commit the pending conversation down when people who I know to have a lot of interest and opinion on this topic (like mordred) have only commented today15:06
cdenthe's provided some good input which will help the next version15:06
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sdaguesure, there is just a lot of cognitive weight on the fact that the diff is the entire document.15:07
cdentYeah, that was intentional. Sometimes making good stuff takes work.15:08
cdentI think think for you this feels like tuning something for which there was already some measure of agreement15:09
cdentbut based on the conversations I've had with other people, there are significant  bits that were rules that people felt they didn't or couldn't agree with15:09
cdentthe lumbering and cumbersome process here is in place to try to expose those things that make people squirm and to be explicit about it and not paper over it15:10
* cdent is not happy when people squirm15:11
mordredcdent: yesterday I had some fun with usage from nova ...15:15
mordreda project's usage contains some totals for the project and then a list of explicit server usages that enumerate each server's usage of resources15:15
mordredin the top level usage, there are two datetimes - stop and start - which are the start and stop of the time period requested15:15
mordredin the server_usages list - there are two datetimes - started_at and ended_at15:15
mordredthen in a server itself - there are four datetimes launched_at, terminated_at, created and updated15:15
* cdent squirms15:16
mordredcdent: isn't that magical?15:16
sdaguecdent: ok, I'm throwing on a few more comments there15:18
cdentsdague: great, thank you15:19
sdaguemy hope, one day I'll stop having to explain that adding a field in a multi deployment environment isn't a non breaking change15:19
cdentsdague: I think we've almost reached buy in on that, but not quite yet on values15:20
dtroyervalues is nearly the came thing from a consumer standpoint, where we've hurt ourselves is where those are deployment-specific.  and that's part of the discovery question that is ongoing.  Values that are part of say a server's state should be API versioned as those are expressed in code not in config.15:25
mordreddtroyer: ++15:25
* dtroyer added that to the review15:31
openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Gate broken test
dtroyerstevemar: any idea on why that passed to get in but fails so regularly now?15:39
stevemardtroyer: i'm guessing something broke us?15:40
stevemardtroyer: maybe tempest or cliff or something more subtle15:40
dtroyercliff hasn't changed, I did wonder about the wisdom of pulling in tempest there, but figured utilities were safe15:40
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stevemardtroyer: looking at the source it seems okay...15:46
stevemardtroyer: tempest looks OK, i'm quite confused :)15:48
stevemardtroyer: but i definitely don't see something that we merged that would have broken us15:49
dtroyerits the unicode coercion that struck me… does tempest include unicode chars in the generated name, maybe only occasionally?15:49
stevemardtroyer: thats what i was wondering, why i put up the patch to use a straight uuid15:50
stevemardtroyer: but it doesn't seem like tempest does that
dtroyerwhich I think we should do anyway15:50
dtroyeryeah, that's pretty simple15:51
* stevemar shrugs at dtroyer15:53
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mordredcdent: what channel is the api meeting in again?16:17
cdentmordred: #openstack-meeting-316:17
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/service-types-authority master: Add load-balancing service type
openstackgerritMerged openstack/api-wg master: Add guidelines for boolean names
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openstackgerritRodolfo Alonso Hernandez proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add new parameter "is_default" to Network QoS policy.
openstackgerritBrian Curtin proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Reorganize key_manager docs
ankur-gupta-f4dtroyer: finalize --<agent-name> for the network agent commands. Put the optional arg. Done-done.19:16
dtroyerok, cool, I'll chekc when I pass through the review queue again later19:16
sindhudtroyer: ping?19:17
dtroyersindhu: yes19:17
sindhudtroyer: hi, regarding
sindhudtroyer: is it ok to have --network, --compute, --volume option like the list command?19:18
sindhudtroyer: right now this patch only handles network extension19:19
dtroyerwhat other API still has extensions?  They've been eradicated from the other core projects19:19
ankur-gupta-f4the others don't have extension show though do they?19:19
dtroyerand I'd argue should go away in neutron too, but that's for a different audience19:20
ankur-gupta-f4hence my comment to take it out of common and make it a core networking command. so 'os network extension show'19:20
dtroyerthat said, I dislike making the resource name 'network extension' because it reinforces the notion that "all network commands must be namespaced with 'network'" which is exactly not the case19:20
reedip_1dtroyer : Neutron is pretty tightly coupled with extensions actually19:21
dtroyerOSC is based around named resources, many of which are qualified with names that happen to match API service types, but some do not.  and19:21
reedip_1I agree with ankur-gupta-f4 , remove this from common till we do not have more extensions to list :P19:21
dtroyerreedip_: that doesn't make it a good idea or one that should be copied elsewhere.  it isn't19:22
reedip_1dtroyer : I agree , if it has been removed from other projects, neutron can also look in the future to remove the same , if possible . But till it is not, we can use  "openstack extension list --network " to list network extensions, couldnt we ?19:23
dtroyerI would also argue that we prefixed some resources with 'network' out of habit that didn't need it, again due to the misconception that "that is the way it should be done" rather than to fully-qualify the resource19:23
ankur-gupta-f4reedip_1: note the the command is extension show. List is already in place.19:24
dtroyerreedip_: yes, that would work.  also, since no other API has extensions (in the OSC repo anyway) —network can be optional.  if others appear then no option simply lists them all19:24
dtroyerwhy does a show command need a type identifier?19:25
dtroyerto show something you have to have a name or ID to begin with?19:25
reedip_1sorry ankur-gupta-f4 , misread the command19:26
ankur-gupta-f4because list extensions exists for all core resources. But extension show only is a network command19:26
ankur-gupta-f4volume and compute APIs don't support the 'show' which returns more details about a specific API extension19:26
dtroyerso either throw an exception for them (not found?) or return an empty or minimal result set19:27
sindhuso i'll still keep in common ?19:27
ankur-gupta-f4but update help text plz19:28
ankur-gupta-f4as per John Davidge's comments19:28
sindhuokay will do19:28
reedip_1dtroyer : but is keeping this implementation in common  correct ?19:28
reedip_1I mean that was your query , and I found it right. Wondering what changed your mind :)19:29
dtroyerphase of moon?19:30
reedip_1wont change till tomorrow :P19:30
dtroyerI don't recall exactly what was the rationaly, but the way I understand it today may be different19:30
reedip_1so should we  take this with a pinch of salt ???19:31
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ankur-gupta-f4moving on though. I want to bring up these updated functional test stuff coming in19:32
dtroyeram I not allowed to change my mind if my understanding changes?19:32
reedip_1dtroyer : no you are , for sure :)19:33
dtroyeralso, given that a number of other commands have dependencies on knowing if extensions are installed/enabled, this is one area I would support putting into a common network lib (network.v2.common)19:33
reedip_1and I think keeping it in the network section sounds logical19:33
dtroyerexcpet that particular module already has command classes in it19:33
dtroyererr, network.common19:33
dtroyersimilar to what is in identity.common19:33
dtroyerI'm talking about the actual access methods (calling REST) not the command classes19:34
dtroyerso another command can easily check if an extension is enabled and act appropriately19:34
dtroyerthat doesn't need to be done immediately, but I wanted to mention it as an example of places I do think factoring out stuff is beneficial since I rant against that so much in the command classes19:35
ankur-gupta-f4makes sense.19:37
dtroyerok, so functional tests?19:38
ankur-gupta-f4I would like to see more comprehensive tests specifically for some of the set/unset tests. Ive noticed a lot of them just set a description or something similar. I want to see them do a bit more. i.e. port command instead of just setting and unset description. I want them to create another resource like security group and set and unset the security group. I19:39
ankur-gupta-f4have a patch like that but I want that to be the standard19:39
ankur-gupta-f4We can catch broken commands/resources faster that way19:39
dtroyerexactly right19:40
ankur-gupta-f4okay. In that case Im going to start commenting on patches coming in that are still doing the superficial testing and do more thorough functional tests19:40
dtroyerthe mechanics of testing the option parsing belongs in unit tests, but especially where things interact with other resources we need to be checking deeper in functional tests19:41
dtroyergood idea19:41
ankur-gupta-f4Okay. Sounds good.19:41
dtroyerwe don't need to duplicate unit tests, but some things also can be affected by changes in the underlying libs and this is the only place we catch those until we add more integration tests19:42
dtroyerto be clear, I think we understand the scope of unit tests, and functional tests work against a running cloud19:43
dtroyerwhat I'm calling integration tests (maybe the wrong name) test the stack from the command parser down the the requests session emitting HTTP19:43
dtroyerso no actual server  required, we mock the HTTP reply and look at the entire client stack19:44
ankur-gupta-f4hows the run time for something like that?19:44
ankur-gupta-f4just thinking beyond to bringing it up into voting job19:45
dtroyersimilar to unit tests.  I have a few defined in tests.unit.integ.  so far they are mostly for checking os-client-config behaviour19:45
dtroyerthey are run with the unit tests today19:46
dtroyerwhere unit tests mock out things outside osc, these use the entire stack of dependencies down to the requests lib19:46
dtroyerso osc-lib, python-*client (or SDK), os-client-config, etc19:47
ankur-gupta-f4neat will take a look19:47
dtroyerhmmm… I'm looking now and it seems like I wrote more than what is there19:48
ankur-gupta-f4thats all I had for today assuming we are still holding off on networking commands for a while19:49
dtroyerI think we're past where I'd worry about adding functionality, I started looking at some of those larger reviews again yesterday19:50
dtroyerPTG next week will affect the flow, either better or worse, depending on the amount of hacking time we end up with19:51
ankur-gupta-f4right. PTG :(19:52
ankur-gupta-f4Flavor Profile and Flavor are two huge ones that could use some eyes19:53
dtroyerankur-gupta-f1: so just fly home on Sunday and get on the wrong place.  oops! Hartsfield?  that's not the right airport… oh well…19:53
ankur-gupta-f4haha. I was thinking of just 'missing' my flight back to Texas and being stuck in Portland forever :|19:53
ankur-gupta-f4alright. Thanks for the help Dean. Going to go grab some grub19:54
ankur-gupta-f4thanks reedip_1 : sindhu19:54
ankur-gupta-f4thanks for the help as well :)19:54
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openstackgerritBrian Curtin proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Implement message docs
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openstackgerritBrian Curtin proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Implement metric docs
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openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Introduce Base for Octavia (load balancing)
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openstackgerritBrian Curtin proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk master: Reorganize orchestration docs
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