Monday, 2017-01-30

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dtroyerstevemar: I submitted for a osc 3.8.1 release, but that's not what EmilienM's report is about.   that seems to be from neutronclient?02:23
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EmilienMdtroyer, stevemar: awesome! thanks guys02:53
EmilienMdtroyer: I'm not sure but I think the bug I found was fixed in osc02:54
EmilienMI'll keep investigating tomorrow02:54
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stevemardtroyer: we still haven't created the stable/ocata branach for osc yet eh03:58
stevemardtroyer: thats to be done by the project teams now btw03:58
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk: Add 'tags' property to orchestration stack
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reedip_stevemar : awake ?14:57
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knikollaneed some help figuring out _cli_options. where are they declared and loaded?16:12
JayF/win 2116:14
JayFwhoops, sorry16:14
ankur-gupta-f1reedip: reedip_: you pinged the other day. Sorry I missed it16:19
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reedip_bow I dont remember ankur-gupta-f1 :)16:30
ankur-gupta-f1haha no worries. Hope you had  a good weekend16:30
reedip_Naah, had a bad one actually  :(16:31
ankur-gupta-f1reedip_: Ah bummer. Hope everything gets better. :)16:34
dtroyerknikolla: that looks like an OSC var name, need a bit more context16:35
knikolladtroyer: regarding
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knikolladtroyer: it adds the service_provider and remote_project_* options16:37
dtroyerok.  _cli_options is passed to ClientManager.__init__() when the ClientManager is created in OpenStackShell.initialize_app()16:40
dtroyerit comes from the os-client-config cloud configuration stuff that is the combination of env vars, CLI options and clouds.yaml16:40
dtroyerI think Steve's question is how are you expecting the new values to be set?16:41
dtroyerie, what does the user do here?16:41
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knikolladtroyer: either put the values in clouds.yaml, which is the preferred option, or commandline in the form —os-service-provider16:42
knikolladtroyer: i'm currently trying the patch with clouds.yaml and when i try to put the service-provider value in it, it fails on load_auth_plugin() in the clientmanager16:43
knikolladtroyer: wait, my mistake, it goes through.16:47
dtroyerI don't see —os-service-provider being defined in the shell.  That shouldn't prevent it from working in clouds.yaml, but may have other effects such as it not being defined in the Namespace object16:50
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knikolladtroyer: through clouds.yaml it works!17:17
dtroyerknikolla:  coolness17:19
knikolladtroyer: i was missing identity_api_version: 3, adding that fixed it in clouds.yaml17:20
reedip_dtroyer, ankur-gupta-f1 : any review comments for ?17:28
ankur-gupta-f1reedip_: looking. But off the bat I don't like that the user has many options of what to put in for dhcp-option-name. Feel it should be something like name=<dhcp-option-name>[,value=<value>][,ip-version={4,6}] or something along those lines. Especially if it is possible to repeat the option.17:34
ankur-gupta-f1I guess its past that point. but it is confusing17:35
reedip_ankur-gupta-f1 : the dhcp name is user defined, so I guess it would be difficult to limit it to a specific set ( thats what I understood by what u wrote )17:39
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openstackgerritSindhu Devale proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: "floating ip set/unset port" for OSC
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openstackgerritShashank Kumar Shankar proposed openstack/python-openstacksdk: Add network flavor associate, disassociate to SDK
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xwu_what's the major difference between python openstackclient and openstacksdk?21:03
dtroyerxwu_: OpenStackclient (OSC) is a command-line client, OpenStackSDK is a Python library, which is used by portions of OSC for the REST comunication21:04
xwu_thanks dtroyer. I was looking at online doc,
stevemardtroyer: we should rename osc to OpensStackCLIent21:06
xwu_it asked to install command line client21:06
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xwu_this URL says we need openstacksdk, this is confusing21:06
xwu_so in short, when I write a quick utility using Python API, I should be using openstacksdk, right? not openstackclient,21:07
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dtroyerxwu_:  yes.  OSC has portions that can be used as a library (the separate osc-lib package) but itself is just the CLI21:08
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xwu_thx, dtroyer, this helps. the fact that osc can be used as a lib confused me.21:10
dtroyeronly the stuff in osc-lib _should_ be used that way, that's why we split it out.21:11
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xwu_assume osc-lib/sdk both support python v2/v3.21:13
xwu_for new user, I probably should forget osc-lib, only focus on sdk instead21:14
dtroyerthey do different things21:15
dtroyerosc-lib is focused on things that CLIs commonly need21:15
dtroyerand to support OSc plugins21:15
dtroyerThe SDK is mostly a Python REST library21:16
xwu_so, which one do you suggest if I just need to automate some openstack operations?21:19
xwu_like image management, HOT21:20
xwu_sdk seems to have a better documentation compared to osc-lib21:21
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xwu_will try sdk first. thx for answers21:24
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dtroyerit is not a choice between osc-lib and sdk, they do not do the same thing21:24
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openstackgerritSindhu Devale proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: "floating ip set/unset port" for OSC
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