Friday, 2016-07-29

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openstackgerritQiangTang proposed openstack/osc-lib: Prevent null key setting for property
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openstackgerritQiangTang proposed openstack/osc-lib: Add reno for osc-lib release notes management
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openstackgerritQiangTang proposed openstack/osc-lib: Add reno for osc-lib release notes management
openstackgerritQiangTang proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: Update the description of project in releasenotes.
openstackgerritMerged openstack/osc-lib: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritQiangTang proposed openstack/osc-lib: Add reno for osc-lib release notes management
openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystoneauth: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient: Update the description of project in releasenotes.
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient: Pass security group id to novaclient while adding security group to server
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openstackgerritDean Troyer proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: osc-lib: shell
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient: Implement network rbac create and delete commands
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/osc-lib: Add reno for osc-lib release notes management
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openstackgerrithenry-nash proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: Add support for domain specific roles
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openstackgerritBrian Haley proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: Add Subnet service-types to subnets
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/js-openstack-lib: Spec for ECMAScript 2015 and Transpiler support
openstackgerritPolly Zhou proposed openstack/microversion-parse: Convert dict headers and Webob headers into lowercase.
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rtheisdtroyer: ping18:49
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dtroyerrtheis: hey18:53
rtheisdtroyer: neutron has several apis to list resources for a given resource...18:54
rtheisdtroyer: something like "router list port"18:54
rtheisdtroyer: but it appears that "router list" would hide a "router list port" command18:55
dtroyerI'd look at "router list —port" for that18:55
dtroyeror "port list —router <router>"18:55
dtroyerMy thinking is along the lins of "what is it you are listing?"18:55
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dtroyerthat is where the command should be, with filtering18:56
dtroyerso my second example, not the first18:56
dtroyerit is really the nested resource problem that we have not solved yet18:56
rtheisdtroyer: okay, thanks18:57
rtheisdtroyer: so the nested resource problem is what hides the "router list port" command?18:57
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rtheisThe command hiding is what is prompting a new "enumerate" action being considered in
dtroyerI sw that, and don't like it19:00
dtroyerI'm not talking about command hiding, which I assume is in regards to help and parsing?19:00
dtroyerI am talking about the general problem of a resource A that has a one-to-many relationship with another resource B19:00
dtroyerA==router, B==port in your example19:00
dtroyerhow to cleanly list all of the Bs associated with a specific A19:01
dtroyerthere is a problem of output format, particualrly when you want output to contain multiple A resources19:01
dtroyerbut the general rule of the command format to do the listing19:01
dtroyerthat's why my first choice is to start with what it is you are actually listing (B, or ports) and aply A as a filter19:02
rtheisokay, thanks19:02
dtroyerwe have this problem in a number of places19:03
rtheisIt seems like in this case "subports" cannot be listed on their own without the owning "network trunk".19:04
dtroyerright now, that's where we put a list of B's into a single field in list and show outputs19:04
dtroyerso subport list —trunk <trunk> would be required?19:04
rtheisI think so19:04
rtheismaybe turn the option into positional argument?19:05
dtroyeris a subport a regular port that has been assigned to a trunk?  oris it differnt?19:05
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dtroyerpositionals are used for the resource names in the command19:05
rtheisa subport is a regular port with additional metadata wrapping it19:06
rtheisthat is stored with the trunk19:07
dtroyerok, so should we always call it 'port' then?19:07
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dtroyeror is subport going to be what users will expect?19:07
rtheistrunks have a parent port too19:07
rtheisso they may expect subport19:07
dtroyerok.  so then would it make sense to have 'subport list —trunk <trunk>' as a distinction?19:08
dtroyerI'm not sure how I feel about that19:08
dtroyerbut if ports are called subports everywhere they are associated with a trunk (ignoring parent ports) then it might make sense to users19:09
rtheisthese subports would still show up with 'port list'19:10
rtheisbut no subport specific information for them19:11
dtroyerso then a —trunk filter on port list would be more consistent with the other list commands19:11
dtroyerthat would get the subport info19:11
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rtheisyes that's another option19:12
rtheisbut then we bridge the trunk support between osc and neutron osc plugin19:12
dtroyerso that hurries up our work to getting plugins to modify built-in commands, which has a lot of scary implications to it given we are dealing with credentials and trusting plugins19:13
rtheisin the meantime 'subport list' could make sense too by itself19:13
rtheisit could list all subports across all trunks19:14
dtroyerright, and would be easy enough to transplant if/when it moves into the osc repo19:14
dtroyerinto the port command19:14
dtroyerI could imagine where you might want a subport list filtered by all trunks on a specific router.19:15
dtroyerbut that can still fit into port list19:15
rtheisdtroyer: are you okay with 'subport' as the object or would you prefer 'network subport' ?19:17
dtroyerI really want to minimize the use of the API names like that… we have port already, subport seems the right match19:18
dtroyerI can't think of where else port or subport would be used…19:18
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dtroyerfamous last words...19:18
rtheissounds good19:18
rtheisthanks for working through this with me19:19
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dtroyernp, the networking stuff gets gnarly, and helps sanity check what we already have19:19
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rtheisdtroyer: still around?20:26
dtroyerrtheis: yup20:26
rtheismore trunk questions20:27
rtheissee my latest comment20:27
rtheison add/remove versus set/unset20:27
rtheisI'm not sure which is best way to go20:28
dtroyerfrankly, if trunk is really metadata on ports, it should have been implemented like that.20:30
dtroyerin this case, add/remove fits the model better20:31
dtroyerbut we didn't anticipate adding multiple in one command20:31
dtroyerport set —trunk <trunk> <port> seems cleaner to me20:32
dtroyerstill doesn't get multiple in one command though20:32
dtroyerhow important is that?20:32
rtheisI'm not sure20:32
rtheistrunk create --subport20:33
rtheissubport can be set on create20:33
dtroyerso how about this?20:33
rtheiswhich is why I was thinking trunk set --subport20:33
dtroyertrunk add subport <trunk> <subport> <subport> …20:33
dtroyermultiple positionals?20:33
dtroyermin == 220:33
dtroyerwe havent done that anywhere else yet, but it fits the model20:34
rtheisThe problem is that each subport needs segmentation ID and type set20:34
dtroyerwould extend the rules slightly20:34
dtroyer(no doc in that review yet)  how is that handled in create?20:35
dtroyermultiple options?20:35
rtheisone option20:35
dtroyercan we use the same syntax to make it one positional then?20:35
rtheis--sub-port <port=,segmentation-type=,segmentation-id=>20:35
dtroyerah, but there is an additional port name/id?20:36
rtheisyes port= is name/id20:36
rtheisThat option can be repeated20:36
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dtroyerso since the add is more than just an add, it is an add + set, it makes this hard ;)20:36
dtroyerthere is a convention for doing this, but I'm not sure if argparse can handle it20:37
dtroyertrunk add —opt1 aaa —opt 2 bbb port1 —opt1 ccc —opt2 ddd port220:38
dtroyerso it is processed in command order, and whatever options are in place get used when the positional comes20:38
dtroyerI think tar does this20:38
dtroyerit's obscure though and would be totally confusing for many users20:38
rtheisI agree20:39
dtroyerright now I don't see a clean way to do more than one add per command20:39
rtheisI didn't understand your comment about add + set20:39
dtroyerthe real operation being performed here is adding a subport to a trunk, and setting some metadata on that combination.20:40
rtheisah yes, I understand now20:40
dtroyerin pure port terms, it is setting a trunk and other metadata on a port20:40
dtroyerwhich I still think is cleaner20:40
dtroyerbut get a lot of pushback from folks on… volume-type had this a while back20:41
dtroyerthey wanted a new resource name for what amounted to more properties on volume-type, because it was a separate table in the database20:41
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dtroyerthat stuff shouldn't leak20:41
rtheisdtroyer: so with --sub-port <port=,segmentation-type=,segmentation-id=> on 'network trunk create' ... could they do the same on 'network trunk set'20:43
rtheisor is that not good either?20:43
dtroyercreate and set should usually be very similar, so that should be ok.  is create already like that?20:43
rtheisyou can do 'network trunk create --sub-port <port=,segmentation-type=,segmentation-id=>'20:44
rtheisand repeat --sub-port20:44
dtroyeroh, well then… even if add has the options, set needs it too. and that then makes adding it to add unnecessary ;)20:45
dtroyercreate is nearly always a subset of set20:45
dtroyerin theory anyway20:45
rtheisthanks dtroyer20:46
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openstackgerritDean Troyer proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: Add shell integration test
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystoneauth: Fix arguments to _auth_required()
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