Friday, 2015-05-15

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greghaynesmordred: is familiar to you at all?02:12
greghaynesmordred: seems unrelated to the change02:12
mordredlooks gross02:13
greghaynesseems similar to the tox 2.0 breakage02:13
mordredoh. yeah. very well might be02:14
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stevemardtroyer, 7 nested bugs!14:25
stevemardtroyer, someone wants to do a bp for osc on the ML14:28
stevemari feel like saying 'go for it' just one the premise that it's not an osc member14:28
briancurtinterrylhowe: unfortunately we overlooked something with some of these BaseProxy implementations, but should be a very small change to make: path_args. as im building a few things up, im realizing we left that path out. in the BaseProxy changes, it's one arg and we just pass it through, so i might try to tackle them all together instead of by verb - how does14:37
briancurtinthat sound?14:37
terrylhoweI was just messing with object probably looking at the same thing14:38
openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: Fix functional test gate
briancurtinterrylhowe: that's where i first hit it, but was just noticing it as well in database for making list work, and realized im going to keep hitting it14:41
terrylhowebriancurtin: it kind of seems like if value isinstance of resource, don’t bother making a new one would help a little14:42
briancurtinterrylhowe: yeah that could help as well. are you ok with trying to tackle this in one change since its similar or want them split by verb?14:43
terrylhoweone would be better at this point14:44
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openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Fix proxy object get comment
dtroyerstevemar: I'm not sure what to make of that bp, I don't like the idea of spewing on a user's disk by default like that15:16
dtroyerbut I'll add it to the session and if those guys are there they can explain15:16
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stevemarmaybe not by default15:18
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openstackgerritRobert Carr proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: --insecure ignores --os_cacert and OS_CACERT
openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Fix proxy object get comment
openstackgerritgreghaynes proposed openstack/os-client-config: Add set_one_cloud method
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dtroyerjeez, osc still sucks.  trying to use Dreamhost and they don't allow Identity version discovery, their image catalog url has /v2 on it, and osc doesn't handle any of that correctly15:50
sdaguedtroyer: well, \o/ for service catalog standarization conversation at summit15:51
dtroyerand version discovery support  ('/' routes) needs to be added to defcore if not already there.  oh wait, we have not standard for that either...15:53
morganfainbergdtroyer: trying to update devstack to use keystone v3 only Apis with osc has been a pain.15:53
dtroyerso all this crap is going to be stuffed into o-c-c to hide this nonsense…15:53
dtroyermorganfainberg: I bet, besides all the hard-coded '/v2.0' in there15:53
morganfainbergdtroyer: question: how *does* osc end up working w/o a catalog? I can't seem to make it do anything but tell me the catalog is broken when trying to bootstrap a catalog in.15:54
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Fix proxy object get comment
morganfainbergOr ... Wait is this something magical about an admin token instead of a user/password?15:54
dtroyermorganfainberg: dunno, I've never done it with v3 only before.15:54
dtroyerwell, that's different15:55
morganfainbergI think I need to tear this apart more. It's been annoying.15:55
dtroyerno catalog involved there, you pass the actual endpoint in --os-url15:55
dtroyerof that and —os-token are present, all other auth is totally ignored and that is used directly15:56
morganfainbergAh. Ok I need to fix that help string then. It made reference to "auth endpoint" which was confusing.15:56
dtroyerthat's the bootstrap.  and I've never tried it against v315:56
dtroyeryeah, if we have 'auth' in connection to —os-url, that's a bug15:56
morganfainbergI've been doing endless combinations of things to make this work :P15:56
morganfainbergWell I want to kill admin token.15:57
morganfainbergThis cycle.15:57
dtroyerlike me and dreamhost…I finally booted a vm last night   \o/15:57
dtroyerso then catalog bootstrap is a keystone-manage thing?15:57
morganfainbergMake it a bootstrap a user/project and assignment via keystone-manage15:57
morganfainbergThen use hat user to bootstrap everything.15:58
dtroyerthat is actually better15:58
morganfainbergBut I'll need a way to ignore catalog errors.15:58
morganfainbergYou'd still catalog bootstrap via the api. Just less logic in manage.15:58
morganfainbergCause manage gets scary if t gets too sky-net-y15:58
morganfainbergBut getting a basic user/role/project should be enough to get started.15:59
morganfainbergAnd as a plus, no more insecure token "is_admin" middleware.15:59
dtroyeri like this cleanliness trend16:00
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morganfainbergTrying! :)16:00
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aayush_Hi All,16:15
aayush_Can anyone please help with Openstack Python SDK16:16
briancurtinaayush_: what about it?16:16
aayush_I am using code base from github page16:16
aayush_and trying to create image using16:17
aayush_but this is failing with error16:17
aayush_Image is none type16:17
aayush_@briancurtin can you confirm ?16:18
briancurtinaayush_: i can't at the moment, need to rebuild my devstack i think. i think you mentioned this before, and i cant imagine it's possible to create an image with only a name. if you just give it a name what would it be creating?16:19
aayush_yes if I give it by command line or by curl then it creates image16:20
briancurtiner, well i guess its documented to work that way16:20
briancurtinonce my devstack is ready i'll try it out. can you send the actual error so i can tell if it's the REST api or something we're returning ourselves?16:20
aayush_yes sure16:21
aayush_let me re-create my setup16:22
dtroyerbriancurtin: image create is odd that way, a name with no file content creates a reservation, then you can do a create again with the file to fill the placeholder.  I don't know what the use case for doing it that way was…16:28
terrylhoweaayush_: that errror from glance, I know if you specify a disk_format, it still complains.  You probably need other parameters and glance is just complaining about the wrong thing.16:28
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aayush_@terrylhowe : what is exact syntax ??16:29
terrylhoweaayush_: I don’t know off the top of my head16:29
aayush_Error goes like this :16:38
aayush_HttpException 400 : Client error Bad request16:39
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aayush_invalid disk format 'None' for image16:39
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terrylhoweyeh, the glance docs aren’t much help either16:39
terrylhowemight help to look at the source to see what it really wants16:40
aayush_i am looking at this
aayush_@terrylhowe : documentation says it requires 'x-image-meta-name' parameter and other few16:45
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briancurtinwtf? "The resource is not available in a format acceptable to your browser." (trying to get object data) -- terrylhowe you ever seen this?17:26
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terrylhowecontent type is application/somethingorother? briancurtin ?17:27
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briancurtinterrylhowe: hmm. uploaded an image via horizon and it's application/octet-stream in there, but get_object_metadata is telling me text/plain. maybe i'll just forget about that for now, the fact i could even get it to do that is positive for what i'm working on17:29
briancurtin(the path args thing)17:29
terrylhoweI was only messing with get_object I didn’t try get_object_metadata17:30
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openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed openstack/python-openstackclient: Fix functional test gate
openstackgerritBrian Curtin proposed stackforge/python-openstacksdk: WIP: accept intermediate path arguments at proxy
briancurtinterrylhowe: can you have a look at no tests yet, have been manually working with it. been testing get_object and get_object_metadata both with string names for obj and cont, and with actual resource objects, and it works fine. i think the API is what it is, but want to make sure the way it's enabled looks reasonable19:33
briancurtinbefore i go too far19:33
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openstackgerritAdam Sheldon proposed stackforge/openstack-sdk-dotnet: Fix: CreateStorageObject stream was getting closed before it was read.
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/openstack-sdk-dotnet: Fix: CreateStorageObject stream was getting closed before it was read.
etoewsis it okay if i rebase and add a patch set to ?20:50
etoewsit hasn't been touched in a week20:51
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openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed stackforge/python-openstacksdk: No headers in body for create and update
terrylhowerip it up etoews21:08
openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed stackforge/python-openstacksdk: No headers in body for create and update
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bknudsonare there docs for sdk?21:27
bknudsonlike for other bindings
briancurtinbknudson: eh, i need to do a build of them since we havent in a while, but they live at
briancurtinbknudson: been really cramming to get things done heading into teh summit so user guides and whatnot have been held off until after we get a lot of our current APIs fleshed out, which we're almost through21:28
bknudsonis there some reason this is stackforge and not openstack?21:29
bknudsonlooks like there's not enough identity to use it in auth_token yet.21:30
morganfainbergbknudson: talked with dtroyer and SDK is hopefully going to use keystoneauth21:31
briancurtinbknudson: it's in stackforge because that's where it started. Does it need to go somewhere else?21:31
bknudsonauth_token uses ops like validate_token , fetching revocation lists , fetching certs21:31
morganfainbergbknudson: fwiw21:31
morganfainbergbriancurtin: probably eventually to "openstack"21:31
morganfainbergbriancurtin: but i mean probably no rush on it.21:31
briancurtinI'm in no hurry to change the url of the repo21:31
bknudsondo contributors to stackforge projects get ATC status? might help.21:32
bknudsonnot that it matters to me personally21:32
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morganfainbergbriancurtin: you might be the one different one in the openstack community then:P seems like everyone wants to be OpenStack namespace ;)21:32
morganfainbergbriancurtin: [it's not a bad thing]21:32
bknudsonI'll just mention it would be nice to see the docs in the normal place
morganfainbergbriancurtin: will come bug you as we get keystoneauth a bit closer to usable. I'd like it to be really generic so SDK can use it too.21:33
morganfainbergi know dtroyer is already looking at this stuff too21:34
briancurtinbknudson: yeah that'd be nice but havent had time. will try to get things up there in teh next few weeks, with a release probably happening early next week, i hope21:35
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