Thursday, 2015-04-23

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HitrixHi everybody, I'm just running a little sample code with the OpenStack .net SDK and I get the following error: Invalid type OpenStack.Common.Http.HttpAbstractionClient for instance field OpenStack.Common.Http.HttpAbstractionClient+<SendAsync>d__2:<>4__this09:03
Hitrixhas anyone ran into this problem before?09:04
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ekarlsoHi guys!09:04
ekarlsoSo is the sdk going to replace the *clients ?09:05
briancurtinThough a combination of SDK and OpenStackClient, that's an eventual goal09:07
ekarlsobriancurtin: so the goal of the sdk is to replace the bindings part no of the clients ?09:07
briancurtinekarlso: sdk aims to provide a set of consistent interfaces to work with the rest apis. I think that's what you're asking09:10
ekarlsook :)09:10
ekarlsobriancurtin: so for designate, would our stuff go into the "dns" spacE?09:11
briancurtinekarlso: I believe so. We've been using he names that show up.09:12
briancurtinIn the service catalog, which I think is dns for designate09:12
ekarlsoi'll try to get that going then : )09:12
briancurtinekarlso: awesome. I'm several hours past a reasonable bed time so I'm heading out of here, but feel free to ask on here for help or ping me at if you need any help getting it working09:14
ekarlsobriancurtin: :P09:15
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ekarlsowhat's the stuff in osdk ?14:26
terrylhoweekarlso: the _proxy classes provide the user interface for the service14:28
terrylhoweekarlso: when you have a connection conn you you access conn.compute that is the compute proxy14:28
ekarlsoterrylhowe: uh, but why ?14:29
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terrylhoweekarlso: it is supposed to be private as a class not intended for direct access14:41
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elynnI new to use openstacksdk, and when I use it to create an instance, I always get an error.15:00
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elynnfrom oslo.serialization import jsonutils15:01
elynnsorry , wrong line.15:01
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elynnInvalid imageRef provided15:02
terrylhowean import error?15:02
elynnsorry , that imageref error15:02
terrylhoweare you testing against devstack or some other cloud?15:02
terrylhoweare you using the example code?15:02
elynnI'm using devstack15:03
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terrylhoweexample code?15:04
elynnNo, I use the codes written by myself15:04
elynnyou mean the codes in exampe                    folder?15:04
terrylhowedid you provide an imageRef?  It has to be a uuid is the only other thing that comes to mind15:06
elynnSeems I have something wrong in my codes15:07
elynnimageref only accept uuid or a image dict?15:08
elynnI use a image resource15:08
elynnNeed two imageRef
terrylhowewell, it is supposed to work with an image resource, but honestly, I haven’t tried that15:09
terrylhowethat is an error, taht double imageRef in there15:10
terrylhowea harmless one though15:10
terrylhoweit’d be nice to have an example that was a bit more simple15:10
elynnconn is conn = sdk.create_connection(params)?15:13
terrylhowethat gets created here elynn
terrylhoweuser preference is for versions or regions you want to interact with and the rest is auth information the **args15:16
elynnHmm, I need to modify my codes and test again.15:17
elynnI directly import server from openstack.compute.v215:17
elynnthen use obj=**args), and obj.create()15:18
elynnIs that wrong?15:18
terrylhoweyou could do that, but the general idea is to use the Connection class to access that stuff15:19
terrylhoweCreate a connection with you auth info and call conn.compute.create_server(**args)15:19
elynnI will try that way, thanks!15:20
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elynnThat works!15:31
terrylhowesweet elynn !15:32
elynnSeems I use it in a wrong way before.15:32
elynnAnother question, where is create_server function?15:33
elynnAh, they are in _proxy.py15:36
terrylhoweI think briancurtin has some changes in the works for that create method though15:37
elynnNice, thank you so much !15:37
elynnCan get_flavor accept a flavor name as parameter?15:40
briancurtinThat's something we're working on enabling.15:41
briancurtinRight now it works purely on ids but making it nicer is in the process15:44
elynnCool, I count on you!15:45
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/cliff: fix author contact details
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chellygelHey guys, just have a couple of questions about cliff and testing.16:29
chellygelfirst question is what other projects aside from barbican python client are using cliff16:30
chellygelsecond question is -- how do you test the CLI when cliff hides the exceptions?16:30
chellygelwe are seeing that regardless of errors, the tests are being passed. Is the solution to simply pass a debug flag into the test params?16:30
dhellmannchellygel: python-openstackclient and python-neutronclient are using cliff, as well as some non-openstack projects16:31
dhellmannchellygel: add the --debug flag to have cliff show tracebacks16:31
chellygelis that the only method for unit tests then?16:31
dhellmannchellygel: but you should probably be testing the command classes directly, rather than through cliff16:31
chellygeli'm assuming this is to ensure that the end user of the CLI has a good experience and doesnt see the errors?16:32
dhellmannthey get an error message, and the return value from the process should be 1 to indicate an error16:32
chellygelokay, i understand that.16:32
chellygelthank you dhellmann !! just needed some reference points like these!16:33
dhellmannchellygel: sure, no problem -- check the tests for python-openstackclient to see how those work for some examples16:34
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Apply delete changes to volume proxy
openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Move jenkins create and delete in their onw files
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cliff: fix author contact details
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient: Security group rule create fails
etoewsa question about the sdk and mutability of a Resource20:00
etoewsif you have code like this20:00
etoewsyou get the output20:00
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etoewsa change to an attribute in foobar1 changes the attribute in foobar220:01
etoewsthat's pretty nutty20:01
etoewshowever if i instantiate with like so20:02
etoewsi get the expected output20:02
terrylhowesomehow those class variables never get translated to instance variables20:03
terrylhowehas it always been that way I wonder or did something get broken?20:04
etoewsi'm not sure20:04
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient: Fix security group create description bug
terrylhoweit has probably always been that way20:05
terrylhowepeople are supposed to be using new and existing20:06
terrylhowekind of a jamie question20:06
etoewsjamielennox|away: briancurtin: any insight on the above? ^20:06
briancurtinetoews: I'm at lunch right now, will get back in a bit and read up20:07
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briancurtinetoews: yeah, that first one is weird and probably should not be that way. blanking on what would be the case but i'll add it to my todo list21:00
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etoewsdo you have an idea about why it's like that?21:01
briancurtinsomething is a class member and not an instance member, i think. but _attrs is an instance member, so maybe that's not it. i will be spending a lot of time in airports starting in a few hours so i will dig in then21:07
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openstackgerritEverett Toews proposed stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Move wait_for_status to resource module
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