Wednesday, 2014-10-29

openstackgerritChris Robinson proposed a change to stackforge/golang-client: Add the ability to create, delete, list, and get networks, ports and subnets
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jamielennoxdtroyer: when you get in let me know, i'm looking through OSC auth plugins11:12
terrylhoweDean was probably up late last night watching the world series or something, might be a while11:15
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jamielennoxterrylhowe: did you have anything to do with the plugins in OSC?12:09
terrylhoweno jamielennox I’ve been watching a little though12:09
jamielennoxterrylhowe: so has it been in a release yet?12:10
terrylhoweI don’t think so, but not sure12:10
jamielennoxi'm trying to figure out what compatibility i need to maintain12:10
jamielennoxbut i'd like to rip most of this out before it gets released12:10
terrylhowerip out of ksc or osc?12:11
jamielennoxosc, a bunch of the stuff that was done custom for osc has an equivalent already in ksc12:12
jamielennoxi would like OSC to use it in the same way as all the other CLIs12:12
jamielennoxstandardize it12:12
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openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed a change to stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Working script to create a jenkins server
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openstackgerritJamie Lennox proposed a change to openstack/python-openstackclient: Redo auth plugins
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dtroyerjamielennox: Am enroute to Paris today, so will be on and off for a while.17:05
jamielennoxdtroyer: ok, i uploaded a review that's WIP and will fail all kinds of tests17:05
dtroyerjamielennox: mhu did the bulk of the auth plugin work, I (tried to) streamline the integration into ClientManager.  It hasn't been released yet so changes are still possible.17:05
jamielennoxdtroyer: but it's much more along how i would hope the plugins would work17:06
jamielennoxi'm not really sure how to get from a to b though17:06
dtroyerjamielennox: also have a look at the WIP change for os-client-config as it changes how I want to do the config options.  but that'll come after whatever plugin changes we need to do17:06
jamielennoxif you get a chance to have a look at the review i think it would be useful to even understand what i mean by the difference17:06
jamielennoxdtroyer: ok - i don't know that one but i'll look it up17:07
dtroyerI'll have a look.  CloudConfig is a new lib from mordred that I've glommed on to save multiple cloud configs in a yaml file so I can do something like:  openstack —os-cloud rax server list17:08
jamielennoxcloud-config or client-config17:08
jamielennoxgerrit has a project:openstack/os-cloud-config17:08
dtroyerCloudConfig is the object name, the project is os-client-config17:09
dtroyerblame mordred, he was 'in a mood' when he started that one ;)17:09
mordredwhat's that?17:09
mordredjamielennox: yes - os-client-config - not cloud-config17:10
mordredtotally different thing17:10
mordredand I cannot WAIT to have openstack --os-cloud rax server list working17:10
jamielennoxok, so it's a library for reading config opts from files17:11
jamielennoxi was reading the description and got a little concerned it was another client17:11
jamielennoxmordred: any thoughts on how that will support different plugins or leaving that one up in the air?17:12
dtroyerjamielennox: to keep back-compat, I'm planning to 'guess' when the old set of options are provided, everything else will require —os-auth-type to specify17:13
jamielennoxdtroyer: don't guess - write a plugin that takes the options you need and proxies to the plugin you actually choose17:13
dtroyerie, token+url == old token auth, username+password == Password, token+auth_url == Token17:13
jamielennoxdtroyer: have a look at
jamielennoxmy intention was that you could specify --os-auth-plugin (i used -plugin, i don't know where -type came from, i don't care but i would like it standard) and if you didn't give one you'd get a default17:15
dtroyerI changes -plugin to -type because plugin is meaningless to most users17:16
dtroyerand osc already uses 'plugin' to refer to the command extensions17:16
jamielennoxyea, it's a better word, would prefer we use the standard mechanism though and deprecate/rename it in ksc17:17
dtroyerI'll look at that review closer, I think I see the approach you are taking, I hadn't considered doing that…17:17
jamielennoxthe way it's written at the moment if you do openstack --help you'll get a lot of options and growing17:18
jamielennoxi think we definitely want to limit that to openstack --os-auth-type XXX --help17:18
dtroyerright, that I want to get a handle on, was one reason I was trying to take over the option handling…CLoudconfig changes that again too17:19
jamielennoxok, well we can talk about it next week. i'll see if i can make those tests pass but i doubt it without some serious ripping out.17:20
jamielennoxi heard a rumour though you were looking for an OSC release soon and i wanted to suggest this before there are compat issue17:20
dtroyerI was, actually wanted to do it last week…but I wantd to get —os-cloud included and it wasn't ready…17:21
jamielennoxdtroyer, mordred: do we see os-client-config as a place to cache auth between requests or just a way to read options?17:24
dtroyerI'm using it to supply the Namespace-like object to the ClientManager, which then goes into the auth-plugin business17:25
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jamielennoxdtroyer: right, but there's no reason that os-client-config couldn't just return you the plugin to use for the requests, and in which case it would be the logical place to cache as it will know when options change17:26
dtroyereventually I see one ClientManager per CloudConfig object, with Cloudconfig caching the creds in its auth_ref (or whatever)17:26
dtroyerI think mordred has other (non python-*client) use cases so I'm not sure if that fits in well there17:27
jamielennoxif we can move all the clients to a sessions based approach i actually think that clientmanager can just fade away17:27
mordredjamielennox: I'll defer to dtroyer on that - I don't really have any clouds that use different auth, nor do I use auth cred caching anywhere, so I'm not a great person to know much about the use cases17:27
dtroyerah, ok, cool17:27
mordredmy main thing is that I want to easily be able to configure and use client things17:27
mordredand I want it to be VERY simple - beacuse right now it's one of the most complex things ever17:27
jamielennoxmordred: you want to work this into all the CLIs or just move the other CLIs to using OSC?17:28
mordredso, essentially, os-cloud-config is feature complete for me - but if there is something else that should go in, I'm 100% game for that17:28
mordredjamielennox: I'd _like_ to move the current clients to it too - just because they exist now and OSC still hasn't fully caught on and I still use python-*client17:29
mordredbut I hadn't gotten as far as writing up a spec for that yet :)17:29
mordredI could see reasonable people disagreeing17:29
jamielennoxit'd be a lot of work, we haven't had much luck standardizing anything with clients17:30
mordredit's also possible that once it goes in to OSC that I might just ditch using other things, start using osc and never look back :)17:30
jamielennoxmordred: ++ that would be the goal i think17:30
dtroyerClientManager is now pretty self-contained and makes a decent single-point-of-contact for the clients it knows about so you could even ditch the shell…17:31
openstackgerritRyan Brown proposed a change to openstack/python-openstackclient: Add Heat stack CRUD
mordreddtroyer: I was actually going to play with what it would look like for shade to consume the osc interface you had that example of using as an API up for17:33
mordredI ahave not gotten to that yet17:33
jamielennoxdtroyer: client manager is still useful as a point of contact, but its initial purpose was to cache/standardize all the auth. If we go session base then actual client creation is cheap17:33
dtroyerjamielennox: it's already totally Session-based for the object-store API ;)17:34
mordredjamielennox: shade is a library that came from refactoring a bunch of work I had inside of ansible into a library17:34
jamielennoxdtroyer: swift? i haven't looked at python-swiftclient for ages but that is surprising17:34
mordredjamielennox: I dither on whether it wants to exist or whether it wants to be patches to something17:35
mordredjamielennox: at the moment it exists because patches takea  while and I need it now :)17:35
dtroyerwe don't use swiftclient, at the time I started it wasn't really suitable17:35
* jamielennox is learning all sorts of new words today17:35
mordredbut I would not be sad if it went away17:35
jamielennoxdtroyer: ah - right, well it's kind of easy if you just cheat like that17:35
mordredjamielennox: it handles things like "please give me a server with a working IP" and hides the deployer diferences like rackspace giving you a public ip automatically or HP needing you to ask for a floating ip17:36
dtroyerjamielennox: that may not be the last one either…reducing dependencies…general sanity, etc17:36
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jamielennoxmordred: makes sense, possible sdk targets but i wouldn't hold my breath17:37
mordredI think that's a medium-long term goal17:37
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jamielennoxdtroyer: i can't tell if that would be a shame to have to rewrite all that or just logical17:38
mordredcurrent very naive thinking is step 1) port shade to osc 2) let osc port to sdk 3) move shade into to osc OR sdk as a "simple" api17:38
jamielennoxtrue, ansible is native python so it can do sdk17:39
jamielennoxanyway we can talk about this next week - just wanted to put a possible pin in the OSC release17:39
dtroyerjamielennox: I choose logical…it's basically what I wanted for the low-level API in the SDK that didn't get any traction17:39
jamielennoxgotta run for now17:39
dtroyerditto…later y'all17:39
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openstackgerritChris Robinson proposed a change to stackforge/golang-client: Add ability to create, delete, list, and get keypairs
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openstackgerritTerry Howe proposed a change to stackforge/python-openstacksdk: Working script to create a jenkins server
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