Wednesday, 2014-05-21

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openstackgerritSam Choi proposed a change to stackforge/openstack-sdk-php: Fixing bug 1302141
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jamie_hmfer does truncating work with our stream wrapper? when I open with "w" or "w+" mode, sometimes content is there13:25
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mferjamie_h on a call... just a minute13:40
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mferjamie_h we'd been using the stream wrapper quite a bit without any writing issues14:15
mferwhat are you seeing?14:15
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jamie_hnot too sure yet - it seems that when a remote object is fetched with w or w+, the file is not truncated14:16
jamie_hmight be nothing. I'm trying to get rid of that segfault thing, so am refactoring a few tests14:16
jamie_hI'm using "nope" as the mode, which seems to be best for lots of local tests14:17
mferjamie_h if you discover something please let me know asap. i'm happy to try and figure it out. we'd made a lot of use of the stream wrappers in the past in production systems14:23
jamie_hmfer sure. right now the goal is just to fix the segfault and remove duplication from tests while i'm at it. i'll take a look at the truncating thing after14:24
mferi see the segfault issue as well14:25
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jamie_hmfer I've managed to fix it by using setUp and tearDown methods for the resource15:19
jamie_hinstead of passing resources as args to other tests15:19
mferPHP SDK meeting in 10 minutes in #openstack-meeting-315:20
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samchoimfer: jamie_h So from the meeting, we had two primary areas of design discussion. Testing and DSL vs userland code. Do you guy see one as being higher priority than the other?16:33
samchoior would it simply be more efficient/practical to investigate one over the other immediately?16:34
jamie_hsamchoi I think testing first because that's required to implement any other feature16:41
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stphunghi guys, I was wondering, are the python apis for openstack in a usable state at this time?  I've been having a difficult time with it so just wanted to see where things were16:42
stphungsdks rather*16:43
briancurtinstphung: the new stuff we're working on isn't close to being ready yet, still in the early phases of building it all out16:44
stphungbriancurtin: thanks for the info!16:45
briancurtinstphung: if you're having any specific difficulties with the existing clients, let us know and we'll see how we can improve the situation with this SDK project16:45
stphungbriancurtin: to be clear, are there existing python sdks that are usable..?16:47
terrylhowethey aren't really sdks, but there are clients for each service16:47
terrylhowelike python-novaclient, python-swift-client, ...16:47
briancurtinstphung: within openstack there isn't any all encompassing SDK, but you have things like
stphungok that makes sense16:48
briancurtin(sorry if you knew that, i didn't want to assume anything)16:48
stphungno worries :)16:48
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terrylhowepython sdk authentication "simplified" at least compared to keystoneclient18:18
briancurtinterrylhowe: thanks! will take a look shortly18:21
mferbriancurtin terrylhowe dtroyer should the openstacksdk and openstackclient have gerritbot notifications in here?18:31
dtroyerwould be fine with me, but as it's a shared room I don't want to swamp it with too many of those notifications.  we can always turn it off it it gets to be too noisy (that would be a good problem to have actually…)18:36
briancurtinmfer: sounds good to me, but i'm not familiar with how to get that to happen18:38
mferbriancurtin dtroyer i can put in the request. i have one in for a couple other projects so i can modify that one fairly easily.18:39
mferthis is why it was on my mind18:39
mferbriancurtin what's the repo name? the one i had isn't listed on for me18:43
briancurtinmfer: hmm, not actually sure. i only know of
mferthat's a mirror of
mferand i thought it was python-openstacksdk but i'd not listed. weird18:46
terrylhowepage 218:46
mferoh, duh.18:47
* mfer goes back to coding... it's safer than thinking18:48
mferfor bot integration...
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openstackgerritMatt Farina proposed a change to stackforge/golang-client: Adding examples that can optionally be used as acceptance tests.
mferdtroyer on the go sdk you were interested in if you have a few minutes19:47
mferthis is the structural style stuff19:47
openstackgerritMatt Farina proposed a change to stackforge/openstack-sdk-php: Adding the support section to composer.json.
terrylhowedtroyer I think you were looking for a cli thing in the example code:
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Alex_Gaynornot sure why it didn't announce here, but super simple review:
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