Monday, 2014-05-05

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wchrisjelight Good morning!15:08
elightwchrisj: hey, man15:09
wchrisjelight Was getting specs in shape around compute, and thinking about the change to RequestCommon we discussed last week.15:10
elightwchrisj: yeah?15:10
wchrisjelight Were you thinking of a standard ruby class instance, or a Singleton approach?15:10
elightwchrisj: Module with module methods is my gut feeling because it's stateless.15:12
wchrisjelight: is that going to impact the way that requests are handled? those are mixd into the service class...15:13
elightwchrisj: it would in that the services would need to send a message to the module explicitly rather than implicitly.15:13
elightwchrisj: perhaps I'm being too much of a purist in that regard. I'm growing shy of mixins. But I think it's more to do with how they're abused.15:14
elightwchrisj: the Core Connection change should help here. We may be able to finally kill request_params.15:14
wchrisjelight: understood. just want to make sure we arent overomplicating things15:14
elightwchrisj: agreed15:15
wchrisjelight: at what level would we send that message? in the request? in the service class?15:15
elightwchrisj: I meant extracting the mixin into a service so that calls to "request" are clearly to a different abstraction. The services shouldn't know how to send HTTP requests but instead ask another object to do it for them.15:18
elightwchrisj: sorry. Overloaded word: service.15:18
elightThe Fog Service classes are almost God objects already.15:19
wchrisjelight: agreed15:19
wchrisjelight OK15:20
elightwchrisj: it's probably easier if I write a gist, for clarity, and link it on the issue.15:20
wchrisjThat's fine - I think I understand better now what you were thinking in terms of a ServiceRequest (my name for it)15:21
wchrisjelight ^^15:21
wchrisjelight: A gist would be good, actually15:27
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elightwchrisj: Odd. I had thought that I opened an issue about RequestCommon...16:26
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briancurtinterrylhowe: looking at the "Authentication from keystoneclient" change. save for the pep8 fail, is this ready to be reviewed? The first thing i noticed in openstack/auth/ is a fixme for a deprecated arg18:27
terrylhowebriancurtin, I have fixed the pep8 errors, but I was trying to get some better tests before uploading a patch18:27
terrylhoweI attempted not to change anything but I what I had to change from keystoneclient, so there are some fixme and things like that in there18:28
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stevemarterrylhowe ping19:10
terrylhowewhat's up stevemar ?19:12
stevemarhad a question about
stevemarterrylhowe, taking a closer look at cinder client, i guess set_keys doesn't return the full volume_type object?19:13
stevemarjust the keys?19:13
terrylhoweyeh, that is the way I remember it.19:14
terrylhowethe create doesn't have properties set because you can't set properties there19:14
stevemarterrylhowe, i get that, i'm just wondering why set_keys only returns the properties19:18
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terrylhowelogically, it makes sense to me, what does not make sense to me is why they implemented it that way19:31
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wchrisjhey elight - did you have a chance to do that gist for me today?23:00
elightwchrisj: afraid not. first thing tomorrow morning.23:02
wchrisjelight - thanks!23:02
wchrisjelight - realized when I started down the path that the existing RequestCommon is already a module with module methods; just being mixed in.23:04
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