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terrylhoweI see what you mean jamielennox I was originally thinking the resource would have a service identifier, but that doesn't cover the region and visibility stuff.  I'll have to think about it some more.00:07
jamielennoxterrylhowe: if the dict is stored on the class it will have the same problem, but in keystoneclient we were generating it00:08
terrylhoweit really seems that visibility and region should be had by the authenticator00:09
terrylhowenormally, at least00:09
jamielennoxregion yes00:10
jamielennoxvisibility not always00:10
jamielennoxthere should be a default on authenticator00:11
jamielennoxbut there are certain resources that are admin URL only00:11
jamielennoxterrylhowe: i think i had the default on session rather than authenticator00:11
jamielennoxauthenticator might be shared between different objects doing different regions00:12
jamielennoxterrylhowe: i have an issue though you might be able to help me with00:12
jamielennoxi think we need to abstract the operations part of the resource somewhat00:13
jamielennoxsay for example i have user has roles, but roles is also global00:14
terrylhoweI have to run, family is waiting on me, but I'll be back in an hour or so, sorry00:14
jamielennoxterrylhowe: no worries00:14
terrylhowewrite down your thoughts here if you like00:14
jamielennoxso take tenant has user has roles tenant, user, roles are all top level resource00:17
jamielennoxso it's a Roles.list operation (without filters) but the base_url is dynamic00:19
jamielennoxi'm thinking at the moment that we need an operations object00:20
jamielennoxso that Role.list() would do: ListOp(Role, cls.base_url).perform(presentation, limit=None, marker=None)00:22
jamielennoxand user.roles() could do return ListOp(Role, '/tenants/{id}/users/{id}/roles').perform(presentation)00:24
jamielennoxi'm also thinking that there might be a reason for a Resource to override there own ListOp (maybe they have custom filters)00:26
jamielennoxi'm just not sure how it all works00:27
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openstackgerritJamie Hannaford proposed a change to stackforge/openstack-sdk-php: Remove 'credits' file from codebase because it's not necessary or standard
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terrylhoweIt just seems like the easy cop out way to solve the tenant/users/roles problem would be make some ProjectUsers resource jamielennox13:52
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jamie_hmfer I'm looking at our ClientInterface - could we separate out the process of creating a Request from sending it?14:57
jamie_hsometimes users might want to create a Request first, add a custom header, and then send with a separate method14:58
jamie_hright now doRequest creates and sends14:58
mferjamie_h hey15:03
mferso, i'd like to keep interfaces as simple as possible while providing everything.15:04
mferwith doRequest you can set headers15:04
mfercan you share a use case to separate it?15:04
wchrisjelight you around today?15:06
wchrisjelight ... or travelling?15:07
terrylhowebriancurtin jamielennox bknudson edleafe wchrisj alright if I approve Dean's example code
jamie_hmfer Requests can emit events. You might want to attach a custom subscriber, say for error handling or logging15:08
elightwchrisj: traveling...l15:08
terrylhoweOtherwise, someone is going to have to explain to me how to cherry pick that over to my presentation stuff15:08
terrylhoweI'd like to update the examples to get a better feel for higher level design15:08
jamie_hright now we're *assuming* that users want to immediate send all requests and never modify or edit them beforehand15:08
jamie_hit's 1 extra method that separates concerns - I don't think it overcomplicates the interface15:09
jamie_hbut I agree, we need to keep as simple as possible15:09
terrylhoweI should of had dtroyer on that too15:09
mferjamie_h it's easy to add lots of things that might seem useful someday. i'd like to know some real world use cases for the added feature. i'm not saying we shouldn't do it.15:10
mferthis is an SDK so the goal should be to keep is simple and easy for the long tail of developers to use15:10
jamie_hmfer It isn't adding lots of things, it's taking a way an assumption. I've already mentioned a real-world case: adding a subscriber that attaches itself to a request. One example could be a subscriber that retries the request if the API responds with a 500/401 error15:11
jamie_hseparating into 2 methods isn't adding complexity - it's removing assumptions and making things clearer IMO15:12
jamie_hGuzzle already does this, as does ZF215:12
mferjamie_h i'm on a call until the meeting starts. let me look a little more into this15:13
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mferPHP SDK meeting in #openstack-meeting-3 in 5 minutes15:25
mfer#startmeeting openstack-sdk-php15:30
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openstackMinutes (text):
mferit's going to be one of those days I think15:31
openstackgerritA change was merged to stackforge/openstack-sdk-php: Remove 'credits' file from codebase because it's not necessary or standard
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mferjamie_h btw, i'm doing the HP legal thing now. If you add a new file by all means put the openstack one in place16:35
jamie_hmfer okay - how about if an existing file is changed?16:36
mferi'm not sure how this works. this isn't licensing but copyright and those are different. basically, i need to talk with lawyers first to understand16:36
mferjamie_h got a sec, i'd like to run something past you16:40
jamie_hmfer sure, go for it16:40
mferjamie_h i'd like to bring in a 3rd party to chair the meeting. i have someone in mind. so we don't debate technical things while I chair.16:41
mferit feels ackward for me16:41
jamie_hokay - I have no problem with that :)16:42
jamie_hcan I run by you some of the changes I've thought about today? Are you free right now or shall I send an e-mail to openstack-dev?16:44
jamie_hminor tweaks to ClientInterface, etc.16:44
mferi'm about to go into another meeting. can you send an email? i'll get to it in a bit but I bet it'll be in the evening for you16:45
jamie_hokay, I'll stick to e-mail - has the added benefit of keeping those not here in the loop too16:46
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terrylhoweAlex_Gaynor briancurtin jamielennox bknudson edleafe wchrisj dtroyer
terrylhoweUpdated example code with presentation20:06
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terrylhoweI'm kind of wondering what people think about putting something like the connection class in the SDK
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