Monday, 2014-04-28

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mferjamie_h_ i just found that the most common use was tests and doc. not the inconsistent use of the plural form15:43
mferdoc was more popular than docs by about 2:1.15:43
jamie_h_for PHP or OpenStack projects?15:43
jamie_h_hrm, I'm fine with doc then15:43
mfertests has about 80% of the use.15:44
mferas a metrics guy i find this interesting15:44
jamie_h_wait, inconsistency in PHP projects? ;)15:44
jamie_h_yeah I didn't know the exact numbers, thanks for checking it out15:44
mferthat's in all the languages :)15:44
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jamie_hmfer are you happy renaming test to tests?15:53
jamie_hcan merge your patch then - I think that was the only pending thing15:53
mferjamie_h i got pulled into a couple calls. i'll make the change to tests then put the updated patchset up for review16:24
mferi'm going to take a look at your stuff this afternoon as well16:24
jamie_hawesome, thanks16:25
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wchrisj_elight - hey, are you back in the saddle yet?16:44
elightwchrisj_: sort of. Off today. Traveling a LOT the next few weeks but will try to be back in the code more.16:57
wchrisj_no problem16:58
wchrisj_how was RC?16:58
elightwchrisj_: conf ok but great catching up with folks and meeting customers17:04
elightBut very much want to keep up with you guys in the code. I'll endeavor to make that time this week and next. Then I'm in Scotland and then Summit.17:05
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wchrisj_sounds good elight17:35
wchrisj_elight Would be great if we could get the base compute and storage approaches in sync this week17:36
wchrisj_elight Would rather not see divergent approaches on that front17:36
elightwchrisj_: there should be time. Tues and Wed are mostly shot but I have Thurs and Friday.17:37
wchrisj_elight Will you be available for our weekly mtg on Wed am, or should we push that?17:38
elightwchrisj_: I'll be in an all-day meeting. I'll be home early Thurs afternoon probably.17:39
elightwchrisj_: Friday morning?17:39
wchrisj_k - let me reschedule elight17:39
elightwchrisj_: definitely prefer morning technical meetings for the added brain power.17:40
wchrisj_yeah - me too elight17:40
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wchrisj__elight: do you have any problem with me adding new compute requests as I wait for you guys to review the compute PR?18:45
wchrisj__elight: ... also, I merged the storage PR, but would like to discuss a couple of changes to it before you guys hit it hard... as you have time... just ping me18:46
mferfolks, i've got a quick question... can someone share a case where a service (e.g., swift) can have a different tenantId/projectId from the one scoped via identity?19:29
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dtroyermfer: I'm not sure I understand what you're asking…are you looking at the service account itself?19:55
mferdtroyer i'm not sure i understand. in the php sdk jamie has put in to use a separate tenant for swift. so you auth to identity, get a service catalog, then to connect to the swift entry you reauth with a different tenant19:58
mferi think that's what he's getting at19:58
mferthis is for the rackspace implementation19:58
dtroyeris that because Rax keeps distinct tenants for their historical reasons?19:59
mferi have no idea20:00
dtroyerI don't know much about what all is different in their auth, that's actually one reason I stopped using it for devstack development20:00
mferthought someone in here might know20:00
dtroyerthe auth oddities requiring 'special' clients20:00
mferwhat's the stance on OpenStack vs something like rackspace for the clients?20:00
dtroyerok, that makes sens if that is the case.  Otherwise I don't know of any cases where that sort of split happens20:00
dtroyerheh, they're going to have to eventually meet the RefCore tests so their auth will eventually converge20:01
dtroyerbut there has been either a special lib and/or client plugins to handle what was orignally (IIRC) Identity v1 auth20:02
mferso, the openstackclient has a plugin for their stuff?20:05
dtroyernot beyond what you might be able to stuff into the underlying keystoneclient libs.  I don't recall there ever being anything.  They do (did?) have a plugin for novaclient that handled it but OSC never used novaclient's auth, and that should be totally unused by now anyway.20:07
mferspeaking of python... what do you think of the ORM like setup?20:08
mferwhen compared to the manager/resources setups20:08
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terrylhoweI updated the python SDK presentation layer to a more traditional approach
dtroyerI haven't really had a chance to study it…the last few weeks have been, well, I'm looking forward to going to Atlanta for a break. ;)20:39
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