Wednesday, 2014-04-23

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briancurtinfor all of the python-openstacksdk folk - here's the voting wiki page mentioned in yesterday's meeting:
terry_howethanks briancurtin13:36
briancurtinterry_howe: np. it turns out i'm going to be afk for most of the rest of the day - would you mind sending that link out in a few hours to catch more people?13:38
terry_howebriancurtin, sure thing13:38
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jamie_hmfer Usually I would agree about separating out the issues, but my patch deals with two: copyright headers and fixing all the broken tests15:22
jamie_hWithout getting the tests working, no other patch can be submitted because it hasn't been unit tested15:23
jamie_hWhich is why I added that in because it seemed like an essential first step15:23
mferjamie_h copyright headers isn't going to be changed immediately. it's a legal issue not a code issue. need to dig into it more15:23
mferthe others can go in much faster15:23
mferwe need guidance on that from outside us devs before we can make a change like that15:24
mferit's enough of a topic that there have been numerous list discussions, there's a section in the legal faq, and poking around projects at copyright headers shows numerous different ones15:25
mferneed to get to the bottom of that to understand the space better15:25
jamie_hmfer sure, okay. I just looked at how Nova et al did it. I thought using Copyright OpenStack Foundation was what we recommended, instead of Copyright HP15:25
mferi had no idea what it was. so, i started poking around and found it to be more complex that I thought15:26
mferwhen it comes to the legal things I always check15:26
mferlegalities are not a do and then ask for forgiveness area15:26
mferjamie_h are you ready to talk json schema today?15:27
mferif so i'd like to add it to the agenda15:27
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jamie_hmfer sure. Do you have a link for the wiki?15:28
mferjamie_h i was thinking more of the blueprint and codebase you'd started15:28
mferand the topic in general15:28
mferi've got a lot of questions15:28
mfernot idea but implementation and practical things15:29
jamie_hI meant adding it to the agenda wiki15:29
mferPHP SDK meeting time in #openstack-meeting-315:30
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terry_howePython SDK People votes are due:
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mferjamie_h I'm jumping into my next meeting. i'll fire off my questions later today. you'll find I have a lot because I started a list while you were gone.16:31
mferi've had time to think about it16:31
jamie_hmfer sure that's fine with me16:31
mferdidn't want to bother you on vacation16:31
mferthanks for putting code to your stuff. it's what really prompted my thinking about it16:31
jamie_hit's a very difficult concept to talk about over IRC :)16:31
mfertell me about it. that's why i was hoping you were coming to the summit16:32
samchoijamie_h: I realize it's a bit late in your day already. Do you typically end your day roughly around this time? I'm trying to get a feel for everyone's schedule so we can find times to collaborate.16:33
samchoiI mean to say, find time to collaborate...and still have lives.16:34
jamie_hyeah, around about now. Did you want to go over the stream wrapper bug?16:36
samchoiRight now, your fixes are up for review but are combined with a separate issue right?16:36
samchoiSince it's late in your day, I16:37
jamie_hyeah - I'll try and find the relevant area in the patch16:37
samchoiI'll check out the code16:37
jamie_hline 146716:37
samchoiI was holding off on a few small changes until my DevStack was working properly, but I'd be happy to move that along if it helps you16:37
samchoisince having a working environment for all of us should be the top priority16:38
jamie_hnotice that it's `openstack.swift.tenantId`, not `openstack.identity.tenantId`16:38
jamie_hI added a new context option because Rackspace has a weird implementation of Swift :)16:38
jamie_hI'll add more details in the bug report16:38
jamie_hsorry - scratch that. This stream wrapper bug is separate16:39
samchoimaybe if we can get a separate review for the stream wrapper bug that works for you, I'll do a quick test and approve it so that we can have common set of tests working in all environments16:40
samchoiwhenever you get a chance16:40
jamie_hokay. I won't be working on the SDK tomorrow, but will be on Friday16:41
samchoisure thing16:41
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ycombinatormfer samchoi jamie_h: what is our review approval policy? 1 +1 followed by a +2?17:38
samchoiycombinator: we might need to email to get a response from the others17:47
samchoiycombinator: I remember asking something similar earlier. there were no opinions at the time.17:48
ycombinatorsamchoi: yeah, I don't have strong opinions; I just think we need to have a consistent policy - I'm thinking of creating a CONTRIBUTING.rst to capture such things for future contributors (and future versions of me)17:49
ycombinatorI'll send an email17:51
samchoiycombinator: yea, a contributor doc would be a great addition once we figure out processes17:52
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ycombinatorsamchoi mfer jamie_h sent email re: contributing guidelines, albeit with wrong tag: openstack-php-sdk instead of openstack-sdk-php19:18
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