Monday, 2014-04-14

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elightmhagedorn wchrisj: did you guys settle on an approach to fog-hp-tng?20:07
mhagedornelight.. the assumption is that the inheritance branch is the go forward20:07
wchrisjelight do you mean composition vs inheritance?20:07
elightI mean that I did this last week:
elightSo I’m reusing ServiceDiscovery and subclassing IdentityV1 and V2 in mine20:08
elightwchrisj mhagedorn:
wchrisjelight So you guys dont do any sort of recoping with an existing token?20:15
elightwchrisj: Nope20:15
elightOne user, one tenant20:15
elightWhich is why I was so damned confused when I first saw “tenant” in OpenStack.20:15
wchrisjelight How is "osc_options_from" used? Isn't apparent in the code...20:17
elightUhhhhh oops? ;-)20:17
wchrisjIt isn't used AFAICT20:17
elightBear in mind this is *very* WIP20:18
wchrisjcool - understood20:18
wchrisjlike the simplicity20:18
elightI have a sneaking suspicion there’s a commit maybe I didn’t make somewhere. I don’t know how it would’ve ever worked withuot  calling it on the args to ServiceDiscovery20:18
mhagedornelight: yours is very slightly different than mine.. investigating….20:19
mhagedornelight 99% same20:19
elightmhagedorn: Hah. Good.20:19
elightmhagedorn: I don’t think I peeked at yours other than how you had your files organized.20:20
elightmhagedorn: I mostly wanted to try to connect the dots we laid out in OSC20:20
mhagedornyours a bit simpler which I like20:20
elightMine also doesn’t do much yet. ;-)20:20
elightOnce it connects, it will do whatever our cloud supports from OSC Identity.20:21
elightwchrisj: Hah. That is definitely not everything I wrote Friday. I remember having to make osc_options_from a class method. Odd.20:23
mhagedornelight… as it turns out to be feature compatible with :hp…. (cant speak for rax) it doesnt have to do much (Identitywise)20:23
elightAnd I sync this code to myself over dropbox.  odd.20:23
wchrisjGood to have different eyes looking at this - would like there to be as little code as possible in our extension layer..20:24
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elightwchrisj mhagedorn: Ok, updated it. Working again20:44
elightI don’t even know how it worked last week. I distinctly remember not having a 3 arg create_token method...20:44
wchrisjwhat do you mean? with thnant?20:45
elightOh… I see.20:52
elightYep.  I didn’t need osc_options_from at all.20:53
elightI’m adapting the args hash inside the individual Identity service by version20:53
elightI suppose it makes sense. Each version may need to do something different.  That is, I have no idea what v1 needs. ;-)20:53
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elightwchrisj: “DEFAULT_VERSION = 2” is going to be odd for services that are still v1. Isn’t that most of them?  I’m thinking Storage now but anything other than Compute and Auth?21:39
elightmaybe I’m wrong21:39
elight(about the other service versions)21:39
elightwchrisj: Ooooh. So we’re currently forcing the service class names to be versioned under all circumstances. Hmm….21:47
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wchrisjelight That default version should probably not even be in there22:29
wchrisjin retrospect22:30
elightwchrisj: It should be an argument. Like how Hash#fetch works22:30
wchrisjbut, it should prob be svc cat driven for all but Identity...22:31
elightAnd if it's not provided, and a version cannot be determined, it raises.22:31
wchrisjwhat do you think of that?22:31
elightLook at Hash#fetch's docs. Almost just like that22:31
wchrisja bit of a deviation from now22:31
elightWell... Ok, you could hardcore default versions for each service, I suppose.22:32
elightBut it means there's something else to change when I add a new service22:32
elightThat's a nuisance22:32
wchrisjyeah, I agree with the fetch sentiment22:32
elightYeah. Fetch handles that by making ages of everything and then just providing the logic to operate on them22:33
wchrisjwell, that's my point; for every service except identity, the SC should contain all th detail needed22:33
wchrisjdontcha think?22:33
elightBut I have to change SC whenever I add a new service. I don't see the value.22:33
wchrisjfor what? version?22:34
elightWhy can't Identity say, for instance, tell SC that my default, if you can't determine one, is 2?22:34
elightSC becomes a function. It has no state.22:34
elightAnd that's mostly how we use it now.22:34
elightAlso allows us to get rid of that internal array of supported services.22:35
elightAnd hell even that first arg, I think22:35
wchrisjnot sure how we are disagreeing... ;-)22:35
elightI think we're agreeing....22:35
wchrisjexcept for th initial hit against identity, we have to be explicit22:35
wchrisjfor that one22:35
wchrisjthen for every other service the SC will drive it22:36
elightok I'm not tracking. ca we talk about it on hangout tomorrow? have to boogie soon.22:36
wchrisjboogie on, my man...22:37
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