Tuesday, 2019-03-12

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efriededmondsw: You going to field a PTL candidate for pvm stackers?19:23
efriednoms close in a few hours.19:24
edmondswefried gah... I thought we had more time19:24
efriededmondsw: Well, if you don't submit anyone, the TC will come to you and ask for a volunteer.19:25
edmondswI think dikonoor was going to self-nominate, but she's offline now19:25
efriedbut I'm already getting shit for pvm having dropped off the radar after spending a couple years pushing to get in tree.19:25
edmondswfrom whom?19:25
efriedit was lighthearted shit19:26
edmondswyou can tell them we're trying to transition some stuff to different people, but we're not dropping out19:26
edmondswtransitions are... fun19:26
efriedyup, that was what I said.19:26
efriededmondsw: There's nothing saying the nom has to be submitted by the nominee; you could do it on dikonoor's behalf.19:27
edmondswhmmm... ok :)19:27
efriededmondsw: Uh, except she has zero commits in *-powervm and is therefore ineligible.19:29
edmondswefried actually, I don't think it's acceptable to nominate others, either19:29
efriedit is, if they've expressed intent some other way.19:29
edmondswboth the ML email and the docs it links to talk only about self nomination19:29
efried"although where appropriate, others may submit a candidacy for those who have already self-nominated by other means."19:30
efried"other means" would probably be preferred to be some public forum like the ML, but "she told me she was gonna do it" might be okay.19:30
efriedBut there's that as well as the ineligibility thing.19:30
edmondswyeah... I think we'll have to let the deadline expire and figure things out19:31
efriedpath of least resistance might be to wait for the noms to close and talk it out with the election officials when they approach you.19:31
efriedbut this has hit the ML in various forms over the past few days19:31
efriedso it might be polite to at least ack on the ML and let them know what's going on.19:32
edmondswI looked for it last week and didn't see anything. I thought there would be more notice than a couple days but I guess not19:32
efriedThat's the most recent one, but there have been two prior reminders enumerating the missing noms.19:33
efriededmondsw: fyi http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-March/003505.html19:55
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