Tuesday, 2019-02-19

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catmandohello chaps13:51
catmandohope everyone is having a good week13:51
catmandoi spoke to someone a while back about the possibility of adding multiple virtual FC cards to an lapr13:52
catmandoto allow us to use more than 32/64 LUNs / partition13:53
catmandodoes anyone have an idea if this ever took off?13:53
efriededmondsw: ^14:54
edmondswcatmando did you file an RFE for that?15:10
edmondswI assume you're talking about PowerVC here, and that's really the way you'll need to pursue a request like that15:10
catmandoedmondsw: i shall do so, it was just that someone mentioned that here15:25
catmandoedmondsw:  13011815:40
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