Monday, 2019-02-04

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efriededmondsw: <== I'm not up on why this enum exists, but should PowerVM be in there?14:43
efriedI think it has something to do with getting diagnostics, but you only care to be in the enum if your driver implements the method that gets the diagnostics. Or something.14:43
efrieddoesn't look like PowerVM implements get_instance_diagnostics, so that's probably why we^wyou don't care.14:45
edmondswefried thanks, yeah, I don't see get_instance_diagnostics either IT or OOT for powervm18:20
edmondswI'll throw something on the TODO etherpad to investigate18:20
edmondswyeah, "implement get_instance_diagnostics" is actually already on there:
edmondswbut we should make sure we look at that enum when we get to that18:35
efriedapparently you need it, or you won't get to have the right value in your diagnostic... output... object... thingy.18:54
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