Tuesday, 2019-01-08

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edmondsw#startmeeting PowerVM Driver Meeting15:04
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edmondswmujahidali I think it's probably just me and you today15:05
edmondswI don't think there's much to go through from the agenda until we get to CI, so I'm going to jump there15:06
edmondsw#topic PowerVM CI15:06
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edmondswhow's it going?15:06
mujahidaliI redeployed the CI after netwrok issues15:06
mujahidaliin-tree jobs are going well but we are having problem with OOT15:07
mujahidaliMishi pointed that it https://review.openstack.org/#/c/625013/ might be the change responsible.15:08
mujahidaliI tried building the conflunet-kafka manually on ppc but no luck15:09
mujahidaliedmondsw: Do you have anythinkg in mind to resolve this issue?15:11
edmondswdid you or he open a bugzilla for that?15:11
edmondswthat was what I'd suggested in slack the other day15:11
mujahidalipinged you the link on slack.15:12
edmondswthat's not bugzilla, that's a PowerKVM CI issue15:12
edmondswI pinged you on slack with the a pointer to that part of the conversation15:14
edmondswit sounded like mmedvede was going to open it, so check with him15:14
mujahidaliI need your help to open that on bugzilla.15:14
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edmondswmmedvede also said that he was able to build the binary on a centos system, so you may be able to get that from him and use that in our CI for the time being15:18
edmondswuntil we get it in pypi via the bugzilla15:18
mujahidaliI will contact him for further progress on this issue.15:19
edmondswanything else to discuss for CI?15:20
mujahidalinothing from me.15:20
edmondsw#topic Open Discussion15:20
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edmondswefried is switching companies15:21
edmondswhe will still be working on OpenStack, but not so much on powervm15:21
mujahidaliDo we have any replacement ??15:22
edmondswthat's still being worked15:22
edmondswfor the time being, he's should still be around on IRC if we need to ask him something, and he may help us with a review here and there, but...15:23
mujahidalithat's cool :)15:23
edmondswI think that's all I have for today15:23
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