Thursday, 2018-11-29

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efriededmondsw (and mujahidali): FYI, mmedvede has redeployed ci-watch to here: since the maintainer of the old one (ci-watch.tintri.c19:13
mmedvedeefried: also fyi, I found out today that the service on may not come back, as they did file for bankruptcy awhile back :( The service going down may be related to that.19:17
efriedmmedvede: ack, good to know. Are you going to keep yours up indefinitely, or are you looking to find another home for it?19:17
mmedvedeefried: for now it is low maintenance and I can run at at least for a year. Ideally I want to find a better home. It is a bit rough on the edges to run / deploy, so would require some extra work to deploy properly19:20
efriedokay19:20 would be cool though :)19:21 would be even better19:22
mmedvedecan't argue with that, it has been long since previous attempt to get it there19:29
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