Friday, 2018-10-26

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edmondswfried_rolls I've proposed a pypowervm change for that py37 bug... see 676216:36
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efriededmondsw: Do you perchance still have a link to our conversation about that?19:08
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edmondswefried slack, Aug 819:15
edmondswfried_rice ^19:16
edmondswI'm in a mtg so slow to respond19:16
edmondswhonestly, I didn't go back and reread that before doing this, so not a bad idea to do that19:16
fried_riceedmondsw: Looks like on Aug 8 we agreed to change the ==1 to <=1 and add a TODO to look for a better way to test. But I do seem to recall we subsequently went back to "rip the f'ing thing out". Regardless, I'm fine with the latter.19:23
fried_ricenyaknyak, does mock_elshutdown have a sombrero?19:24
edmondsw(which is not good when I'm not muted19:26
edmondswI think what I've proposed is better than just ripping it out19:26
fried_riceedmondsw: +2 but comments. I leave it to your conscience whether you want to respin :P20:07
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