Monday, 2018-08-13

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antxonhi all!15:09
antxoni am checking openstack&powerVM integration and have some questions15:09
antxonfound this in openstack website:
antxoni would like to know the powervm support level in different openstack releases15:10
efriededmondsw: heads up ^15:11
antxonis there anyone who could help me? :)15:11
efriedantxon: Are you aware of the nova-powervm project?15:11
antxonhi efried, yes, found to many references, and read about it15:12
efriedWe have had pretty complete support for PowerVM via nova-powervm, which is an out-of-tree compute driver for nova.15:12
edmondswhi antxon15:12
edmondswglad to help... did you have any specific questions?15:12
efriedSo if you install nova-powervm on top of your nova deployment, you can get most of the VM operations you would expect (spawn/destroy, live migration, snapshot, etc.)15:12
antxonmy question is related to the openstack supported versions for powervm15:13
edmondswhow far back are you looking to go?15:13
antxonmy goal is integrating such environment with an in-house cloud broker, but we only support openstack kilo15:13
edmondswlet me get you the kilo docs...15:13
antxonwe are updating our openstack support to pike15:13
edmondswand the pike docs :)15:14
antxonbut I haven't found any specific documentation about the powerVM driver requirements15:14
antxonnice! is there anything similar for kilo?15:15
edmondswkilo is EOL now, and we currently have an issue where the docs aren't building for EOL branches, so unfortunately I can't point you to the kilo docs at the moment15:15
antxonour stable branch is integrated with kilom which was deprecated long ago15:15
edmondswIf I can get that fixed I will ping you15:16
edmondswyou can see the source that is used to generate the docs on github if you want to look there15:16
antxonsure! let me know the repo15:16
edmondswefried I thought we started in kilo, but I'm not seeing a kilo branch on github... did we start with liberty?15:17
antxonearliest reference on the web mentioned liberty15:18
antxoni checked the branches and tags in the powervm driver reports, but no explicit mention to kilo15:18
edmondswyeah, that's what I'm seeing as well15:18
edmondswyou said you're moving to pike... is that going to happen soon?15:19
antxonalthough the timelines would match with kilo15:19
antxonin some weeks, we will move to pike, yes, although we haven't tested it too much15:19
antxonkilo integration as already been tested, and although updated, it would be enough for our tests if the powerVM driver works with it15:20
edmondswkilo was a bit before my time... let me try to catch the guy who was running things then and get back to you15:20
edmondswantxon are you already familiar with / using NovaLink?15:22
antxonI read about it, but haven't get enough time to go in deep15:23
antxonas far as i saw, is a middleware for PowerVM VIOS management15:23
edmondswsort of...15:23
antxoni assume this is the interface used by the powerVM nova components15:24
edmondswIn traditional PowerVM, the HMC is responsible for virtualization management (e.g. creating an LPAR)15:24
efriededmondsw: Looking at our oldest patches, they're in liberty, not kilo.15:24
antxonyep, i was familiar with powerVM HMC some years ago15:25
edmondswwith NovaLink, the HMC would still be useful for other things like energy management, firmware updates, call home, etc... but the NovaLink would take over virtualization management responsibilities15:25
edmondswso if you want to create an LPAR, trigger an LPM, etc. you talk to NovaLink instead of HMC15:26
edmondswlike VIOS, NovaLink runs as a special virtual machine on the host15:26
edmondswthere are a bunch of advantages to this15:26
antxonefried: that was my suspicion looking at the repos, but not being familiar with openstack developmnet, i came here to ask15:26
edmondswmore scalability, RMC is secure, etc.15:27
edmondswthe PowerVM OpenStack drivers require NovaLink15:27
edmondswNovaLink also gives some flexibility in regard to how you want to do your networking15:28
edmondswyou can use VIOS, or you can let the NovaLink partition handle the I/O for you by configuring Open vSwitch15:28
edmondswif you use Open vSwitch (OVS) you can do fancy software-defined networking (SDN) things15:29
edmondswbut you lose I/O redundancy, so it's more like x86 in that way15:29
edmondswif you want to stick with VIOS and use Shared Ethernet Adapters for networking, then in addition to nova-powervm you'll also need networking-powervm15:30
edmondswthat's not needed if you want to use OVS15:30
edmondswoh, networking-powervm also supports SR-IOV vNIC15:31
edmondswthere is one other OpenStack project where we add some PowerVM support... ceilometer-powervm15:31
antxonyep, the instrumentation component15:32
edmondswyep, metrics15:32
edmondswthat's the 10,000 foot view15:32
antxoni got all the components from this page:
edmondswreplace "stable-pike" with "latest" for the latest docs, or "stable-queens", etc. for other releases. If it's an EOL release, it will be something like "liberty-eol" when we get those working15:33
antxongetting basic VM management from our broker through openstack is our goal15:33
antxonso, we need to deploy a powervm compatible version first15:33
edmondswantxon OpenStack doesn't use the wiki much any more, so that's probably a little stale, but it'll give you some ideas15:33
antxonwe deployed a functional kilo with devstack long ago, and can deploy a pike version easily with devstack15:34
edmondswantxon are you building OpenStack yourself, or are you using a distro like RedHat OSP?15:34
antxonwe built it with devstack in ubuntu some years ago15:34
edmondswI hope you're not going to use devstack in production :)15:34
antxonand did the same for pike integration15:35
antxonno, it is only for integration purposes15:35
edmondswdevstack is great for testing, but I wouldn't use it beyond that15:35
edmondswok good15:35
edmondswwe've got some devstack scripts in github. They could use some work, but should give you an idea15:36
antxonif used for real, we would most likely go with OSP15:36
antxonyep, i saw the pike branch in the repo15:37
antxonso, i guess Kilo is out of the equation and I should go for Pike for sure15:38
antxona final question15:38
antxonedmondsw: you mention the openstack wiki is not being used much any more15:39
edmondswyep, most information is in or on readthedocs15:40
antxonis this only for the openstack-powervm integration only?15:40
antxonor is openstack using it as weel?15:40
edmondswno, I meant for OpenStack in general15:40
antxonthanks for your answer and time, guys!15:41
antxoni am not familiar with openstack itself, and was kind of lost trying to answer these questions15:41
edmondswantxon let us know how it goes and if you have any more questions15:41
edmondswand we're an open community... once you get the hang of things, if you see anything you want to fix yourself, we always welcome contributions!15:42
edmondswwe can guide you a bit there15:42
edmondswnot saying you'll have to fix things yourself to get something fixed... but it's nice having the option :)15:43
antxoni will take that into account. But first I have to get that Pike environment functional and working before going further :)15:44
edmondswpike is going to be a better starting point than kilo anyway... newer, more function, not end-of-life, etc.15:50
edmondswantxon mind if I ask who you're working for?15:50
edmondswand if you have any intention of traveling to the OpenStack Summit or PTG, and want to get together there, let me know15:50
edmondswI did confirm that Liberty was our first release... We started dev during kilo, but it wasn't ready to be used yet until liberty15:51
antxonyes, we are aware of the issues of going on with Kilo, hence the move to pike15:53
antxoni am working in devops team for Abiquo, edmondsw15:55
antxonthe integration is a poc for using powervm through our product for one of our customers15:55
antxonwe integrated with openstack around 2 years ago, with kilo15:56
antxonour customer want to test whether abiquo could use a powerVM backed openstack to deploy workloads there15:57
antxonour engineering team integrated with neutron around the same time when they developed SDN capabilities inside the product15:59
antxonbut, given the pace of development, the integration stalled at kilo15:59
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-powervm stable/rocky: Update .gitreview for stable/rocky
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm stable/rocky: Update .gitreview for stable/rocky
openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/nova-powervm stable/rocky: Use nova's stable/rocky branch
openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/networking-powervm stable/rocky: Use neutron's stable/rocky branch
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openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/networking-powervm stable/rocky: Use neutron's stable/rocky branch
openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/ceilometer-powervm stable/rocky: Use ceilometer's stable/rocky branch
edmondswefried I think we should merge those (^) before enabling CI on stable/rocky20:52
edmondswprobably fast-approve if they look good to you20:52
edmondswzuul passed20:52
efriededmondsw: done and done21:01
edmondswty sir21:01
edmondswefried missed the nova-powervm one?21:01
efriedlink please21:01
efriedMy puter crashed so I lost some history.21:01
edmondswscuses... ;)21:02
efriedI thought we got the nova-powervm one for free cause we're under governance.21:02
efriedor something.21:02
efriedoh, wait. I thought we got *all* of them for free because under governance.21:02
edmondswwe get .gitreview and upper-constraints changes for free21:02
edmondswwe don't get these, since they're custom21:02
edmondswI merged the .gitreview changes earlier this afternoon21:03
edmondswthe upper-constraints changes can't merge until openstack/requirements cuts a stable/rocky branch, which they still haven't done yet21:03
edmondswthey are always a bit behind21:03
efriedAre you trackyng the py3-first email thread?21:06
efriedsubject: [openstack-dev] [goal][python3] week 1 update: here we go!21:06
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer-powervm stable/rocky: Use ceilometer's stable/rocky branch
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-powervm stable/rocky: Use neutron's stable/rocky branch
edmondswefried yep21:13
efriedgood; I imagine it could inform some of the work we're doing in that direction.21:14
edmondswor trying to anyway21:14
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm stable/rocky: Use nova's stable/rocky branch

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