Friday, 2018-08-03

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openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Add support to extend rbd cinder volumes
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Use the new loop backstore type for fileio
fried_riceedmondsw_: sounds like ianw might be a guy to ask about moving from rtd to docs.o.o...14:02
edmondsw_fried_rice ack14:06
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fried_riceedmondsw: See ?15:38
fried_riceremind me, in our overarching work item to move to py3, have we gotten specific about minor version?15:38
edmondswfried_rice yeah, I saw that bug come in... gonna try to look this afternoon15:39
edmondswwe have not gotten specific about minor versions15:39
edmondswzigo is trying to get OpenStack working for 3.7, which I assume is behind this defect15:39
edmondswthere have been some ML posts about that15:40
fried_riceI may need to bite the bullet and upgrade my laptop OS. I can't get 3.7 from the standard repositories.15:40
edmondswfried_rice I do all my dev in an Ubuntu VM15:40
edmondswit's 16.04, though... one of my todos is to see if I can get 3.7 there or will need 18.0415:40
fried_riceI run ubuntu on my laptop, but I'm still on trusty.15:41
fried_riceI'm sure there's a way for me to run a VM at a higher release...15:41
fried_ricewonder if that's a better or worse idea than trying to go through the pain of upgrading.15:42
fried_riceIs 18.04 the latest LTS?15:42
fried_riceIt scares me to think about upgrading, which is why I haven't done it.15:43
edmondswremember I'm just using vim for editing, though... I haven't tried to do anything graphical like PyCharm in a VM, which could be more cpu/mem intensive15:44
fried_riceCan the host system see the VM's file systems?15:44
fried_rice...easily, as normal directories15:44
edmondswnot the way I am doing things, but there may be a way to do that, I don't know15:44
fried_riceI'm talking ubuntu host running kvm, I guess.15:45
fried_ricepoint being that I could use my IDE from the host to edit the repositories in the guest.15:45
edmondswright... I don't know15:45
edmondswI'm not using kvm15:45
fried_riceBut yeah, in my limited experience with VMs, I've found the perf degradation unacceptable.15:45
fried_riceSo I should probably just try to upgrade.15:45
fried_riceSee you in two weeks.15:45
edmondswI've been happy with non-graphical VM perf15:46
fried_ricegraphical is a big deal for me and my dev work.15:46
edmondswhow often does that require py 3.7 though?15:47
fried_ricethat remains to be seen, I suppose, dunnit?15:47
edmondswI would think it's only really needed if you want to run tox to try something15:47
edmondswnot for editing15:47
fried_riceIf I just need to do something one-off like this, I can use my victim and edit with vi.15:48
fried_riceBut if py37 becomes a Thing, I'll need a more permanent solution.15:48
fried_riceshit, my xenial repositories on my victim don't go past 3.5.15:49
fried_riceGuess I can upgrade my victim to 18.0415:49
edmondswfried_rice maybe check out
fried_ricefollowing to install 3.7 on my victim.15:54
fried_ricesnot gonna work for my laptop, though, I don't think.15:54
fried_riceyeah, the problem isn't switching python versions once they're installed - it's installing them in the foist place.15:55
edmondswfried_rice I thought you could do that with pyenv... second answer here:
edmondswbut yeah, your link might be easier16:01
fried_riceedmondsw: I'm pretty close to having a repro on p8-100-neo.pok at ~/pypowervm16:02
fried_ricerunning tox with 3.7 now16:02
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The infra team is renaming projects in Gerrit. There will be a short ~10 minute Gerrit downtime in a few minutes as a result.16:03
fried_riceedmondsw: Done. cd ~/pypowervm; tox -e py37  <== same three failures from the bug report. I'm going to be out for a couple hours, in case you want to use this env to debug.16:06
edmondswfried_rice ack16:06
fried_riceinterestingly, running pep8-py37 also had the same failures. Which is weird, cause it shouldn't have been running testr at all.16:07
fried_riceWe're doing that as part of our [testenv], but I thought a local `commands` overrides that.16:08
edmondswhmm... sounds like will need to look at that as well16:09
fried_riceedmondsw: disregard, my mistake.16:13
fried_ricetox is smarter than me.16:13
fried_riceedmondsw: pep8-py37 succeeds.16:14
edmondswfried_rice I wonder if this is related:
fried_riceI'm sure there's stackoverflow chatter about how to port.16:16
edmondswyeah, I'm reading... will figure this out16:17
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edmondswfried_rolls one down... looking at the other 2 now17:00
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Project renames and downtime are complete without any major issue.17:29
edmondswfried_rolls I am not finding anything that explains the other 2. Can you take a look when you get back?18:08
edmondswthere's a pypowervm commit up for review for the PEP 479 issue.18:08
fried_rollsedmondsw: ack19:18
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fried_riceedmondsw: I'm curious: can we add py37 support for zuul right now?19:26
fried_ricenot zuul, I guess - jenkins.19:26
edmondswdon't see why not19:28
fried_ricedoes jenkins just run tox, or does it do something special?19:42
fried_riceIf the former, we can effect the change just by editing our tox.ini.19:42
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edmondswfried_rice I think we just edit our tox.ini20:56
fried_riceYeah, I was wondering if it was that simple.20:56
edmondsweasy enough to try :)20:56
edmondswyou gonna throw that up?20:56
fried_riceIn which case, the edits I had made in that sandbox would be sufficient.20:56
fried_riceI think I may need to re-vpn20:56
fried_ricenot getting to morpheus or that neo.20:57
edmondswexcept that I don't think we want to remove py35... just add py37, not replace20:57
fried_riceright - and do we want to throw 36 in there too, or just skip it?20:57
edmondswfried_rice yeah, I think the pok lab is having power issues with a storm rolling through again20:57
fried_riceoh, okay, that would explain why both are dead.20:57
edmondswI don't know that we want to test every minor version... would be too resource intensive20:58
edmondswthat may actually be a reason not to add py37 yet... wait and follow the lead of other projects20:58
fried_riceI'm going to throw up the py37 add to see if it works at all in jenkins (possible our jenkins server needs to install 37 - that it's not already there)20:58
edmondswoh, that's a good point... I bet wherever this gets run doesn't have py37 installed20:59
fried_ricesuspect hsien will have to install it.20:59
fried_ricebleh, I can't even git pull20:59
edmondswI don't think it's that simple... I believe zuul runs on a community setup outside our control20:59
fried_ricezuul does, yes, but we're not talking about nova-powervm20:59
edmondswoh, pypowervm, right21:00
fried_ricewe're talking about pypowervm, which is validated through morpheus, which hsien has control over.21:00
fried_ricedo we have a patch up yet to switch pypowervm to stestr?21:00
fried_ricewe should do that.21:00
fried_ricecourse now that we have five things we want to do to pypowervm, pok is down.21:01
edmondswone of those lower priority things21:01
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