Tuesday, 2018-07-31

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edmondsw#startmeeting PowerVM Driver Meeting14:00
edmondsw#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm_driver_meeting_agenda14:00
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edmondswping efried gman-tx mdrabe mujahidali chhagarw14:00
edmondsw#topic In-tree Driver14:01
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edmondsw#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm-in-tree-todos14:01
edmondswI don't think there's anything new here14:01
edmondswunless someone else has something to discuss in-tree...14:02
edmondsw#topic Out-of-Tree Driver14:02
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edmondsw#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm-oot-todos14:02
edmondswwe created the milestone 3 branches last Thursday14:02
edmondswmdrabe what's the latest on your MSP changes?14:03
mdrabeedmondsw: Just waiting on an environment14:03
mdrabeto test it out14:03
edmondswright... I have two systems with NovaLink greenfield installed now, but have not stacked them14:03
mdrabeCool, if I could just sneak on there to test when they do get stacked that'd be awesome14:04
edmondswI'm struggling with a bad muscle pull and muscle relaxants are knocking me out, so I'm not sure I'll be able to do much on that today14:05
edmondswI'll see what I can do14:05
edmondswefried do you think there's much/any chance of the nova side of that being allowed to merge in Rocky?14:06
efriedYou mean the migration object change?14:06
efriedI dunno. If we declare it ready soon, it could happen, I guess.14:08
efriedDepends who we ask, maybe.14:08
edmondswI guess we'll see14:08
efriedSome cores are anti-strict-release-schedule-process types.14:08
efriedSo let me know when you want to do that and I'll see if I can get it snuck in.14:08
efriedIf not, is it something we can carry in pvc?14:08
edmondswmdrabe ^14:08
edmondswyes, it's going to be carried in pvc anyway for queens14:09
efriedsright, pvc isn't going to use rocky at all, eh?14:09
edmondswnot with their current plan14:09
efriedSo then why do we care? Mebbe save that favor for something more important :)14:09
edmondswyeah, I don't want to burn favors here14:10
edmondsw#topic Device Passthrough14:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Device Passthrough (Meeting topic: PowerVM Driver Meeting)"14:10
edmondswefried ^14:10
efriedReshaper work has been officially deferred to Stein. I may have mentioned that last time.14:11
efriedThe aforementioned anti-strict-release-cycle-process folk have expressed an interest in getting it at least reviewed if not merged anyway. We'll see how that goes.14:11
efriedWe (still) don't rely on the reshaper.14:11
efriedClient side scheduler work for supporting nrp etc is in progress, but is unlikely to merge until Stein because we're past FF.14:12
efriedHowever, I believe we'll actually wind up doing that, because some key libvirt features (vGPUs and NUMA) rely on it.14:12
edmondswyou mean, you think it will merge in Rocky?14:13
efriedI mean it'll actually merge in Stein, as opposed to getting pushed out indefinitely like things can do if there's not something driving them.14:13
efriedSo for my part, I'm going to be finishing up the reshaper series today and moving forward until it's done. I'm on the last patch, working tests.14:14
efriedAnd then I'll get back to the nova-powervm work for passthrough.14:14
edmondsw#topic PowerVM CI14:14
*** openstack changes topic to "PowerVM CI (Meeting topic: PowerVM Driver Meeting)"14:14
edmondsw#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm_ci_todos14:14
edmondsw@mujahidali ^14:15
edmondswlooks like the CI is still not passing anything14:15
edmondswwe're having issues with vif plug14:16
edmondswtiming out14:16
mujahidaliI tried stacking by putting the vif_timeout on DEFAULT section but also didn't helped.14:17
edmondswok thanks14:17
edmondswI've got it reproduced with a manual run so we can get others looking at it. Sridhar is looking right now14:17
edmondswneed to get this fixed... been broken way too long14:18
edmondswmujahidali I assume no progress on other CI work while you've focused on this, correct?14:18
mujahidalionly zuul-merger got +2 from :esberglu.14:19
edmondswgreat, so you can go ahead and merge that14:20
edmondsw#topic Open Discussion14:20
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esberglumujahidali: The new zuul mergers are working? I checked the logs of 1 and it seemed okay, but didn't look at any others14:20
esbergluCan I delete my instances?14:20
mujahidaliI think you can delete yours.14:22
edmondswif we're done with CI now, I just wanted to note that I put in a nomination to serve as PTL again for Stein: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/585483/14:23
edmondswand that's all I had for this meeting. Anyone else?14:23
efriedI didn't see that review14:24
efriedlooking now - but in future perhaps you could add *-powervm-core to it?14:24
efriedNot like I was gonna run against you or anything :)14:25
edmondswit's just a nomination... you can nominate yourself with a separate commit :)14:25
edmondswif there is more than one nomination, there'll be a vote14:25
efriedYeah, I understand. Just saying I would have liked to have read this when it came out, instead of after it's merged.14:26
edmondsw:) ok14:26
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