Monday, 2018-06-25

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efriededmondsw: Do we have interest in migrating our bug trackage from LP to storyboard for the *-powervm projects?16:24
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edmondswefried I think we'll have to eventually, right?16:48
edmondswbut I'm not sure it's a priority right now16:48
efriededmondsw: Not really, no.  It doesn't look like Nova is seriously considering it at all.16:48
edmondswI wouldn't do it until nova does. But I think they will have to eventually16:49
efriededmondsw: There was a forum session where Kendall talked about them trying a test migration of the neutron project.16:49
efriedIt ran for a week without completing before they killed it.16:49
efriedSo until they solve that scaling issue, I don't think we stand a chance of even considering it for nova.16:49
edmondswI'm not a fan of storyboard, so in no hurry to move to it myself16:50
efriedBut I agree, we should probably parallel nova.16:50
efriedYeah, it's still pretty raw & buggy.16:50
edmondswbut I believe they're trying to move off of launchpad for licensing reasons16:50
efriedThought I should bring it up.16:50
efriedNo, it's not licensing afaik.16:50
edmondswefried "Blocker for being able to drop the ICLA in favor of a lightweight DCO, which has been regularly identified as a need for improving contributor onboarding and encouraging involvement from casual contributors/users/operators"16:50
efriedhm, okay.16:51
efriedAnyway, we're a ways off from it being practical16:51
efriedCertainly far from the TC/foundation/whoever being able to mandate it.16:51
efriedAnd I don't see Nova moving until that happens.16:51
efriedmaybe not even then :)16:52
efriedBut I bring this up because I was looking through the contributor startup guides to pick out things to get TechM started.16:52
efriedAnd strongly suggests storyboard-first.16:52
efriedSo when we educate them, we'll need to make sure they understand we're the exception there, and LP is still going to be our go-to.16:53
edmondswsounds good16:53
efriededmondsw: We have a meeting on that tomorrow morning, yes?  Do you have materials prepared or were you just gonna wing it?16:57
edmondswhaven't had much of a chance to stop and think about it yet16:58
edmondswI want to give them some links they can dig into, like the contributor guide16:59
edmondswand talk to some of that, as you were obviously also thinking16:59
edmondswdevstack setup will be another16:59
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Vedanu@efried,  Hello17:32
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efriedVedanu: Hi there!18:10
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efriedVedanu: Next step: sign up for a foundation membership, an UbuntuOne account, and Launchpad:
efried(Note that our projects don't use StoryBoard, but some of the infrastructure ones do, so you may as well get set up there as well - but you'll primarily be dealing with Launchpad for bug tracking)18:47
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efriedesberglu: Is still working its way through our CI or did it not get picked up?21:24
edmondswefried threw together some slides for tomorrow, check your inbox21:52
efriedack, thx21:53
edmondswI've gotta run, will try to check back later21:57
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esbergluefried: I think CI is failing everything right now. Looks like it might be a new tempest test that isn't passing22:04
esbergluI'll fill in mujahid tomorrow about it22:05
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