Tuesday, 2018-06-12

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openstackgerritXiaojueGuan proposed openstack/ceilometer-powervm master: Update links in README  https://review.openstack.org/57465808:53
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chhagarwefried,edmondsw: have a question on vSCSI pre_live_migration,13:35
chhagarwin the case of vscsi pre_live_migration we do volume discovery, after the volume discovery we do not update connection_info with the new udid value.13:36
chhagarwsince the udid is now changed for the destination vios, so it needs to be updated for further detach operations.13:36
edmondswwhy did the udid change?13:37
edmondswI thought the udid came from the storage backend, and the volume is just being moved from one host to another rather than copied, so it would not change13:37
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edmondswgman-tx shouldn't volume udid be the same on both source and destination hosts in a migration? Because that comes from the storage backend, right?13:40
gman-txedmondsw on a linux vios this will be code page 83. On a traditional vios this is either code page 83 or the vios device unique id. The vios device unique id is partially based on code page 83. These will be the same on all VIOs. You can tell which one it is just by looking at the value.13:51
edmondswgman-tx so udid should be the same on both host and destination?13:52
gman-txwhat is the actual value that we seeing?13:52
edmondswor it may change if one side of the migration was using traditional VIOS and the other side linux vios?13:53
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gman-txthey won't be the same unless its code page 83.13:54
gman-txif we are seeing today that they are different then likely on the traditional vios udid is the vios device unique id13:55
gman-txWhen are we seeing they are different?13:55
edmondswchhagarw ?13:56
gman-txcan you post the value?13:56
edmondsw#startmeeting PowerVM Driver Meeting14:00
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edmondswping efried esberglu gman-tx mdrabe mujahidali chhagarw14:00
edmondswI'm on a call, I know gman-tx is in another meeting, mujahidali is on vacation... so I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet today14:01
edmondswrather than walk through the normal agenda, we'll just hit a few highlights and talk about anything someone wants to bring up14:02
edmondswI tagged Rocky-2 for the *-powervm projects last week14:02
edmondswwe have a few commits proposed by tjakobs that we're trying to either a) make sure corresponding changes are released in NovaLink or b) get tested14:03
edmondsw(for OOT driver)14:03
edmondswI think we've figured out the issues that mujahidali was hitting with porting the vSCSI CI work to stable branches, so that should merge quickly when he's back14:03
edmondswI think that's it for me...14:04
edmondswanyone want to add anything?14:04
edmondswesberglu whenever you want to be taken off the ping list for this meeting, just update the agenda accordingly14:05
esbergluedmondsw: Nothing from me. I put some notes together for what's left for multinode CI, I might have a little time to poke some more before mujahid gets back14:05
efriedbp reshape-provider-tree is getting close to spec approval.14:06
efriednrp-in-alloc-cands and consumer gen are getting merged relatively quickly now.14:06
efriedthat's all from me.14:06
edmondswtx guys14:06
edmondswsounds like that's it for today14:07
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openstackgerritTaylor Jakobson proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Add support to extend rbd cinder volumes  https://review.openstack.org/56943015:42
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chhagarwedmondsw: Just to update on the iSCSI powervm chnges there are couple of changes which I am working on16:04
chhagarw1. Cleanup stale disks for iSCSI during discovery16:04
chhagarw2. nova-powervm changes where volumes get left behind on detach after migration16:05
edmondswchhagarw thanks16:13
edmondswchhagarw please see the questions that were asked above16:13
edmondswin relation to #216:14
chhagarwyeah we had a discussion in the scrum, so in sync16:14
edmondswI wasn't in your scrum, though :)16:14
gman-txcan you fill everyone in here?16:17
gman-txa summary that is16:18
chhagarwgman-tx: sure16:25
chhagarwDuring deploy the BDM connection_info is updated with 'target_UDID' during iSCSI volume discovery in nova-powervm16:27
chhagarwthe above code stores that information, which is further saved in the BDM, this information is needed to identify the hdisk during detach.16:29
chhagarwDuring live_migration, since connection_info is refreshed for the destination host, this property is lost.16:30
chhagarwand we no longer have target_UDID property to do the detach after migration.16:30
chhagarwSince we do not update the BDM connection_info during pre_live_migration16:31
chhagarwThat causes the detach failures after VM is migrated.16:32
chhagarwThere are 2 possible ways to solve this16:32
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chhagarw1. vSCSI way which I don't like much: In the case of vSCSI we re-discover the volume on the host again if the UDID is missing, So if you consider if the volume is migrated, than on every detach we re-discover the volume.16:34
chhagarwWhere we are sure, that in the case of migration it will be always missing.16:34
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chhagarw2. Another option is to update the BDM connection_info after pre_live_migration_at_destination, this is the place where we discover the volumes and obtain the UDID information, so update connection_info and save BDM as a part of pre_live_migration.16:36
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer-powervm master: Update links in README  https://review.openstack.org/57465816:54
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