Friday, 2018-05-18

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esbergluefried: edmondsw: 6572 when you have a minute14:18
openstackgerritTaylor Jakobson proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Add support to extend rbd cinder volumes
esbergluefried: edmondsw: ??14:37
edmondswesberglu was that lock only necessary when we had image caching?15:09
edmondswI really wish we'd just included caching to begin with...15:10
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah looks like it
efriedesberglu: Right, if you look at the oot code, it's so we can access the cache.15:12
efriedSo we don't need it here.15:12
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edmondswesberglu comments on localdisk15:41
edmondswthink you mistunderstood
edmondswesberglu are you working on updating or should I take a swing at that?15:44
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esbergluedmondsw: Fixed up localdisk16:40
esbergluedmondsw: I haven't touched it16:40
edmondswesberglu k I'm working on the docs16:40
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edmondswfried_rice esberglu before I push this up, tell me if I've done this right...18:47
edmondswI want to base a commit I'm writing on esberglu's localdisk commit18:47
edmondswso I pulled that down with `git-review -d 549300`18:47
edmondswthen I checked out the branch where I have my commit18:47
edmondswand I am about to do `git rebase review/eric_berglund/bp/powervm-localdisk`18:48
edmondswif I do that, and then git-review, is it going to create a new ps for localdisk, or only for my new commit?18:48
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edmondswha, I missed that esberglu just dropped before I started...18:49
edmondswslacked it to him18:50
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah that should be right18:51
esbergluBefore submitting for review run18:52
esberglugit review -n18:52
esbergluIt will ask you something like "are you sure you want to submit multiple"18:52
esbergluAs long as the id next to the localdisk is the current localdisk commit id you're fine18:53
esbergluIf it isn't the same, it will submit a new one18:53
esbergluedmondsw: You can also use "git rebase --onto <commit id>" instead of specifying the branch18:54
edmondswwow, this rebase is messed up18:55
edmondswhaving trouble with a file neither of us touched18:55
edmondswmaybe I'll just stash my change and do it on your branch18:56
edmondswyeah, that worked19:06
edmondswesberglu the bit about checking the commit id was what I didn't know19:06
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edmondswfried_rice esberglu
edmondswin-tree doc updates ^19:53
edmondswif you want to see how they render, toggle CI and click build-openstack-sphinx-docs under zuul19:54
edmondswthe only difference from ps1 is a spelling correction19:54
fried_riceedmondsw: reviewed21:25
fried_ricehate to be the guy to -1 after a mriedem +221:25
fried_riceOkay, that's a lie.  Love that.21:25
fried_ricesweet, sweet revenge.21:25
fried_riceturnabout is fair play21:25
fried_riceand all that.21:25
fried_ricecourse the patch owner is the one who suffers21:26
edmondswfried_rice you nitpicky...21:46
edmondswI don't think I agree with any of those...21:46
fried_riceedmondsw: I thought the one about adding the section name was totally legit.21:47
edmondswit's not done elsewhere21:47
edmondswit's the Default section21:47
edmondswI'll see if I can find somewhere else doing it21:47
edmondswfried_rice I can't find anywhere else doing it, but I kinda think it is a good idea, so sure21:53
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edmondswand I can use a note for that last comment21:53
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