Friday, 2018-04-27

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esberglufried_rice: CI is going down for queens upgrade13:41
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edmondswesberglu I caught up on eavesdrop. So what are the 3 scenario tests that you think we can get working?16:11
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esberglutest_server_basic_ops (spawn, validate ssh, validate config driver)16:13
esberglutest_aggregate_basic_ops (tests aggregates)16:13
esberglutest_snapshot_pattern (spawn, snapshot, spawn from snapshot)16:13
esbergluThat last would only be OOT until snapshot is IT of course16:13
esbergluEverything else requires stuff we don't support16:13
esbergluedmondsw: ^16:14
esbergluThe last is failing right now, but I think it is just taking too long16:14
esbergluJust need to update some timeouts16:14
edmondsware you using the image that thorst recommended?16:14
esbergluedmondsw: Yep16:15
edmondswgoing to do all this in the current CI job, or a new one?16:15
esbergluedmondsw: Not sure yet. I only ran the tests by themselves which takes a lot of time16:15
edmondswhow much are we talking?16:16
esbergluLike 25 minutes. But since we run multiple tests in parallel it might not affect overall run time that much16:16
esbergluIf it only adds 10-15 minutes I'm inclined to add it to the current job16:16
esbergluedmondsw: I also had to change the networks we create for these to work. And I haven't confirmed that the existing tests work with the new nets16:17
edmondswis that what nova does, or do they have a separate job for these?16:17
esbergluedmondsw: Not sure, I'm guessing they do it in their normal job since they can ping faster16:18
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah they run it in their tempest-full job with all the other tests16:19
esbergluedmondsw: In other news I think I may have solved the multinode host thing16:19
esbergluI was told that subnodes are spawned on the same host as the original node. I wasn't sure how to access the subnode from the first16:19
esbergluBut I think that there's a file that nodepool creates with the IP of the subnode16:20
esbergluSo instead of control stack, compute stack, ssh commands back to the control node to run tempest16:20
esbergluit will be16:20
esbergluControl stack, ssh commands to stack compute, run tempest16:20
esbergluI'm redeploying staging to confirm that16:21
edmondswand the undercloud is now using queens?16:22
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esbergluedmondsw: The undercloud is redeploying, but yes it will be by EOD16:32
edmondswesberglu you're killing it, man :)16:32
esbergluedmondsw: tx :)16:34
esbergluedmondsw: Oh one other thing. I looked a little further into the telemetry tempest plugin. It looks like those tests are very specific to the core telemetry services16:47
edmondswok, so wouldn't really make sense for us to run them?16:48
esbergluWe would need to be running aodh_plugin, gnocchi, heat_plugin, and panko16:48
esbergluI'm not super familiar with ceilometer compared to nova, you know anything more about those?16:48
esbergluedmondsw: I still need to do some more investigating before I say that definitively16:48
esbergluBut I don't think this would be testing anything ceilometer-powervm16:49
edmondswceilometer used to handle meters, events, and... I'm blanking on the third16:49
edmondswanyway, each of those were then split out into different projects16:49
edmondswe.g. gnocchi is meters16:49
edmondswceilometer now serves as the framework tying things together16:50
edmondswpanko is events16:51
edmondswI think aodh is alarms? I've never done anything with that one16:51
esbergluedmondsw: I'll do some more exploring later, plenty to keep me busy for now16:52
edmondswno kidding :)16:54
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esbergluedmondsw: fried_rolls: I'm gonna be afk for the next few hours. Slack me if you need anything I'll check back in later to make sure CI is working on queens17:44
edmondswesberglu ack17:44
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