Thursday, 2018-04-26

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esbergluefried: Was able to get one of the scenario tests, test_server_basic_ops, passing in our CI14:17
esbergluStill a bunch more to get working, but this shows that we can at least ping in the scenario tests14:17
efriedesberglu: Wohoo!  Nice work.14:18
efriedDid it take 10min to get the instance pinging?14:18
esbergluNope, 137s for the entire tempest run14:18
esbergluWith just that one test14:18
esbergluSo still a longer running test, but nothing breaking, we should be able to include these in our normal run if the others are true to this14:19
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efriededmondsw: catch up on history when you get the chance.14:20
esbergluedmondsw: I think we will be able to include the scenario jobs in our normal run14:20
esbergluIs what it comes down to14:21
edmondswesberglu cool14:22
esbergluefried: edmondsw: We're ready to go on correct?14:28
efriedesberglu: yes please14:28
efriedesberglu: oh, wait14:29
efriedhave you removed the patch from the test env?14:29
esbergluefried: I will, that change is instant14:29
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efriedwould have been neat to have the bump's results without the patch, but no biggie.14:29
esbergluefried: I tested the change on a manual run so I'm not worried14:30
efriedyeah, like I say, no biggie.14:30
edmondswesberglu eavesdrop finally caught up. Sweet. How many other scenario tests are there?14:34
edmondswand have they pulled us from the runway after yesterday's conversation, or can we get this change in today and get back on track there?14:35
edmondswefried you waiting to +2 ?14:36
edmondswoh nm, you're the author :)14:36
esbergluedmondsw: I can't promise that I will have this fully working today14:36
esbergluIf everything just works for the remaining tests sure, but there might be other roadblocks and tempest is slow14:37
edmondswesberglu do you think it's better to put this in the existing CI job than to create a new job where we can add more scenario tests over time?14:37
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esbergluedmondsw: Depends on what it does to overall runtime14:37
esbergluWe are still in the runway, but with a note that says we should be removed14:37
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Bump pypowervm minimum to 1.1.15
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: We've successfully troubleshooted the issue that prevented from loading and it's now back online, thank you for your patience.15:06
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efriedesberglu: If you get a chance, would you mind replacing our os-loganalyze patch with ?  I'd like to see if Matthieu's ANSI color coding works properly.15:58
efried(on our log server)15:58
esbergluefried: I'll do it when I redeploy with queens15:59
efriedOkay, thanks.15:59
esbergluedmondsw: efried: Sorry to get your hopes up. What I thought were working scenario tests were not16:11
esbergluThe tempest.conf got overwritten, so the run_validation flag got flipped back to false16:12
esbergluAnd my table got flipped when I realized that :)16:12
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efriedesberglu: Do you have your thumb on any docs for setting up and running tempest from zero?16:42
esbergluefried: Not really. You can just run "tempest run" from the tempest dir after stacking17:10
esbergluIt will use the tempest.conf generated by devstack17:10
efriedesberglu: thanks17:11
esbergluYou can go into /opt/stack/tempest/etc/tempest.conf to see that17:11
esbergluI think that tempest run has some options to pass in blacklist/whitelist files17:11
esbergluOtherwise you can run stestr init, stestr run from the top level dir17:11
esbergluAnd I know stestr has options for blacklist/whitelist17:12
esbergluAnd will do the same thing as tempest run17:12
esbergluYou can look at the CI local.conf files for an idea of what tempest settings are being set/overridden and use those blacklists as a starting pooint17:12
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esbergluefried: We're out of the runway queue. melwitt said we will be in the front of the queue if we can get the CI adjusted soon19:09
esbergluI've got instances pinging within the CI env.19:09
esbergluStill working on the actual tempest settings needed, but making progress19:09
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esbergluefried: Okay, got test_server_basic_ops working for real this time20:11
efriedesberglu: Cool.  Did it take 10 minutes?  ;)20:11
esbergluI've looked through all of the scenario tests and almost all of them require things we don't support20:12
esbergluDidn't grab a runtime on that one, but yeah it took quite a while20:13
esbergluI'm down to 3 scenario tests that we can possibly run20:13
esbergluWithout volumes, floating ips, pause and suspend20:13
esberglu2 of them are passing, I'm running the 3rd for the 1st time20:14
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