Thursday, 2018-04-05

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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Having iSCSI Initiator locks per VIOS
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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Having iSCSI Initiator locks per VIOS
openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Having iSCSI Initiator locks per VIOS
edmondswesberglu efried I posted some comments in the localdisk commit15:32
edmondswmight be easier to just do caching in there than to split it out as a follow-on15:32
edmondswI don't think doing caching from the get-go adds many LOC15:33
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edmondswesberglu I also threw a comment in the resize commit that you're not covering localdisk there15:36
edmondswin at least one place15:36
edmondswdoesn't seem like y'all are here atm, so I'm gonna get some lunch and we can talk later15:38
efriededmondsw: ack15:48
efriededmondsw: Not sure what you mean by "adds many LOC".15:51 and its test suite will add a couple hundred.15:53
efriedwhich certainly seems worthwhile leaving out, considering this patch is already 700+15:53
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edmondswefried oh I missed that file :( doesn't add many elsewhere, but I see what you mean16:23
esberglu_^ Since boot from volume isn't working, resize/mig only covers ssp16:24
esberglu_not localdisk16:24
esberglu_edmondsw: ^16:24
edmondswso the extend_disk method in is never actually used OOT?16:25
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esberglu_edmondsw: Does boot from volume works for other volume types? Just not vSCSI?16:26
esberglu_I don't know the answer to that16:26
edmondswI doubt it16:27
edmondswI would have expected it to work for vscsi and npiv if it worked for anything16:27
esberglu_Could be possible that I have cinder misconfigured I guess16:27
edmondswcould be this worked at some point and got broken, or that it was started and not finished16:27
edmondswor that16:27
edmondswat any rate I guess we can do that later if/when we figure out bfv... tx for pointing me to that16:28
esberglu_But until we can confirm that boot from volume works, we shouldn't include localdisk resize16:28
esberglu_And I honestly won't have time to do so16:28
edmondswyep, s'fine16:29
edmondswdidn't plan on you figuring out bfv16:29
edmondswesberglu_ are you planning to do a follow-on for image caching, or will that fall to me/efried?16:31
edmondswI thought the plan was to do it in Rocky even if it was a separate commit16:31
esberglu_edmondsw: Yeah Rocky was the plan initially, but I thought I had until July. Would be great if one of you could pick it up16:33
esberglu_I'm starting to get pressured from the AI folks already16:33
esberglu_edmondsw: I'll throw a todo up for it16:33
esberglu_edmondsw: efried: Either of you have a system I can test localdisk snapshot on?16:37
esberglu_That would just be SDE install right?16:37
efriedMy stack is super old.  And I don't think it's SDE.16:37
esberglu_I can reinstall neo40 in SDE probably, was having install issues last I tried though16:38
edmondswesberglu_ got nothing atm16:39
esberglu_ack. I'll try to get 40 working then16:39
edmondswesberglu_ shouldn't have to have SDE for localdisk, should you?16:41
esberglu_Isn't that what the line I linked above implies?16:41
edmondswoh, right... don't have to have SDE for localdisk, but you do for localdisk snapshot16:42
esberglu_Yeah, localdisk boot has been tested and is working16:42
esberglu_though I need to retest, quite a few changes since I last did that16:43
esberglu_edmondsw: efried: See 6445. Bumps zuul to the latest version16:53
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openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Remove network_attach_strategy option
edmondswI can modify ^ to deprecate if we think that's necessary, but since the option has had no effect since newton I'm not sure that would mean much17:00
esberglu_I don't think deprecation is needed17:01
esberglu_Hmm interesting results now that I have staging CI deployed with ocata again. Still seeing jenkins drop connections to the nodepool instances17:09
esberglu_Meaning it probably isn't related to the queens upgrade at all17:09
esberglu_And is instead environmental17:10
esberglu_Still need to figure out this issue before I feel comfortable deploying production with queens17:11
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edmondswnetwork hotplug merged :)18:47
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