Tuesday, 2018-04-03

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chhagarwedmondsw,efried: have a query on this https://github.com/openstack/nova-powervm/blob/master/nova_powervm/virt/powervm/volume/iscsi.py#L13213:54
efriedwhere's thorst when you need him13:54
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edmondswon the same call I'm stuck on13:55
edmondswchhagarw you probably want to ask tjakobs13:55
chhagarwAs per this line: https://github.com/openstack/nova-powervm/blob/master/nova_powervm/virt/powervm/volume/iscsi.py#L13213:56
edmondswefried I'm gonna need to push the scrum back 30 min or so13:56
chhagarwI think for multipath we need to iterate_all_targets13:57
chhagarwi think this should be if not multipath, just do a single path discovery else iterate_all_targets13:57
tjakobsis this from a live test? or from looking at the code?13:58
chhagarwtjakobs: looking at the code, and with UT13:58
chhagarwI checked the storage live results, cinder returns target_iqns, target_luns for multipath13:59
tjakobsthe REST API has its one implementation of the iterate_all_targets13:59
chhagarwso based on that in the case of multipath we need to iterate_all_tagets13:59
chhagarwREST API ?14:00
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chhagarwcurrent code does not works for multipath, rather in this case multipath gets default to single path.14:01
edmondswesberglu mtg delayed 30 min14:09
esbergluedmondsw: ack14:09
edmondsw#startmeeting PowerVM Driver Meeting14:31
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edmondsw#topic In-Tree Driver14:32
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edmondswefried esberglu ready?14:33
efriedhit it14:33
edmondswso https://review.openstack.org/#/c/547169/ merged14:33
edmondswbut none of the actual function yet14:33
edmondswwe have one +2 on the network hotplug14:33
edmondswand there is a runway queued up to look at that, vscsi, and snapshot14:34
esbergluvSCSI, Snapshot, base DiskAdapter, and Localdisk are all ready for review14:34
esbergluOnly other one is resize/cold migrate which is still WIP14:34
edmondswesberglu I think you said yesterday that you rebased something?14:35
edmondswI didn't get a chance to look14:35
esbergluedmondsw: I just made everything one commit chain, made the resize/cold migrate stuff easier14:35
edmondswah cool14:35
edmondswvscsi -> snapshot -> diskadapter -> localdisk -> migr/resize14:36
esbergluAnd responded to the couple comments you left on snapshot and disk adapter, those should be ready for your +114:36
edmondswesberglu will try to look this afternoon14:36
edmondswI did +1 the vscsi changes14:37
esbergluResize is coming along14:37
esbergluNeed to figure out if boot from cinder volume works, some of the code paths depend on that14:37
esbergluAnd then UT, Live test, and get CI rolling14:37
edmondswesberglu testing boot from volume would also be good for the vscsi commit, right?14:38
edmondswI don't recall whether there is a separate op for that in the support matrix that we need to mark "complete"14:39
edmondswif it works14:39
esbergluedmondsw: Yep I'm stacking right now to test it out14:39
edmondswcool, let us know14:39
esbergluIt for me14:39
edmondswefried no word on core yet?14:40
edmondswany day now I assume14:40
efriednope.  The one week "speak now or forever hold your peace" period technically ended last night.  If melwitt is thinking about it, hopefully she'll flip the switch when she gets on today.14:40
edmondswok moving on14:41
edmondsw#topic Out-of-Tree Driver14:41
*** openstack changes topic to "Out-of-Tree Driver (Meeting topic: PowerVM Driver Meeting)"14:41
edmondswwe got pypowervm bump merged and the 2 commits waiting on that as well14:42
edmondswchhagarw is working on iscsi stuff14:42
chhagarwit should be mostly done by tomorrow, adding UTs14:43
edmondswthere is a commit about setting fuse_limit for fileio that I'm trying to dig into14:43
edmondswchhagarw cool14:43
edmondswgot a response from thorst about fuse_limit that "fileio seems to max at 15…I think"14:43
edmondswso I don't think they're doing that for perf reasons14:44
edmondswso it might actually make sense in nova-powervm and not just in NovaLink... but I need to get more clarity there14:44
edmondswtjakobs rebased the volume refactor but then it has another merge conflict now with other things having merged14:45
edmondswI think that covers OOT unless anyone has anything to add?14:45
efriededmondsw: "seems to max" leads me to think this is the result of the same kind of testing the other consumer was seeing.14:45
tjakobsedmondsw: noted14:46
edmondswefried you and I should catch hsien today about that14:46
edmondswand get to the bottom of it14:46
efriedWe need to get all the players together to make sure we're really talking about two different things before we send hsien off to fix it one way and drop code on our layer to avoid the bug.14:46
efriededmondsw: Can you find out who in pvc observed the issue?  I think svenkat referenced an RTC bug14:47
edmondswI'm told the other player would be thorst14:47
efriedthorst who?14:47
efriedOh THAT guy - haven't seen him in ages.14:47
edmondswalright, moving on14:48
esbergluOh one other thing, haven't figured out how to handle duplicate opts yet, but also haven't looked into it at all since last week14:48
edmondsw#topic Device Passthrough14:48
*** openstack changes topic to "Device Passthrough (Meeting topic: PowerVM Driver Meeting)"14:48
edmondswthis has been languishing from my perspective... been caught up in other things14:48
edmondswhow's it going with you efried?14:48
edmondswupdate on nova?14:48
efriedDesigns and patches churning along frantically.14:49
efriedIt is becoming clear that we've got way, way, way too much content for Rocky.14:49
edmondswacross Nova, or re: placement?14:49
efriedupt is starting to merge.14:49
efriedStill verrry slow progress on nrp-in-alloc-cands.14:50
efriedI'm thinking I'm going to start grinding on the granular work, because everybody is depending on it; even though I won't be able to tie it off until we get nrp-in-alloc-cands.14:50
edmondswcan/should you help more on nrp-in-alloc-cands?14:50
efrieddouble-edged sword.  I want to be able to +2 that stuff.14:51
efriedOne of our main cores who looks at placement stuff is out for 2w14:51
efried(gibi on honeymoon)14:51
efriedProgress is being made; it's just slower than I would like.14:52
efriedBTW, there's also been some argument over a design point for granular.14:52
efriedPer design, if you specify two separate numbered request groups, there's no restriction on whether they will or will not land on the same provider.14:52
efriedNow people are demanding that separate numbered groups *must* land on separate providers.14:53
efriedwhich I think is a mistake for several reasons.  But I'm being outvoted.14:53
edmondswnot why you think it's a mistake14:53
edmondswwhy others disagree?14:53
efriedI'm actually not terribly sure, to be honest.  I think it's mainly to satisfy NUMA use cases.14:54
efriedI mean, I concede that we have to be able to handle both things eventually.14:54
edmondswcould you add a way to say THESE providers have to go together but others don't?14:54
efriedYeah.  And we're going to have to do that eventually.14:55
edmondswmaybe need to accelerate that14:55
efriedIt's a question of whether that option is gonna be called allow_same_provider=<this group, that group> or separate_providers=<this group, that group>14:55
edmondswor at least articulate it14:55
efriedoh, believe me, I've been articulating my ass off.14:55
efriedI'm not sure it's going to affect us, to be honest.14:56
efriedWe can make dev passthrough work whichever way the default shakes out.14:56
efriedI'm just arguing from a purely architectural standpoint.  And I'm right.  But I'm gonna lose.14:56
efriedthem's the breaks.14:57
edmondswanything else?14:57
efriedThe only thing I still have on my side is that the spec, which is approved, already has it my way.14:57
efriedso someone is going to have to propose a delta to it.14:57
edmondsw-2 it ;)14:57
efriedAnd I'm conspicuously dragging my feet on that leetle work item.14:57
edmondsw#topic: PowerVM CI14:58
*** openstack changes topic to ": PowerVM CI (Meeting topic: PowerVM Driver Meeting)"14:58
esbergluUpgraded all the systems last week14:58
esbergluEverything is running really smoothly14:58
esbergluOnly failure that is hitting with any sort of consistency is the vopt naming conflict thing14:58
esbergluBut even that is really low %14:58
edmondswI'm gonna have to join another mtg in a min... esberglu take over this one?14:59
esbergluI got some multinode CI runs going for OOT, all manual, nothing automated yet14:59
esbergluedmondsw: Sure14:59
esbergluBut it's mostly passing, hitting a few errors on resize I haven't looked into yet15:00
esberglu"Specified UUID is already used by other partitions"15:00
esbergluedmondsw: Wanted to talk about my move to PowerAI in open discussion, but we can do it later today so you can be there15:01
edmondswI just got a 5 min reprieve so go ahead15:01
efriedDo we want to do that here or internal?15:01
esbergluThat's all for CI15:01
esbergluActually internal may be better15:02
edmondswesberglu any more progress on the move to queens?15:02
esbergluedmondsw: Haven't touched it, working multinode has taken priority15:02
edmondswsure, agreed on that15:02
edmondsw#topic Open Discussion15:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: PowerVM Driver Meeting)"15:03
edmondswalright, thanks guys15:03
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efriededmondsw, esberglu: Second upt patch is merging.  That's the end of the important stuff - the rest is minor fixups.16:15
efrieddefinitely going to start hacking on the granular stuff now.16:17
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efriededmondsw: Not sure if you've been following the cyborg story at all, but this is shaping up to be a pretty good read: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Cyborg-Nova-Multifunction16:37
edmondswefried I haven't, but tx for the heads up16:37
efriededmondsw: Very pertinent to our dev passthrough story.16:38
efriedand probably will be part of it in a year or two.16:38
edmondswomw to lunch, have it queued up for later16:38
esbergluedmondsw: efried: I can't create volumes from an image either IT or OOT with vSCSI. So I'm going to rip out the boot from volume stuff from IT for now17:26
esbergluAnd add a TODO to explore this OOT17:26
edmondswesberglu ack17:27
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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Having iSCSI Initiator locks per VIOS  https://review.openstack.org/55780018:20
chhagarwedmondsw: updated the review, with the changes to handle dual vios iscsi_initiators, and restructered to handle iscsi connection properties.18:22
edmondswchhagarw tx will look18:23
chhagarwThe UT is not complete yet, but would like to have a glance, to see if the approach is fine18:23
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edmondswchhagarw I thought you were going to return a dict in connector['initiator'] ?19:06
edmondswdid you find that doesn't work?19:07
chhagarwi am returning a list,19:07
chhagarwcinder accepts the list of initiators19:07
edmondswthis doesn't look like a list19:08
edmondswyou pull a single element out of the list instead of returning the whole list19:08
edmondswthat a mistake? that why your UT isn't working?19:09
edmondswchhagarw ^19:10
chhagarwsome mistake the file did not updated in the review, the change which i did is to return the values()19:21
chhagarwdid u also checked the _get_iscsi_conn_props19:22
chhagarwthis method is added to hold the iscsi connection properties,19:23
edmondswchhagarw I'm trying to figure out why that is new19:24
edmondswlooks like all it does is copy (manually) from connection_info['data'] to a new dict19:25
chhagarwit also do KeyError Validation for the required property which should exist, if the properties are msising we throw error before hand19:28
edmondswis that really necessary?19:28
edmondswshouldn't connection_info['data'] already have correct/validated data?19:29
efriededmondsw, esberglu: It is done.19:32
esbergluefried: Nova core?19:33
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