Wednesday, 2018-03-28

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esbergluedmondsw: For cold migration CI, we are limited by the fact that the hosts have to be in the same ssp cluster15:26
esbergluAnd currently each neo has it's own ssp cluster15:26
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esbergluThere's probably a way to force them to be on the same neo though15:28
esbergluBut good news is that it was easy enough to get a multinode setup running within the CI env and our base tempest test suite is mostly passing15:29
edmondswesberglu you lost me with that force comment...15:43
edmondswI think you'd have to setup the SSP cluster to span both neos15:44
esbergluFor multinode we would spawn 2 instances15:44
esbergluFor compute nodes15:44
esbergluIf they both land on the same neo cold mig will work15:45
esbergluIf they don't (which is far more likely), cold mig won't work15:45
esbergluSo I'll need to find some way to ensure that both computes are running on the same neo15:45
esbergluOr change how we do our SSP clusters15:45
edmondswinstances = VMs where we run the devstack AIO and remote pypowervm?15:45
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah15:46
edmondswok, I think I'm following15:46
esbergluBut for multinode15:46
edmondswshouldn't we be able to force the 2nd instance onto the same host as the first15:46
esbergluinstances = VMs where we run devstack compute and remote pypowervm15:46
esbergluedmondsw: I'm hoping so15:47
edmondswwe could either do a targeted deployment of the 2nd instance, or use an affinity group15:47
edmondswtargeted deployment would be by specifying availability_zone as ZONE:HOST on the create server API call15:50
edmondswe.g. nova:neo115:51
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: the zuul web dashboard will experience a short downtime as we roll out some changes - no job execution should be affected21:52
efriedesberglu: yt?22:15
esbergluefried: Assuming this is about mriedem in nova22:17
efriedesberglu: Done.22:30
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Zuul has been restarted to update to the latest code; existing changes have been re-enqueued, you may need to recheck changes uploaded in the past 10 minutes23:59

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