Friday, 2018-03-16

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fried_riceesberglu: Are we patching in or otherwise working around in our CI?13:27
esberglufried_rice: CI undercloud is still on ocata where we aren't affected. Which is being upgraded to queens which also isn't affected (fix made it into queens)13:29
esbergluAFAIK it doesn't affect the actual CI runs at all13:29
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esbergluedmondsw: fried_rice: Either of you know how to extend an attached volume?15:08
fried_ricenot I15:09
edmondswwhat type of volume?15:09
esbergluI can't find a CLI command and there isn't anything to do so in horizon15:09
edmondswoh, if you're looking for a CLI...15:09
edmondswit's a cinder API, hold on15:10
edmondswesberglu I think the CLI is
edmondswold link, but you get the idea15:13
esbergluedmondsw: I tried using the cinder CLI and the openstack CLI to do so, but it popped a message about not being able to resize an attached volume15:13
edmondswthat's not right...15:14
edmondsware you using an old microversion?15:14
edmondswor old cinder API version?15:14
edmondswi.e. check your OS_* env vars15:14
edmondswesberglu from the API docs: "Prior to microversion 3.42 the volume status must be available. Starting with microversion 3.42, attached volumes with status in-use may be able to be extended depending on policy and backend volume and compute driver constraints in the cloud. Note that reserved is not a valid state for extend."15:17
edmondswand "Starting with microversion 3.42, when extending the size of an attached volume, the Block Storage service will notify the Compute service that an attached volume has been extended. The Compute service will asynchronously process the volume size change for the related server instance. This can be monitored using the GET /servers/{server_id}/os-instance-actions API in the Compute service."15:17
esbergluedmondsw: Okay I'll give it a try. vSCSI has a couple trivial updates I need to push, but with those it's still working for attach/detach15:23
esbergluYeah my OS_VOLUME_API_VERSION is 215:24
esberglunot 315:24
edmondswdefinitely use 215:24
edmondswI mean 315:24
esbergluHmm weird that devstack isn't defaulting that to 315:24
edmondswthat is odd...15:25
edmondswmight want to ask about that in the cinder channel15:25
esbergluedmondsw: fried_rice: FYI I will be out this afternoon. Gonna hop online a little bit over the weekend so slack/send a note if you need something15:25
edmondswesberglu ack, have a good weekend15:26
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edmondswfried_rolls I get fried rice... but fried rolls? Been meaning to ask17:18
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fried_riceedmondsw: Noon BJJ class. Sparring is called rolling.19:02
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