Friday, 2018-03-09

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catmandohey all16:13
catmandois there a doc that describes powervm's scheduler_hints? i only know of "host_aggregate_id"16:14
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edmondswcatmando this is the best I could find:
edmondswbut I would warn you away from that stuff if possible... look for an OpenStack community way of doing what you want to do, so it will be portable and more stable across upgrades17:44
edmondswe.g. instead of host_aggregate_id I think you would specify availability zone17:47
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edmondswesberglu are you updating prep_devstack since merged?19:10
edmondswand do you intend to try backporting to pike, or going to modify/remove the TODO?19:10
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah I will update19:11
esbergluPike backport
esbergluedmondsw: 638119:15
edmondsw+2 tx19:16
edmondswesberglu CI failed with "Error: unable to connect to node 'rabbit@powervm-ci-powervm-devstacked-77270': nodedown"19:41
edmondswyou restarting or something?19:41
esbergluedmondsw: Already looking into it19:42
esbergluSeems to be due to
edmondswesberglu looks like it still checks for the hostname, but no longer checks for but that error wasn't using was something else needing that, e.g. to start rabbitmq?19:51
edmondswcurious what our /etc/hosts looks like now :)19:52
esberglu6382 for CI fix20:39
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esbergluPowerVM CI will be down for the afternoon for a redeploy to pick up a fix21:51
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