Friday, 2018-03-02

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-powervm master: use common agent topics from neutron-lib
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efriededmondsw: Do we have an interest in "live resize"?13:57
efriedI imagine PVC supports this via backdoor.  Would it be interesting/desirable or allow us to remove tech debt if it was supported in nova proper?13:58
edmondswefried yes14:13
efriedOkay, I'll add us to specs etc.14:13
edmondswI think I'm already on at least one of them14:13
efriedOh, look, you are.  And so am I.14:14
edmondswyep... I prompted them on 2/23 to repropose for Rocky :)14:15
edmondswneed to go back and reread it though14:15
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efriededmondsw: Have we ever heard of "the metadata service"?15:34
edmondswit's an alternative to config_drive15:34
edmondswwhere the instance talks back over the network to nova's metadata service15:34
edmondswhas security issues15:35
efriedSo not a solution for our slot manager?  Swift is... somehow better than that?15:35
edmondswand assumes that guests have network connectivity to the metadata service15:35
efriedSounds like it's a 169. address, so not a true networky thing15:36
edmondswthat doesn't sound right15:36
edmondswI don't know if anyone ever considered using it for slot info15:37
edmondswwe always use config drive15:37
edmondswI think there's even been talk of the metadata service going away at some points, but it never has15:37
efriedWe don't use config drive to save slot info.15:37
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efriedLet's keep an eye open.  It sounds like there may be an idea to provide a virt driver-accessible storage space where we could conceivably save the slot info.  And not need Swift.15:37
edmondswright... we use it for things that the metadata service could otherwise be used for15:37
edmondswefried that would certainly be worth keeping an eye open for15:38
edmondswbut today I'm pretty sure the metadata service is read-only15:38
efriedSomebody must be able to write it :)15:39
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edmondswsure, nova can, but not guests15:40
efriedGuests wouldn't need to, for slot info.15:42
edmondswtrue... nova-cpu would need to, though15:43
edmondswI don't know that it can today, but maybe that's solvable15:43
edmondswI'm sure it _doesn't_ today15:43
edmondswefried tagging is something that we should look into15:46
edmondswjust hasn't been a priority yet15:47
efriedk.  I don't know from priorities.  I just tell you people things I hear that sound interesting.15:49
edmondswyep, that's definitely interesting, and will definitely be needed at some point15:51
edmondswefried interestingly, this explains the metadata service better than the nova docs :)
edmondswincluding why you saw 16915:56
efriedThat's what artom said when he sent me the link :)15:56
efriedoh, your link15:57
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edmondswhonestly, I haven't looked at the metadata service in years... I asked mikal about it at the last PTG because I was starting to think maybe it deserved a look, and he scared me off15:58
edmondswas I remember it, he basically said "you don't want to do that"15:58
edmondswmy cache has purged the why15:59
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edmondswesberglu do you think we can remove WIP from soon?17:51
esbergluedmondsw: I'm trying to get neo40 installed so I can test the OVS side of things17:51
esbergluAs far as SEA detach seems to be working17:52
esbergluAnd I can see the interface added when I do attach17:52
esbergluBut idk the root password for the image I'm using to update the network conf and make sure I actually can connect to the instance17:53
edmondswwhere'd you get the image?17:53
esbergluedmondsw: I was using the one from CI17:53
edmondswadreznec would you know the password for that?17:54
edmondswdon't type it here, of course, but if you know it (or who would) please ping esberglu17:54
adreznecesberglu: This is the Ubuntu 16.04 image?17:57
esbergluadreznec: Yep17:57
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esbergluedmondsw: I put up a localdisk WIP change. It's not actually ready for review, but I just got an IT localdisk spawn/delete to work18:47
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edmondswesberglu saw that. You're really knocking these out. I love it18:49
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esbergluedmondsw: I'm really hoping we can get everything up to migration in really early before the cores get busy18:57
edmondswesberglu totally18:57
edmondswor at least space things out better than we did in Queens18:58
esbergluedmondsw: You OK to to W+1 these?18:59
esbergluSince efried is gonna be out next week18:59
edmondswesberglu is there a reason we can't wait?19:01
edmondswif they're not bothering anything...19:01
esbergluedmondsw: Doesn't matter to me, thought they were safe enough you wouldn't mind but no hurry19:03
edmondswI'd be fine pushing them if we needed to, but I'm inclined to wait if there's nothing pushing us to merge them19:04
esberglucool sounds good19:04
esbergluedmondsw: Regarding
esbergluThe previous test (test_remove_block_dev) was mocking sleep19:05
esbergluBut it was still taking 10s vs 1s locally19:05
esbergluNot sure what I'm missing there19:06
edmondswwe're doing this to save 10s?19:06
esbergluedmondsw: yeah19:07
edmondswok... :)19:07
edmondswthat doesn't seem to match the commit saying it's a "very long running" test19:08
edmondswI'll be interested in efried's thoughts on that one19:08
esbergluI mean the next longest test takes like 1.5s, so long running relative to the rest19:08
esbergluI'll just sit on that for now, see what efried says19:10
edmondswI threw a comment in there for him19:12
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