Thursday, 2018-03-01

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efriededmondsw: Hey there, tonyb expresses interest in installing NovaLink on RHEL.  He said he saw a YouTube video with weird insecure curl stuff or whatever, but he would rather do it the "right" way.13:34
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edmondswtonyb the official instructions are here:
edmondswtonyb you'll need a PowerVM system on which to install it14:25
edmondswtonyb and for networking you'll need the openstack/networking-powervm project's ML2 agent for PowerVM Shared Ethernet Adapters14:26
edmondsw(assuming you want to use OpenStack with it)14:26
edmondswtonyb there are 2 different nova drivers... one in its own project (openstack/nova-powervm) with a lot of function and one in nova with a lot less function (porting things in bit by bit each release)14:28
edmondswtonyb spec for Rocky, which also has history of what we ported into nova for Queens and previous, is here:
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tonybedmondsw: Thanks that looks okay What's stopping you from packaging those tools via Fedora/EPEL?14:51
tonybedmondsw: Also python-positional is broken wrapt is a better option.  What's using positional can would you accept updates?14:52
edmondswtonyb we definitely welcome commits from others. Please go ahead :)14:53
edmondswtonyb as for packaging, thorst may know more there. I took over from him and haven't had a chance to dig into that too much14:53
edmondswtonyb but I'm told RDO requires TripleO support, and we haven't done anything for that... on my TODO list14:54
tonybedmondsw: Well RDO and TripleO are closly tied but that statement isn' quite right, if we all the bits are public and Open we can get the packages into Fedora/EPEL14:56
tonybwhich will ease the path into RDO/el7/el814:56
tonybwhere el? == CentOS and RHEL14:56
edmondswyeah, packaging is obviously a prereq14:56
edmondswI need to work on that14:57
tonybedmondsw: doing all this is a first step to TripleO drivers etc.14:57
tonybedmondsw: Can you point me at the non OpenStack bits (pypowervm? what else?)14:57
edmondswpypowervm is here:
edmondswthat is a nova dependency now that we have the powervm driver in nova14:58
edmondswso it's either already being packaged or you're omitting that from the nova rpm despite requirements because you don't support power yet14:59
edmondswI'm actually talking to the deb guys about how they're packaging that, since they reached out to me15:00
edmondswwas planning to come to you RH folks next15:00
edmondswthey called it "python-pypowervm", whereas we build our own deb and rpm for it and call it "pypowervm", so there's a naming conflict15:00
tonybokay the former is more correct15:01
tonybfor Fedora it's be python{2,3}-pypowervm15:01
edmondswtrying to see if we can rename our deb "python-pypowervm"15:01
edmondswor stop building our own and only ship what is built upstream15:02
tonybedmondsw: Anyway I have enough to get started but I'll ping you if I get stuck15:02
edmondswtonyb great, and please let me know how it goes.15:02
tonybI have a lot of questiosn but I can probably get my own answers if I wasn't on hotel wifi15:02
edmondswstay warm15:03
tonybedmondsw: Thanks15:05
tonybedmondsw: it's waaay to hot in the bar I need to go outside for a bit :/15:05
edmondswthat'll do the trick15:05
edmondswmaybe a little too well15:05
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esbergluedmondsw: Snapshot is looking good. I've live tested it and put some manual CI runs through with snapshot tests enabled19:21
edmondswesberglu great. I see you pulled the WIP off that commit. I'll try to give it a look this afternoon19:26
esbergluedmondsw: Are we trying to add imagecache as part of localdisk or separate?19:50
esbergluI'm thinking separate for a smaller line count in the localdisk change19:50
edmondswcan localdisk without imagecache?19:51
edmondswI would guess so, but I'm not certain19:51
esbergluedmondsw: I think so?19:52
edmondswesberglu give it a shot19:52
esbergluI just started looking into this today though19:52
edmondswI'm definitely happier with more but smaller commits19:52
esbergluThe localdisk one is gonna be pretty big it since adds the base DiskAdapter19:54
esbergluedmondsw: Maybe we should split the localdisk one up even further20:25
edmondswfeel free20:25
esbergluI'm thinking we first pull out the base DiskAdapter and get ssp working with that20:26
esbergluAnd add the localdisk impl after20:26
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