Friday, 2018-02-02

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edmondswwe are now being compared to the PowerRangers in #openstack-release  lol16:05
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edmondswesberglu why is post_stack_vm_cleaner even bothering to filter VMs at all? i.e. what would create other VMs on the host where this is run?16:24
edmondswis it just to omit vios?16:24
esbergluedmondsw: Otherwise it would be wiping vms from other runs16:29
esbergluOn the same host I think16:30
edmondswesberglu so what prevents that with what you proposed? Wouldn't all runs use that same "pvm{lpar_id}-" prefix?16:30
edmondswthe lpar_id?16:31
esbergluThey have a unique lpar_id16:31
edmondswah ok16:31
esbergluSo you will wipe all vms name pvm3-xxxx16:31
esbergluBut not pvm5-xxxx16:31
edmondswwhat is the lpar_id here?16:31
edmondswthe id of the lpar where you're running this devstack/tempest?16:32
edmondswyeah, that makes sense16:32
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah16:32
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edmondswesberglu is deleting vopts? If not, that could be how we're getting a stale vopt17:03
edmondswefried ^17:03
edmondswI think that's probably our problem...17:05
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fried_ricedangit, need to figure out how to make this client autojoin my channels.17:07
* fried_rice goes to eavesdrop...17:07
fried_riceEavesdrop hasn't caught up yet.  Care to repeate edmondsw17:08
edmondswI don't think is deleting vopts17:08
edmondswthat could be how we got a stale vopt17:08
esbergluedmondsw: No it isn't deleting vopts17:10
edmondswthere we go then17:10
edmondswanything else it isn't doing?17:10
fried_riceYeah, I guess it should delete vopts.17:11
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: EXPERIMENTAL: Name VOpts with more of the instance UUID
fried_riceedmondsw, esberglu: ^17:14
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edmondswfried_rice why do we need the str() there?17:16
edmondswfried_rolls ^17:18
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edmondswesberglu you working on a fix for post_stack_vm_cleaner to delete vopts?17:40
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah17:40
edmondswgreat, tx17:40
esbergluWe abandoning 6287 then?17:43
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edmondswprobably? efried do you still see any use in that?18:43
edmondswI mean fried_rolls18:43
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fried_riceThe str may or may not be unnecessary.  I'm not sure whether instance.uuid is a UUID() or already a string.  I didn't do anything to test this, just threw it up real quick, figured we could do a few runs with it.  Needs UT fixes regardless.20:18
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openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Trim the fat from InstanceInfo
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edmondswesberglu one issue with 6243, but looks pretty good. And you've tested it?21:47
esbergluedmondsw: Done. And yeah I did21:48
edmondswesberglu and the copyright/21:49
edmondswthough why we need copyrights on these files...21:50
esbergluedmondsw: Oops scrolled right past that one. Done21:52
edmondswesberglu you reverted the lpars_exist fix when you did that :)21:53
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