Monday, 2018-01-15

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hkranhi, I got the image  Ubuntu_16-04-01_2g.img.gz  from the box for nova-powervm, and setup the testing environment for nova-powervm, but i do not know how to  use the image... how to upload the image into the glance service? thanks15:15
efriedesberglu ^ you got that command handy?15:18
esbergluhkran: Try this15:19
efriedhkran It might look something like: glance --os-image-api-version 2 image-create --file /path/to/Ubuntu_16-04-01_2g.img.gz --progress --disk-format=raw --container-format=bare --property name=ubuntu16 --property visibility=public15:19
efriedoh, but whatever esberglu says is gonna be better.15:19
esbergluopenstack image create --disk-format raw --container-format bare 2gUbuntu1604 --file <img_loc>15:19
hkran i am going to try it , thank you very much15:21
hkrananother question, I am using kolla to deploy openstack controll part, but have to configure nova-compute manually on novalink part(it seems neutron-openvswitch-agent in docker working fine),is it possible to put the nova-powervm in a docker container?  is it possible to make kolla support nova-powervm?15:25
efriedapearson__ you around?15:27
efriedhkran I think this is something we're looking into, but don't support right now.  If you can get it working, we'd be pretty interested to know about it :)15:28
efriedesberglu FYI, gibi left a review on the ovs patch.  In my experience, gibi is about as sharp as they come, so his comments are likely on point.15:30
esbergluefried: ack15:31
edmondswhkran I don't know that we've done anything with kolla to date, but as efried said we would definitely be interested in anything you figure out there15:39
hkranthank for all your info, anyway, kolla is  something cool... just wish kolla can support power better, i suffer so much when trying to build docker image on power....15:44
edmondswhkran yep, totally understand that. Hope we can improve that over time15:44
edmondswesberglu re: gibi's comments, look mostly like questions that may or may not really require changes. E.g. in norm_mac I had assumed that line was there in case norm_mac was called with something that had already been normalized. We would need to make sure that can't happen before removing that line.15:48
edmondswthough if the line is needed, maybe add a comment explaining why15:48
esbergluefried: edmondsw:
esbergluI'm just gonna rip that comment out unless you have objections16:13
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edmondswesberglu I would move the comment to line 199, where it's actually used16:41
edmondswe.g. # Insert FF:FE per Appendix A of RFC 429116:44
edmondswactually, the bit flip after that also comes from that appendix...16:46
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esbergluefried: edmondsw:
esbergluFrom what I can tell is_neutron() would be true in both the OVS and SEA cases unless I'm missing something16:54
edmondswI think that's answered on line 13916:54
edmondswI think is_neutron would be true if you're using neutron, and false if you're using nova-network16:55
esbergluedmondsw: I guess this goes back to whether or not this works with nova networking, which I didn't test since I thought it was deprecated16:55
esbergluSince it is deprecated16:55
edmondswthe code appears to be structured in a way that nova-network could work, but we'd have to ask thorst whether that was ever tested16:56
edmondswI don't know that I would spend time testing it now unless pressed16:57
edmondswI would just answer that comment with something like "See comments line 137-141"16:57
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edmondswefried esberglu it looks like networkx was added to pypowervm's requirements.txt just recently with 1.1.9... any idea why? I don't see anything using it17:13
efriedLooks like it was added explicitly to cap the version because 2.0 broke us.17:14
efriedSo basically somebody needs to go through and make the fixes necessary to make 2.0 work, and uncap it.17:15
edmondswtaskflow caps it:
edmondswso we shouldn't need to do it for them17:15
efriedPresumably they're uncapping as part of this effort.17:16
edmondswoh, they didn't always cap it in taskflow like they should have... e.g.
efriedright, that was probably why we had to do it.17:17
efriedAnd presumably taskflow is going to have to uncap now as part of this effort as well.17:17
efriedBut I'm not sure if other projects are using taskflow.  If they're not, they might not uncap it.  Which would be a problem for us.17:17
efriedCan we ask harlowja in openstack-oslo?17:18
edmondswso I think the answer here is that we can remove this if/when openstack bumps the req for taskflow to >=2.16.0 (where taskflow added the cap)17:18
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edmondswefried I'll add a comment in the pypowervm bug17:21
edmondswand I'll propose the taskflow bump17:37
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esbergluefried_rollin: edmondsw: Respun OVS based on the comments from gibi. Also rebased SEA onto it and hit some nits from the previous version18:49
esbergluReady for re-review18:49
edmondswesberglu ack18:49
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edmondswesberglu I posted 3 comments on ovs19:00
esbergluedmondsw: Fixed and patch is up19:13
edmondswesberglu ack19:17
edmondswesberglu one comment on SEA19:29
esbergluedmondsw: Hmm that looks familiar lol. Done19:31
edmondswefried we've got the OVS and SEA patches fixed up and I've +1d both now... once you approve, ping gibi and let him know?19:32
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edmondswefried esberglu I just noticed that nova have pypowervm listed in its requirements.txt but not taskflow, which the IT driver also requires19:58
edmondswshould I propose that fix to requirements.txt, or should we pull both that and pypowervm out into setup.cfg extras as optional (since you don't have to use the powervm driver)?19:58
edmondswI'm guessing the former... suits us better to know it's always there, and nova is presumably ok with that since they let pypowervm in19:59
efriedis it in test-reqs?20:05
edmondswefried nope, not there either20:10
edmondswI'll propose adding it to requirements.txt unless you have any objections20:11
edmondswgot the patch ready to submit20:11
efriedhmph, that is odd.  Guess we've just been getting lucky20:11
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Cleanup unit conversions
edmondswre: taskflow  ->
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Cleanup unit conversions
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Replace double spaces with single space
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