Tuesday, 2017-12-12

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catmandoanyone about?13:37
catmandoi'm still having trouble creating volumes from images using the REST API13:37
edmondswcatmando creating volumes from images?13:42
edmondswdo you mean creating an image?13:42
catmandospecifically  the POST to volumes13:43
catmandothat takes, according to the OpenStack docs13:43
catmandoan imageRef13:43
catmandobut it always fails13:43
catmandowith "Unable to fetch connection information from backend: 'Volume' object has no attribute 'id]'"13:43
edmondswcatmando 1st tip for working with PowerVC APIs is to go to your web browser, login to PowerVC, turn on the browser's developer tools (they all have them now) so that you can see the REST calls the browser is making, and then do what you want in PowerVC and see what REST calls it made13:44
edmondswfrom that you can figure out just about anything13:44
catmandoedmondsw: good call, i shall do that13:45
catmandothank you, as usual13:45
edmondswcatmando I think you're saying you were trying the POST /v3/{project_id}/volumes API13:46
edmondswthat won't work / isn't necessary in PowerVC because in PowerVC all volumes are image-backed13:46
edmondswi.e. if you have an image, you already have a volume13:46
catmandoyes, but when i create a new instance13:46
catmandoa copy is created13:46
catmandoin my case it's on Storwize and the default background copy speed is 2MB/s13:47
catmandowhich means that a deployment can take a _very_ long time13:47
catmandosometimes the HMC seems to get confused and it declares an instance dead13:48
catmandoeven though it's still trying to boot13:48
edmondswit should be doing a flash copy13:48
edmondswand thus very fat13:48
catmandoit's not, trust me13:48
edmondswmust be something weird going on13:49
edmondswstorwize is generally very fast13:49
catmandoi don't think it's storwize13:49
catmandothe copy really is available13:49
edmondswoh, you just said it was :)13:49
catmandobut powervc / hmc don't seem to like it13:49
catmandounless it's reached 100%13:49
catmandowhich, at 2MB/s background speed can take a while13:50
catmandosometimes it works, sometimes it does not13:50
catmandoi've filed a bug report13:50
edmondswgood call13:50
catmandowith a screencapture13:50
edmondswI assume you mean you opened a PMR with IBM support?13:50
edmondswtx, just making sure :)13:52
edmondswchhavi__ are you around to look at ^ ?13:53
esbergluedmondsw: Not gonna call a meeting, but do have some things to discuss14:00
esbergluedmondsw: https://morpheus.pok.stglabs.ibm.com:8443/#/c/6208/14:02
edmondswesberglu looking14:02
esbergluCan I get a review on that? OOT CI is failing until that merges14:02
esbergluI spent some time yesterday working IT SEA CI14:03
esbergluThings are looking pretty good, got a passing run here14:03
esbergluOh crap14:04
esbergluDidn't mean to post that14:04
catmandoedmondsw: you're right. the issue is that powervc implements extended glance, as opposed to cinder, when creating instances14:05
esbergluAnyhow, that's the IT CI work, just have the TODOs in the commit message14:05
catmandothe docs are confusing on that point14:06
esbergluedmondsw: OVS on the other hand is not going so well. I've been trying to get OOT stack spawns working14:06
esbergluI have been exploring 2 paths there14:07
esberglu1) Using the NEUTRON_CREATE_INITIAL_NETWORKS=False14:07
esbergluThen creating my own network and spawning instances14:07
esbergluThe spawns work, but the instances have not connectivity in or out14:07
esbergluI'm worried that by specifying that option, something isn't getting set up properly by devstack14:08
esberglu2) Setting that option to True14:08
esbergluIn which case I can't get a working stack14:08
esbergluBecause devstack is creating 2 networks, both named private14:08
esbergluThen fails because it is expecting there to be a network named public later in the stack14:09
edmondswesberglu something to do with your local.conf?14:10
esbergluedmondsw: Most likely. I've been working through the ovs/neutron stack code trying to figure out what's up14:11
edmondswthorst is in the office today if you want to pick his brain14:11
esbergluedmondsw: The last thing is the vSCSI patch. I still have to add a few things and update the UT14:12
esbergluBut if I could get a review on that and on the OVS patch this week that would be great14:12
esbergluOVS first if you don't have enough time14:13
edmondswesberglu I'm real stretched on time but I'll try14:18
esbergluedmondsw: I understand. efried put a pretty solid review up on it already14:19
edmondswesberglu yep, if I don't get through it this week just go ahead and address the comments I already made14:20
esbergluedmondsw: Will do14:20
edmondswesberglu this wouldn't be relevant to your case, would it?14:25
edmondsw"Note: In a node using a release of Open vSwitch provided from another source than your Linux distribution you have to enable in your local.conf skipping of OVS installation step by setting SKIP_OVS_INSTALL=True. For example when stacking together with networking-ovs-dpdk Neutron plug-in to avoid conflicts between openvswitch and ovs-dpdk you have to add this to the local.conf file"14:25
edmondswI know you're not trying dpdk14:25
esbergluedmondsw: Nope our ovs is from Ubuntu14:26
edmondswesberglu did you set OVS_PHYSICAL_BRIDGE ?14:27
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah I set the OVS options as detailed here14:28
edmondswshow me?14:29
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esbergluedmondsw: neo4. Regular login. /opt/stack/devstack/local.conf14:32
esbergluI don't have the "neutron options" section in there right now because that is used for the net creation which I have as False14:33
esbergluThe gateway ips, and allocation pools and stuff14:33
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esbergluedmondsw: Did you pull latest devstack?14:34
edmondswon neo4? I set that up months ago14:35
edmondswi just lost connectivity to neo414:35
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esbergluYeah, same. Unstacking deletes br-ex14:35
esbergluBut I had a change in there that removed that14:35
esbergluThat's why I was asking if you pulled latest devstack14:35
edmondswwait, neo4 isn't the one I setup, that was neo5... so why were you asking me about devstack?14:36
edmondswoh, ok... no, I didn't do anything but login before it kicked me out14:36
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah that's the other thing I was gonna ask about14:38
esbergluSo that deletes all the ovs bridges, including br-ex14:38
esbergluSince we have br-ex set as the public bridge14:39
esbergluIs that a devstack bug or is that a problem with how we set up our interfaces?14:39
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: We're currently seeing an elevated rate of timeouts in jobs and the zuulv3.openstack.org dashboard is intermittently unresponsive, please stand by while we troubleshoot the issues.14:39
edmondswesberglu seems like a devstack bug to me14:41
edmondswsvenkat what do you think?14:41
edmondswand would you have some time today to help esberglu get devstack working with ovs?14:42
svenkatedmondsw looking…14:42
edmondswesberglu devstack should only be cleaning up things that it created. If you created br-ex, then it shouldn't clean it up. That what you're thinking?14:43
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svenkatI have not seen this problem in my devstack environments. i have done vm deployments in devstack environment and access to host stayed on.14:44
svenkatedmondsw - canyou send me the local.conf you used?14:44
esberglusvenkat: I can14:44
esberglusvenkat: Might be a problem with my local.conf. In the pdf you sent me you don't specify br-ex as the PUBLIC_BRIDGE, which is what it uses during the ovs del-br14:45
svenkatesberglu - oh ok.. why did you modify local.conf, what happens othewise?14:46
esberglusvenkat: I had that in there from previous discussions with thorst14:47
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