Friday, 2017-12-08

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esberglufried_rice: Got a couple questions about the vscsi change when you have a sec14:36
fried_riceesberglu Okay. I haven't looked at it yet, but shoot.14:52
esbergluWhat's the conditional execution of the stg_ftsk about?14:56
fried_riceoh, ugh, yeah.14:56
fried_riceMan, I'm having a hard time remembering.  mdrabe You around?14:56
mdrabeWhat's up?14:58
mdrabeIsn't it if there's no difference between the server response and what you're trying to POST?15:00
fried_riceNo, different layer.15:00
fried_ricemdrabe I thought the conditional stg_ftsk business had something to do with the way pvc was overriding methods or something.15:01
mdrabeOh that conditional on L15915:02
mdrabeWhat about that docstring?15:03
mdrabeI'd give that as my answer15:03
mdrabeI'm assuming yea maybe that was something for pvc where we wanted to do things with the feed task outside of this volume driver15:05
fried_riceWe really need thorst to answer this.15:05
mdrabeI'm probably wrong15:06
esberglufried_rice: mdrabe:
esbergluChangeset it was introduced in, didn't help me understand further though15:08
fried_riceYeah, I've been looking through that one.15:08
mdrabeYup okay that makes sense15:08
mdrabeIt's so we don't POST for NPIV and vSCSI separately right?15:08
mdrabeCan do it in one?15:08
fried_riceThat's what the ftsk is for, yes.  Or more to the point so we can do multiple attach/detach ops in the same POST.15:09
fried_riceBut what esberglu is asking is why we have the conditional business, where if stg_ftsk is None we build and run it locally in the method.15:09
fried_riceI'm 90% sure it had something to do with pvc.15:09
fried_riceAnd we should probably get an answer from thorst as to whether we need to carry that into the in-tree driver.  I imagine we do - unless pvc has quit needing it.15:10
fried_riceI'm trying to reach him on slack.  We're not going to resolve this without his input.15:10
esberglufried_rice: Let me know if you hear back, otherwise I'll toss him an email15:11
esberglufried_rice: Next up. L321. I know we are trying to avoid CONF options, wasn't sure what to do with that one15:14
fried_riceesberglu Yeah, get rid of it for now; we can add it later if needed.  And collapse that whole thing to just making sure we don't have zero.15:16
mdrabefried_rice, esberglu I can tell that where we build the volume connector we don't pass in a pre-built feed task15:20
mdrabeBut it's not obvious to me why15:20
fried_ricemdrabe "we" being pvc?15:21
fried_riceOkay, so that supports what I said above.  Along with the fact that there's nowhere in nova-powervm that we *don't* pass in the stg_ftsk.15:21
fried_riceBut we still don't know why.  I probably have it in my slack or ST history somewhere, but finding it...15:22
fried_riceesberglu I'm going to make an executive decision here: Take that logic out, make the stg_ftsk mandatory.  If pvc needs this, it's gonna be several releases before they're ready to switch to the in-tree driver anyway, and we can add it back in (and justify it somehow?) at that time.15:23
fried_riceI mean, we could try to get away with it now, but I doubt we're going to slip that one by reviewers.15:23
esberglufried_rice: ack15:24
esberglufried_rice: Okay last one for now. L11815:30
esbergluRight now this isn't getting used at all15:30
esbergluI think the only place it gets used OOT is15:30
esbergluWhich seems to be iscsi specific15:30
esbergluI can rip it out?15:30
fried_riceesberglu get_volume_connector is a ComputeDriver override that I suspect we need to implement for volume support in general.15:33
fried_riceIt gets used by the compute manager.15:34
esbergluThen just set that to None for now?15:40
fried_riceProlly to whatever's prior to Ia78d2ed17232cc0f42fed1391786384e4dea28c115:41
fried_rice'cept that guy is referencing iscsi too.  And I know we didn't have actual iscsi.  So it must be a thing where the name isn't significant.15:42
fried_ricewell wtf15:43
fried_riceesberglu How about this version:
fried_rice(base of that patch)15:44
fried_ricegeez, has it been that long since we started working on iscsi?15:45
esbergluThe reason I was thinking to just set it None15:53
fried_riceesberglu Okay, sure, that wfm.16:02
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