Monday, 2017-11-27

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esbergluCI is down, pok network is having problems. I will update with status once those issues are resolved14:36
efriedwas wondering why morpheus was choppy this morning.14:36
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esbergluefried: We need to add _push_vif_event() for SEA correct?15:33
efriedesberglu Need to check.  I thought we only used that for SRIOV, but we may have retrofitted it for SEA as well.  Stand by...15:34
efriedesberglu Yes, it appears as though we did, which is good.  So yes, we need to push the events for SEA.15:40
esbergluefried: These events just get consumed by neutron to mark the ports up/down?15:48
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efriedesberglu They get consumed by our agents, yes.15:50
esbergluefried: What about slot_mgr? That's because the slot mappings have to be in the same order when rebuilding?16:02
efriedesberglu It is.  We don't need it yet because we don't support rebuild in tree yet.  It's going to be a PITA to fold that in later, but the alternative is having to justify it to cores when we don't need it yet.16:03
esbergluefried: Okay. Per previous comments we were planning on driving that as a separate change, sounds like that is still accurate16:05
esbergluThe SEA change should be pretty small and easy compared to OVS16:05
efriedI think the biggest part will be factoring out the base classes again.  But yes.16:05
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esbergluCI is back online19:25
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