Friday, 2017-11-17

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catmandohey all16:09
fried_riceHi catmando16:32
catmandoi'm seeing something i can't explain or fix16:34
catmandoin simple terms, i am adding a user. i do this by adding the user to the host and the correct group16:34
catmandothe user does not have a specific domain16:35
catmandoi then make that user an admin using openstack role ...16:35
catmandothe change shows up correctly in the powervc gui16:35
catmandohowever, that user does not seem able to perform ANY admin level functions (e.g. list_projects) even though policy.json is set to admin_required16:36
fried_riceAh, a PowerVC thing.  Let's see if edmondsw or mdrabe or svenkat can help you out ^^16:36
mdrabeThat'd be edmondsw wheelhouse16:39
svenkatcan you post details on how you created the user, and how you added to group - which group? how you setup role etc….16:40
edmondswwhat version of PowerVC?16:41
edmondswthe domain is going to be "Default"16:42
edmondswcatmando ^16:42
catmandoPowerVC 1.3.316:43
catmandouser added with useradd16:44
catmandothen usermod -a -G powervc-filter16:44
edmondswcan you login to PowerVC with this user?16:44
catmandothen role add --project ProjectName --user UserName admin16:44
catmandoit's only the api that fails16:44
edmondswwhat project?16:45
edmondswis it ibm-default or something else?16:45
catmandolet me test16:45
edmondswwe've locked some things down to the ibm-default project16:45
catmandoi can log in to any project the user has a role on16:46
catmandothe root user, even if added to other projects as admin16:46
catmandocannot perform any admin functions16:46
edmondswcatmando we have restricted some things, and listing projects is one of them, to "cloud admins"16:47
catmandohow do i create cloud admins?16:47
edmondswwhere "cloud admin" is defined as having the admin role AND the scope is the ibm-default project16:47
catmandoand why is this not documented?16:47
edmondswit is16:47
catmandoapologies if this is basic stuff, but i'm an app developer who's just getting to know power16:48
edmondswno worries16:48
catmandoif i can get that documentation it would be a great help :)16:51
edmondswcatmando hmmm... maybe it's not documented, or at least I can't find it atm. Not as clear as I would like, anyway.16:51
edmondswThe closest I found is "To work with projects, an admin can log in to the ibm-default project and click Projects from the Configuration page."16:51
catmandohmmm, that's what i thought :). i'll add that to the docs bug list16:52
catmandothere really is a need to know what an admin can and can't run16:52
edmondswcatmando I'll open a doc defect16:53
edmondswshould probably say something here:
edmondswthat is the page that explains what each role can do, but it's silent on this atm16:54
catmandojust a thought tho: admin: Users with this role can perform all tasks and have access to all resources.16:54
catmandoi mean...16:54
catmandook at least we know now16:54
catmandowe've been fighting this for three days16:54
edmondsw:( sorry16:54
catmandono worries16:55
catmandolet's get the docs updated, i'll add the bug16:55
catmandoand maybe think about making admin admin :)16:55
edmondswnext time you get an error complaining about a policy rule, you can find those rules in /opt/ibm/powervc/policy/... and see how they're set16:55
catmandothanks for the swift response16:56
edmondsw"making admin admin" ??16:56
catmandowhen i see policy.json admin_required16:56
catmandoand i have admin16:56
edmondswI think you're looking at the wrong policy file16:56
edmondswwe don't use the ones in /etc16:56
edmondswif you look at the conf file, it points to the policy files in /opt/ibm/powervc/policy/...16:57
* catmando slaps self16:57
edmondswyeah, that is confusing... predates me, and I've never liked it but never gotten around to changing it16:57
catmandoyou the man16:58
catmandothe Blue Chip Team bows to you16:58
edmondswlol just let me know if you have any more questions16:58
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