Friday, 2017-08-11

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edmondswthorst, know of any reason we have enabled to neutron qos plugin in our CI?14:21
thorstbecause we can14:21
thorstthough it only 'works' for OVS14:21
thorstfor SEA it 'works', but doesn't actually apply rules14:21
edmondswso its kinda pointless, right?14:21
thorstit was more of a 'why not'.14:21
edmondswthere's a bug that we have to workaround because of that plugin14:22
edmondswwe're talking about removing it, so we don't have to have that workaround14:22
edmondswunless you object14:22
thorstI'm not wedded to that being in the CI14:22
edmondswesberglu fried_rice ^14:23
fried_riceMake it so, #1.14:23
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: DNM: ci check
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esberglufried_rice: edmondsw: On it15:12
fried_riceWe also need to propose updates to our tox configs for pike.  I'll get on that.15:12
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Update tox.ini settings for pike
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/networking-powervm master: Update tox.ini settings for pike
esbergluedmondsw: What workaround are you referring to for qos?15:19
edmondswesberglu creating /etc/neutron15:20
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/ceilometer-powervm master: Update tox.ini settings for pike
esbergluOh disabling qos fixes that? Nice15:20
edmondswesberglu I think it should... haven't tried it15:21
fried_riceesberglu edmondsw I have, it works.15:22
edmondswat least it will roll back the thing that's currently hitting it15:22
edmondswok, cool15:22
esbergluedmondsw: I'll do a CI run with it before merging15:22
fried_riceesberglu I did this:15:22
fried_rice# enable_service n-novnc neutron neutron-api neutron-qos pvm-q-sea-agt pvm-q-sriov-agt15:22
fried_riceenable_service n-novnc neutron neutron-api pvm-q-sea-agt pvm-q-sriov-agt15:22
fried_riceand this:15:22
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fried_rice# extension_drivers=port_security,qos15:23
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mdrabefried_rice Do you remember off the top of your head if the slot map is supposed to honor the slot *pairs* between source and destination VIOSes for NPIV RR?16:34
mdrabei.e. vios 1 has client slots 7 and 8, vios 2 has slots 9 and 10, so should 7 and 8 stay together on a vios on the destination?16:35
mdrabeWait crap it's not the VIOSes that are important with NPIV it's the FC ports (fabrics) I think.16:42
mdrabethorst do you remember this at all ^ ?16:42
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thorstmdrabe: yes, it must honor pairs16:45
thorstand its a huge PITA to do that16:45
mdrabethorst: pairs between VIOSes or pairs between FC ports?16:45
thorst(A1, B1), (A2, B2) on source can not flip to (A1, B2), (A2, B1) no target16:46
thorstFC ports on a given vios16:46
mdrabethorst: Is this OK then?
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thorstmdrabe: nope17:00
thorstthat flipped17:00
thorstit shouldn't have flipped17:00
thorstthat indicates maybe a loss of the slot store?17:00
mdrabeIt honored the port pairs though17:01
mdrabeAnd I don't think we lost the slot store since we have the same client slot numbers17:01
mdrabethorst: I'm hungry and gonna get something to eat, I'll dive when I get back.17:02
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thorst7/9 were on the same vios initially.  Now they're on separate vioses?17:03
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edmondswfried_rice so these pike tox changes... we make them on master, branch pike, and then revert them on master? Not branch pike and then make them on pike?18:57
mdrabe_afkthorst: yea that's correct18:58
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thorstmdrabe: that's the scenario we try to avoid.18:58
mdrabethorst: I think we've always been doing it this way18:58
edmondswfried_rice I would think we'd want to branch pike and then make these pike tox changes on the stable/pike branch instead of master. And that's what we apparently did back in April19:07
mdrabethorst: Shyama made the change awhile ago to honor slot peers on vioses for migration. The bug is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623889 in nova-powervm "live migration of instance using npiv volumes and multiple vios does not take the client slot into account" [Undecided,Fix released] - Assigned to Shyama (shyvenug)19:24
mdrabeSo that was done to make sure the MPIO config was replicated on the target, the question I have then is do we care about this during evacuation?19:25
edmondswmdrabe why would care about it on LPM and not on evac?19:34
mdrabeedmondsw because the guest is effectively rebooted on evac19:34
mdrabeSo I *think* the MPIO config gets reset19:34
mdrabeI'm sending a note out about it19:35
edmondswoh, you mean SRR when you say evac19:35
mdrabeWell it's actually evac evac in this case19:36
edmondswthe term evac gets used for too many things...19:37
mdrabeYes it's... complicated19:37
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openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: ISCSI volume attachment fixes
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fried_riceHm, that's bizarre; I totally created my local branches against stable/pike.21:02
fried_riceI think I know what I did wrong - I said git review instead of git review stable/pike.  But I'm surprised it let me do it at all in that case.21:04
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