Monday, 2017-07-31

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esbergluefried_zzz: thorst: edmondsw: Any idea how to resolve this? The CI cloud thinks all 135 ips are used even though there are only 9 instances14:46
esbergluIs there some way to remove these "used" ips that aren't actually being used?14:46
thorstesberglu: yeah, though concerning that happened14:47
thorstrun a 'neutron port-delete' from the CLI on the openstack server14:47
esbergluthorst: What I think happened is that the controller was full on disk and so a TON of spawns were failing over the weekend. Some of them must have not been cleaning up14:48
esbergluMight have to up the controller disk size14:48
esbergluThe switch from 15G to 30G images really takes up some space since there are multiple images sitting around14:49
thorstwe could increase it, but you'd need to rebuild the whole system14:53
thorstthat's kinda a PITA14:53
esbergluthorst: Yeah. Maybe next time I do a full redeploy I will bite the bullet. I doubled it previously thinking that would be enough, wish I would have done more14:59
thorstnever enough storage15:12
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esbergluefried: Those 500 internal server error runs also have this trace in n-cond-cell1.log17:54
esbergluYou know anything about nova conductor?17:54
efriedWhat makes you think that's related?17:55
efriedUnless it has something to do with data that's normally populated being None, and that funneling down to the REST request, and that hitting some unhandled error path in REST/VIOS.17:55
esbergluThis is now showing up where we would see the internal error 500 message in powervm_os_ci.html17:56
esbergluLooking in n-cpu the 500 error is still found on the failing test17:56
esbergluAnd that 500 error is also printed in n-cond-cell1.log17:57
esberglu^ logs I have been looking at17:58
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efriedMaybe we're talking about two different things.18:02
efriedThe 500 I care about is the one coming from *our* REST API, on a VIOS POST.18:03
efriedThe odds of that 500 being related in any way to a 500 coming from/through the conductor are virtually nil.18:04
efriedThe problem I have with the 500 from VIOS POST isn't necessarily that it's happening - it's that we have no idea *why* it's happening, because the message is generic.  Normally when we get a 500 from our REST API, it has some hint as to what went wrong.18:04
efriedSo that's the first thing we need to nail down and fix.  That's the thrust of the defect we opened.18:05
efriedIn order to figure that out, they're gonna need the REST logs.18:05
efriedThen once we know what the real reason is, we a) get that message fixed, and b) see if it's something we can do anything about, or if it's just a random failure we have to tolerate (like "VIOS busy").18:05
esbergluLook at the first line of the paste above, it is the 500 from the vios no?18:06
esbergluThe sql_connection could just be a result of the 500 though, not sure18:06
esbergluThe CantStartEngineError that is18:07
efriedah, okay, I see the confusion.  So yeah, if there's any correlation at all, the conductor error is the result of the REST 500.  Doesn't affect how we follow up.18:08
efriedesberglu Scanning the code, I *think* the exception you pasted above is actually ignored.  Our 500 happens in the try: block at -- then the thing that's generating the exception is where it's trying to clean up from that (L561) which generates an exception that gets logged, but ignored (L563)18:20
efriedIn any case, our job is to figure out why we're getting that 500.18:21
esbergluefried: I should just be able to scp from the neo onto the AIO vm I think18:32
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efriedesberglu You mean scp the REST logs?  Yes, if you can figure out which neo it is.  Which should be possible in the same way we're doing the local2remote setup.18:56
efriedesberglu But I thought we had already done that (at least once, manually) and supplied that info in the defect18:56
efriedPerhaps we just need to put pressure on the defect owner(s) to take a look.18:57
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efriedesberglu Ah, that defect was owned by me.  That's why it wasn't going anywhere.  Needs to be owned by REST.  Moved it to changh.19:33
esbergluefried: Oh I opened it in pypowervm that's why. Thought it would automatically reroute when I changed that19:43
esbergluMakes sense that it doesn't I guess19:43
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efriedDoesn't make sense to me.20:28
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edmondswesberglu check the note I just sent21:09
edmondswwe must be running tox all the time, and we haven't been seeing this, right?21:09
esbergluI haven't seen it anywhere, tox gets run every patch21:15
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edmondswesberglu do we maybe have wsgi_intercept installed?21:16
esbergluedmondsw: Not sure. That's part of the jenkins gating jobs not the PowerVM CI21:18
esbergluedmondsw: Not seeing anything about wsgi_intercept in the logs from those runs21:24
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edmondswesberglu fyi, I was able to reproduce that wsgi_intercept problem on a fresh system22:27
edmondswso it's not looking like an env issue22:27
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