Thursday, 2017-07-20

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openstackgerritArundhati Surpur proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Removed older version of python added 3.5
openstackgerritArundhati Surpur proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
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efriededmondsw Any idea the state of the CI?12:29
efriedLooks like not picking up patches?12:29
edmondswI don't, but esberglu... ^12:30
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
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edmondswefried have you seen this before?  HTTP error 500 for method POST on path /rest/api/uom/VirtualIOServer/6B7621A8-CAEB-44C0-A6BD-D1E15C119CF0?group=ViosSCSIMapping13:08
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edmondswthat's why the CI failed on
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efriededmondsw Yeah, that's about as vague as it gets.  We would have to have the REST logs to investigate any further.13:11
edmondswefried yeah, that's what I figured13:11
edmondswI saw you rechecked... I was about to do that. We'll see how that goes13:12
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Updated from global requirements
thorstefried: nvcastet and I are channeling our inner you for our code reviews.  OVS stuff will be on a new schema version, V1_6_0...13:30
efriedthorst As it should be.13:31
thorstso sayeth the efried13:31
thorstso it shall be done13:31
efriedMake it so.13:31
thorstsomething tells me you weren't a star trek fan.13:32
efriedNever had anything against it, but wasn't a Trekkie, or whatever.13:32
efriedBTW, that schema version thing I shouldn't have had to mention.  That should never have slipped through apearson and changh.  If they weren't reviewers, they should have been.  If they were... we need to make sure they're paying attention.13:33
thorstlets bring up in scrum13:33
thorstyou can bash heads13:33
efried...unless there's some reason we don't give a crap about that anymore.13:34
thorstwe do13:36
thorstwe just need gentle reminders periodically13:36
thorstefried: you cut the pypowervm release yet?13:41
thorstif not, I'd like to try to get this OVS change in13:41
efriedthorst Not yet.  Still waiting for the nod from the iscsi stuff.13:41
efriedjay1_ ^^13:41
edmondswefried on that note... can you help ravi figure out why iscsi volume attachments aren't working?13:41
efriedMe??  I can't even spell ISCSI.13:42
edmondswefried ok, he said "I initially saw some errors related to the new 'VolumeAttachment" API that is being used for first time by nova in Pike release." and thought you might know about that13:42
efriedOh, the new cinder driver stuff.  I know of its existence, but I know nothing about it, I'm afraid.13:42
efriedCould probably find the blueprint and related reviews if I had to.13:43
edmondswk, I'll talk to the storage guys13:43
jay1_efried: I'm still stuck with the ISCSI Volume attach issue. Chhavi/Ravi were looking into the issue.13:44
efriedk.  Looks like you have a reprieve while thorst tries to jam OVS function into pypowervm.13:45
thorsto, if iSCSI beats me, so be it13:45
thorstcut the version  :-)13:45
efriedThough it should be noted that we're going to have a harder time pushing a new pypowervm through g-r after this week.13:45
efriedSo yeah, we really should do that ASAP.13:45
thorstwe really just need to determine if the issue is in pypowervm or not.13:45
efriedBecause non-client lib freeze is today or tomorrow.13:45
thorstedmondsw: do we know if this is a priority for chhavi/ravi?13:46
efried(freeze is today)13:46
efriedSo yeah, we need to cut it today.13:46
edmondswthorst it is13:46
edmondswI didn't know we had a deadline of today until just now, though... so I just communicated that, which they didn't know either13:49
efriedWell, we don't need ISCSI for in-tree, but the thing that restricts us is that nova-powervm is also tied into the g-r bot.13:51
efriedSo we can't really get a new minimum into nova-powervm without shoving it through g-r.13:51
efriedWhich is going to be a tough sell after this week.13:51
edmondswefried do we actually need a new minimum here?13:52
edmondswthat was my question to you in the review that I haven't seen a response for yet13:52
efriedwhich review?13:52
efriedoh, that review.13:52
edmondswplease check
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efriededmondsw Right, let's put it this way: if we can't get the new minimum in place, then we'll have to code that guy not to need it.13:54
efriededmondsw I don't see any reason not to push a new minimum if we can.13:54
efrieddo you?13:54
edmondswefried I think it's coded not to need it today... but I had comments that could lead to changes that need it13:54
edmondswefried no, I'd be happy with a new min13:54
efriedISCSI discovery return code, ISCSI LUN ID - neither of those is a hard requirement for the above?13:55
edmondswoh, we were trying to avoid being backward incompatible, not avoid a new min13:55
edmondswefried I don't think that review does anything with return codes13:55
thorstefried edmondsw: JFYI that I have a new OVS patch up for pypowervm.13:56
efriedThose are just the change set titles.  I haven't dug into what they actually did.13:56
edmondswefried yeah, I think the commit message is ba13:56
efriedthorst Do you think it has a chance of getting merged today?  If so, let's ask jfoliva to hold off13:56
efried(thorst I think sonar's gonna ding you on number of params in CNA.bld)13:58
thorstefried: I'm pretty comfortable with the change.  We've been playing with it and it seems fine.13:59
thorstlet me check sonar.13:59
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thorstlol, I hate sonar.14:01
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edmondswlol who doesn't hate sonar?14:29
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edmondswthorst efried talking to chhavi, it sounds like we should be good to spin pypowervm if all we care about are create and attach14:56
edmondswthorst efried but she says there is more work to do to get detach and delete working14:57
thorstin pypowervm?14:57
edmondswshe says that was not part of the original plan... ??14:57
thorstif you support attach, you have to support detach14:57
edmondswthat's what I said...14:57
thorstso maybe we have a spin without iSCSI14:57
edmondswwell, the create/attach changes have merged in pypowervm, so they'll be in whatever we spin14:58
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edmondswchhavi, if we support create/attach, we have to support detach/delete as well... they go hand in hand14:59
edmondswthorst was just agreeing before you joined14:59
chhaviedmondsw: do we have any release statement for iscsi as a part of this.15:00
edmondswchhavi I don't think so, but that's not really the point15:00
chhavias a support we do have implementation for detach and delete and its there.15:01
thorstdoes it work?15:01
chhavibut it did not worked earlier when it was tested.15:01
thorstso we need to validate it like we do attach?  I would think that's a fairly simple test15:02
edmondswthorst I think she's saying it has been tested and didn't work15:02
chhaviyes i agree, its not simple to test either on the devstack env which we have :)15:02 net is, we can't merge until we have a clean path on both sides.15:03
thorstpypowervm stuff, we could merge.15:03
edmondswand have15:03
edmondswbut nova-powervm, I agree15:03
chhaviearlier we tested with 2 volumes and found issue with lunid,15:03
thorstcause I would assume that we can test pypowervm independent of nova-powervm15:03
chhaviis there a way to test pypowervm iscsi using pvmctl15:04
chhavifor iscsi attach/detach15:04
edmondswI would think pypowervm can/should be tested even independent of devstack15:04
chhavithat can save lot of time15:04
thorstpvmctl can't control it until pypowervm has it enabled.  Then pvmctl needs to be extended to support those new attributes15:04
thorstclbush may be able to help there.15:04
chhaviif we can test pypowervm code indepedently it will be quick, because we majorly loosing time setting openstack15:05
edmondswbut someone should just be able to write a script to test pypowervm, right?15:05
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edmondswchhavi why haven't we been testing pypowervm independent of devstack, just with a test script driving it?15:10
edmondswor have we been doing that and I misunderstood/15:11
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edmondswefried I guess go ahead with the pypowervm spin or don't for non-iSCSI reasons, since the iSCSI work isn't done like we thought15:17
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efriedthorst You want to get 5533 into the release?16:15
efriedThe only other thing we need to release for is that power-off bug.16:15
efriedAnd for that, I'm pretty sure we don't need to bump the community minimum.16:15
efriedWe don't need to bump the community minimum for the OVS stuff until Q, right?  Or were we thinking to use that OOT before Q?16:16
thorstefried: I'd like to just so that I can then push the OVS change into queens pretty cleanly16:16
thorstnah, queens likely there16:16
efriedthorst Okay, well, it looks to be ready to go.16:16
thorstafter so many rechecks I just assumed it'd fail again16:17
efriedesberglu Can we do a quick CI run with pypowervm develop again please?16:17
chhaviedmondsw: pypowervm changes were done, while we were testing the iSCSI using openstack. all those issues were caught as a part of integration testing.16:28
edmondswchhavi not sure what you mean... that the code was written, but then found to not work during testing?16:31
edmondswfor detach/delete16:31
edmondswor were you trying to say something else entirely?16:31
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chhaviedmondsw: i mean, code exists, i joined when we found issues during integration testing.16:38
chhaviwe can have the pypowervm code tested independently using the script to verify the detach and delete.16:39
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esbergluefried: Yep on it17:05
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esbergluefried: dev pypowervm looks good18:50
efriedesberglu Cool, thanks.18:51
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efriedthorst_ esberglu edmondsw 1.1.6 is released
efriedjay1_ ^19:40
efriedtjakobs ^19:40
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edmondswefried finally! thanks19:41
jay1_efried: ah cool19:41
jay1_does it have ISCSI changes or not ?19:41
edmondswefried are you going to propose a change to g-r?19:41
efriedjay1_ It has the ISCSI changes thus far, yes.19:42
efriedjay1_ It wasn't clear to me whether more would be needed to support delete/detach.19:42
edmondswjay1_ it has the 2 changes chhavi did a while back... sounds like we'll need more to make everything work, but that's a start19:42
jay1_efried: edmondsw: sure Thanks.19:42
edmondswefried is there a nova-powervm change that depends on this new pypowervm version? If we're not going to merge the nova-powervm iSCSI stuff for pike, I'm not sure we really need to bump g-r for pike. But maybe there's some change for the OVS stuff that I haven't seen yet?19:48
efriededmondsw Well, we've had these two waiting for a while:
efriedIt won't be the end of the world if they don't happen.19:49
efriedAnd no, I don't think thorst_ has proposed anything for OVS yet in the community, but it would be nice to be able to get started on that sooner rather than later without having to worry about whether it's a good time to propose another g-r bump.19:50
edmondswefried makes sense19:51
edmondswefried do we need both of those reviews you linked? The commits look like they're the same thing19:51
efriedOne is in nova, one in nova-powervm19:51
edmondswoh, duh...19:51
thorst_efried: you want me to propose up the nova-powervm change set?19:54
efriedthorst_ For...?19:54
thorst_as 100% WIP for OVS19:54
efriedthorst_ As you wish.  I'm in no hurry.19:55
thorst_ok.  I wasn't in a rush either.   But if it helped with the g-r stuff...19:55
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efriedthorst_ It really won't make much of a case for g-r unless we're pushing to get it into pike.19:59
thorst_which we're not19:59
thorst_so ok19:59
esbergluefried: thorst_: edmondsw: 5571 is no longer WIP. I'm gonna push through runs for all 4 scenarios and then we should be good to merge20:01
efriedesberglu 5571/5/devstack/master/intree/local.conf@16 - wtf is +# syntax?20:03
esbergluefried: typo20:03
esbergluefried: fixed20:04
edmondswesberglu why are we switching from 10. to 192. ?20:12
esbergluedmondsw: 192. is the network we create post stack. We don't have devstack create our networks. The 10. was a remnant of some old config.20:14
esbergluThe only reason we have this setting in there is so that the tempest.conf file gets it right20:15
edmondswesberglu one comment, easy change20:16
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esbergluedmondsw: Done20:18
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miltonmadi_____, see if you have any intrest in reducing the watchdog during shutdown (even in barreleye)22:38
miltonmoops wrong channel22:38
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