Wednesday, 2017-07-12

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edmondsw_jay1_ you ok removing the old issues from once they're resolved?14:24
edmondsw_it'll be easier to read if we keep this to only current issues14:24
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jay1_edmondsw: sure14:25
edmondsw_jay1_ great, I removed the 7/11 information14:26
jay1_to avoid the problem of reference, I was adding the latest on top.. also adding the date.14:26
jay1_anyways older details are not required at the moment14:26
edmondsw_esberglu have you seen what jay1_  said in the etherpad about new neo32 issues ?14:26
jay1_Thanks for removing.14:26
jay1_I told the issue to Chhavi in the morning today. But didn't get any response yet.14:27
jay1_so, raising neo defect for the deploy issue14:28
jay1_before that esberglu, can you confirm if you are also facing the same ?14:28
efriedesberglu CI looks like it's failing on discover_hosts, e.g.
esbergluefried: Is that the only place you have seen it? I haven't had a chance to look through CI failures yet today14:58
edmondsw_esberglu may be a good idea to copy the image from neo32 and stack neo34 with that so jay1_ doesn't have to add it later15:12
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efriedesberglu I haven't looked, just happened to notice that one.15:30
edmondsw_based on novalink slack channel, looks like neo32's failure is due to a phyp issue... please don't reboot the system until they've had a chance to look15:33
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edmondsw_I updated the etherpad15:33
esbergluedmondsw_: ack15:34
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edmondswchhavi_ FYI ^15:41
chhavi_above CI failure is irerelevant of the iscsi changes, its error in nova-manage15:51
mdrabeesberglu: Looks like the nodepool issue with jenkins > 2.46.1 should be fixed now,!/story/200107415:56
mdrabeWould require a nodepool update15:57
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edmondswchhavi_ right, I just wanted to make sure you knew the latest on trying to get that system working for you and jay1_16:29
esberglumdrabe: IIRC correctly, bumping up nodepool versions will require creating a zookeeper cluster16:31
esbergluI don't know anything about zookeeper16:31
esbergluThere's an openstack email thread about it, I'll try to dig it up in a little bit16:32
mdrabeesberglu: Yea... I'll try it out when I get through the pvc stuff16:32
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esberglumdrabe: Sounds good16:33
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esbergluneo34 is stacked16:59
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edmondswesberglu awesome... were they doing something wrong?17:43
esbergluedmondsw: Not sure what the problem actually was17:44
esbergluI ended up just unstacking, cleaning, removing all openstack repos and stacking with a known working local.conf17:44
esbergluedmondsw: Working on yours again now17:45
edmondswesberglu ty sir17:45
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efriedthorst <== Did this get implemented?21:03
efriedIf it did, the review didn't get tagged with the blueprint.21:04
thorst:-(  I think it did, but yeah, we screwed up the BP21:04
efriedthorst So let's merge the spec, manually update the whiteboard, and close out the bp?21:05
efriedthorst Can you find the review(s) in question, prolly quicker than I can?21:05
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efriedDidn't update whiteboard either because some bot ain't paying attention to nova-powervm, or because the review topic wasn't set properly.21:08
efriedthorst There's also this one but not sure if that should be associated with the bp, prolly not.21:10
thorstefried: I'm good with merging it21:10
thorstyeah, is the one that did it21:11
thorstit turns out it wasn't so experimental21:11
thorstit just kind of worked.21:11
thorstI think there was another from shyama to do lpm21:11
thorstaaand yep, that's the second one you posted21:11
thorstyou're (as always) way ahead of me21:11
thorstefried: so yeah,  I won't be the one to merge the spec (since I'm author).  Do you want another rev on it since adreznec is just +1 with a couple comments or good with it as is?21:12
efriedI already +W'd it21:12
efriedUpdating the bp now.21:12
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efriedthorst Okay, I think I did enough stuff to it.
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thorstefried: thx21:23
thorstgotta run...kid stuff21:23
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