Tuesday, 2017-07-11

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esberglu#startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting13:01
openstackMeeting started Tue Jul 11 13:01:04 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.13:01
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'powervm_driver_meeting'13:01
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edmondswI will be presenting in another meeting, so can't follow the conversation here... will read back later13:02
esbergluedmondsw: ack13:02
esberglu#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm_driver_meeting_agenda13:02
efriedI'm asking Jay & Chhavi if they can join.13:02
esberglu^ Lets try to start adding stuff to that agenda. I think it will cut some serious time off of these meetings13:02
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efriedCause I think our #1 priority at this point is getting iSCSI verified so we can cut a new pypowervm release.13:03
chhavihi efried,13:03
efriedHi chhavi - seeing if Jay can join too.13:03
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chhavime and jay tried to do the verification yesterday and there were environment issues. For verification we just need a setup where atleast the devstack is configured properly13:04
chhavijay1_: did u tried anything further this morning13:04
jay1_Yeah.. still getting the stacking issue13:05
efriedesberglu Can you take an #action to stack the nodes jay1_ is using ASAP?13:05
esbergluefried: jay1_: What is the current issue?13:06
jay1_I have created new etherpad location for current test issues and status and updated the same link in our original etherpad location13:06
esberglujay1_:  Did adding those neutron dirs get you past the issue you were seeing yesterday13:06
efried#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/community_testing_issues_status13:07
jay1_no, I have even ran the whole prep script and still getting the issue13:07
efriedesberglu At this point I think we need to take over jay1_'s system(s) and do whatever it takes to get it/them stacked and ready by his next morning.13:08
esbergluefried: Sure. I can put the other stuff aside today and focus on that13:09
esberglujay1_: Can you ping me the creds in slack?13:09
jay1_I have mentioned in the same etherpad location13:09
esberglujay1_: You can't put internal ips in the external openstack etherpad13:11
efriedJust knowing it's neo32 with standard creds is enough to get you there.13:12
efriedjay1_ What's the status of neo34?13:12
jay1_neo34 Deploy issue13:13
jay1_I will remove the IP from the etherpad13:13
esberglujay1_: I already did13:13
esbergluAnything else we need to talk about here? Or come back to it once the system is stacked13:14
efriedjay1_ chhavi Just so we're clear:13:15
jay1_for the Deploy issue I will put a neo defect so that Hsien would have a look at it.13:15
efriedThe urgent priority is signing off on the current state of pypowervm so we can cut a new release there and push it through global requirements.13:15
efriedIf we need to continue to work bugs in REST or nova-powervm after that, that's fine.  We're just trying to avoid needing changes to pypowervm after we cut a new release - and we want that release to happen ASAP.13:16
chhaviyes, if the stack issue is resolved, we can do the quick validation for the pypowervm13:18
esbergluCool sounds like we have a plan there. Any other driver topics that need to be discussed?13:19
jay1_esberglu, can we have another etherpad loc for indicating the current CI issue and the work around ?13:20
jay1_it would help us esp during our day time13:20
jay1_instead of waiting for you till evening.13:20
esberglujay1_: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm_ci_todos13:20
esbergluI don't want to add another etherpad on top of that13:21
esbergluI can start adding you to CI reviews if you would like so you can have an idea of whats happening13:21
jay1_if it has that info, that is fine. let me have detailed look.13:21
efriedesberglu I think what jay1_ is asking for is more of a cheat-sheet of things that are going to be generally useful to someone trying to stack.13:22
jay1_efried: exactly, bcz most of the times that is what becomes problem.13:22
efriedWhat you've got at the bottom of that etherpad (the stuff that's crossed out) is a large superset of that info.13:23
efriedbut probably also missing a couple of items that you just saw and fixed real quick.13:23
esbergluefried: Yeah that's why I was keeping the history. Your second point is also accurate13:23
efriedLike what would be ideal is a paste of a stacking error plus a description of or pointer to the fix for that error.13:24
efriedSo a guy could search13:24
esbergluI'll start linking stack traces on paste.o.o and link them in when a fix is found13:25
efriedesberglu paste.o.o won't facilitate search13:26
efriedLike in this case I would want to be able to search for "tee: /etc/neutron/neutron.conf: No such file or directory" and it would get right to that error.13:26
esbergluI don't want to clutter up that etherpad with traces though. And I want to minimize the number of locations that we are tracking things13:27
esbergluI will provide enough info to find what you are looking for13:27
esbergluThen link in the full trace13:27
esbergluI will _try_ to do that13:27
efriedOkay, hopefully that'll be enough.  We'll try it and see how it flies.13:27
efriedYou don't have to do it retroactively, I don't think, as long as we can get jay1_'s systems stacking now.13:28
efriedThen we can just maintain it going forward.13:28
esbergluefried: Sure13:28
efriedDuring the transition period, us other poor schlubs may have to ask you one-off questions as we try to get up to currency.13:29
efriedbut that's what the status quo has been up to this point :)13:29
esbergluAlright sounds like a plan. Lets move on13:30
esbergluAny other driver topics?13:30
esbergluOtherwise I can do a quick run through of what's happening CI13:31
esberglumdrabe: go ahead13:31
mdrabeThe NVRAM stuff, update is I still have to get with Farnaz on the environment stuff13:31
mdrabeMight involve going off on a tangent in pvc to get the scale tests running, but that's it, that's the update13:31
esbergluAlright. I'll just run through CI quick then13:32
esberglu#topic CI13:32
esbergluSo as we talked about I've been working on the devstack generated tempest.conf13:33
esbergluThis has spawned a bunch of other threads13:33
esbergluLike ways to remove skip list tests, tempest bugs, missing tempest/devstack features, etc.13:33
BorD_with Nutanix coming to Power, any chance we will see Nutanix with PowerVM / AIX / IBM i?13:34
BorD_or will it strictly be Nutanix with Linux on Power13:34
esbergluI'm planning on organizing the list of TODOs that have come up this afternoon13:34
esbergluAnd continuing to work through them13:34
esbergluThat's all I had for CI13:34
efriedBorD_ That sounds like a thorst question.  Would you mind holding until we're done with this meeting?13:35
thorstyeah, I'll respond on the nutanix stuff after the meeting  :-)13:36
esbergluAny final discussion items? We already covered driver testing13:36
efriedWe need to start queueing up PCI discussions, but edmondsw needs to be involved, so that can happen later.13:38
esbergluAlright. Sounds like that's it for the day then. Thanks for joining13:39
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openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/powervm_driver_meeting/2017/powervm_driver_meeting.2017-07-11-13.01.log.html13:40
BorD_sorry for stomping on the meeting, i missed that it was going on...13:40
efriedBorD_ No worries.  It looks like our meetbot doesn't set the channel topic.13:41
efriedthorst ^ Nutanix question?13:41
adreznecefried: yeah I think that's because this isn't an official openstack-meeting channel13:42
thorstSo I'm just working off of the announcements.  My understanding of the Nutanix announcements is that they will run on OpenPower boxes.  AIX, IBMi and PowerVM do not run on those boxes.  I don't know beyond what has been publicly announced.  :-)13:44
BorD_ok sounds good.13:45
BorD_just seeing that they do vmware, ahv, etc, would be interesting if they could also do powervm13:45
thorstI can poke around a little bit.  But I'm not too familiar.13:46
BorD_thanks.  sorry again for the interruption :)13:46
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edmondswjay1_ I moved the etherpad content to the new URL14:14
edmondswI noticed there was only info about one of the neos there... what about the other one?14:14
edmondswesberglu you got what you need to help jay1_ stack his systems?14:20
edmondswI still haven't succeeded in stacking my own :(14:20
jay1_edmondsw: sure, I just saw the confirmation mail14:20
edmondswkeep getting pulled onto other things14:20
esbergluedmondsw: Yep I'm on his system now14:20
edmondswso far, I make progress and then hit another issue14:20
jay1_edmondsw I'm not going to mention the IP address on the etherpad except the host name14:21
edmondswjay1_ right, thank you14:22
edmondswbut you're still having trouble with both neo32 and 34?14:22
jay1_Yeah.. neo34 am about to verify the deploy again and raise neo defect as needed so that Hsien will have a look at that.14:24
esbergluAnd I'm working on getting neo32 up14:29
esbergluedmondsw: What were you hitting?14:30
edmondswesberglu latest is this:  Unable to establish connection to http://<myneo>:8774/v2.1/flavors: ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))14:34
edmondswwhen trying to:   openstack flavor create --id 42 --ram 64 --disk 0 --vcpus 1 m1.nano14:34
esbergluedmondsw: That's a new one to me14:34
esbergluI can take a look once I get jay1_'s system figured out14:34
edmondswesberglu yep, his is definitely the priority... tx14:35
edmondswI'll unstack and try again in the meantime14:35
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esbergluedmondsw: efried: mdrabe: See 555414:59
esbergluThere's a test hitting every OOT run. I just want to disable it for now. See the description in the commit and let me know if you agree15:00
edmondswesberglu looking15:01
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esbergluedmondsw: Another thing to note is that the other 3 tests in TestVolumeBootPattern are already on the skip list15:02
edmondswesberglu is 5554 the right number?15:02
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah it should just be a change with the one test added to the skip list15:03
edmondswesberglu yeah, that's what it sounded like, but it's not what I'm seeing15:03
esbergluedmondsw: Haha I copy and pasted another review into the url bar of that review15:04
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esbergluedmondsw: efried: jays system is stacked15:49
esbergluAnyone know if neo34 was hitting the same stuff as neo32?15:49
esbergluOr is neo34 fine?15:49
efriedesberglu I think neo34 was stacked and hitting something in the actual function.15:49
esbergluefried: That's what I thought as well. Cool15:50
efriedesberglu Did you slack Jay?15:50
esbergluI sent an email15:50
esbergluI will slack him as well15:50
edmondswesberglu if you have credentials for neo34, slack them to me... I want to check some things there15:50
edmondswwhen i looked yesterday (without cred) it was stacked but the api services weren't working properly for neutron and cinder15:51
esbergluedmondsw: default neo creds15:51
edmondswhmm... thought I tried those yesterday...15:51
edmondswyep, sure enough, they work... must have had a typo yesterday15:52
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edmondswefried I want me to make sure I understand how to properly make a change dependent on another change...20:07
edmondswif I "git rebase -i <otherchange>" and then git-review I get a warning about submitting multiple commits20:08
edmondswI'm not changing anything about the <otherchange> so why is it resubmitting that? Doesn't sound right20:08
edmondswthere's a message that seems to say this is expected, but... I'm leery20:09
edmondswI don't want to blast any reviews on the <otherchange> by uploading a new patchset there with no changes20:10
efriededmondsw Yes, you get that message when stacking commits even when not changing the one(s) underneath.20:10
efriedThough I haven't used -i for that before.  What are you doing?20:11
efriedI usually use -i when I want to peel a commit *out* of a chain; or squash commits together.20:12
edmondswI just always use -i by habit... not really needed20:12
edmondswI was first taught to rebase with -i, and only recently went and read the docs and realized that's not necessary20:13
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efriedadreznec Where do we publish our docs for e.g. nova-powervm?21:25
adreznecefried: readthedocs, e.g http://nova-powervm.readthedocs.io/en/latest/21:26
adreznecControlled by the project-config hooks in here https://github.com/openstack-infra/project-config/blob/5b84c07ed09a2fb4d51939d13e016ff6af14ffcb/jenkins/jobs/projects.yaml#L842221:27
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