Monday, 2017-07-10

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openstackgerritArundhati Surpur proposed openstack/networking-powervm master: Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
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openstackgerritArundhati Surpur proposed openstack/networking-powervm master: Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
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thorstefried: I think I'm going to have to make a relatively large change for vif plugging  :-(12:34
edmondswthorst why's that?12:54
thorstas we're adding OVS to the REST API, we're hitting some interesting issues.12:54
thorstI think they're right...but they're...interesting.12:54
thorstI'm working through it now, *may* find a way to just do it all in REST.12:55
efriedthorst We knew the changes were going to be substantial.13:06
efriedBut it sounds like maybe you're going in a different direction than expected?13:06
efriedthorst Let's talk it through.13:06
thorstefried: I need to talk to nvcastet a bit more13:08
efriedthorst Yeah, what I fear is nvcastet making decisions that are suboptimal from a REST API perspective.13:08
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thorstefried: I'm not sure about that TBH13:16
thorstI think REST is pretty OK13:16
thorstits the backend...but let me think through once I'm out of meetings13:16
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esbergluefried: edmondsw: See changes 5548 and 5549 to knock out a huge chunk of the skip list (156 lines)17:42
esberglu5548 is good to go17:42
esbergluI want to run 5549 through again to make sure I didn't remove or leave any tests errantly17:42
edmondswesberglu how did you determine which extensions to list in 5548?17:45
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esbergluedmondsw: There is an openstack command for listing extensions18:55
esbergluopenstack extension list18:55
esbergluThen you can add --network18:55
esbergluTo list only the network extensions18:55
edmondswesberglu check the comments I added in 554818:55
esbergluedmondsw: Yep just looked at them18:55
edmondswesberglu what do you think of that blacklist idea? seems safer18:56
edmondswwould involve that cli you just mentioned18:56
esbergluedmondsw: Would be easier with a whitelist18:56
esbergluThen I can just filter the output of that command18:56
edmondswI think the whitelist leaves us open to not testing things we should be testing if/when something gets added18:57
esbergluThe whitelist would get generated each run18:57
edmondswesberglu maybe I'm not following you18:57
edmondswgenerated how?18:57
esbergluAfter you stack, you can run that command to list all of the enabled api extensions18:58
edmondswthe conf setting is a whitelist... so yes, you'd generate a whitelist each run... but how? I'm suggesting we generate it from running openstack extension list --network and then removing anything from a blacklist that we hardcode18:58
esbergluSo if any new features are added it would have to be a change at the devstack local.conf level18:58
esbergluI think openstack cli has ways to only output what you want18:59
esbergluSo I would only have it output the enabled extensions18:59
esbergluby name18:59
esbergluAnd then concatenate with commas and set it in tempest.conf18:59
edmondsw"if any new features are added it would have to be a change at the devstack local.conf level" doesn't seem like it would necessarily be true19:00
esbergluWell if we needed a change it would be. If a new extension is added that we don't want, we would have to disable it in the local.conf before stacking19:00
edmondswwe don't have anything in local.conf to do with most of the things in that list you've proposed19:00
esbergluAnd if a new extension is added that we do want, it will get picked up when stacking, then it will be present when generating the whitelist19:01
edmondswwhat's the diff between all and the list you've proposed in 5548? what are we actually disabling there?19:01
edmondswand you're saying everythig in that diff is explicitly disabled in our local.conf?19:02
esbergluThe extensions are enabled or disabled when stacking based on all sorts of things IIRC. Some have specific settings, some are side effects of other settings19:03
edmondswesberglu right, that's what I was afraid of19:04
edmondswso something new could get enabled based on some side effect or something, without us needing to do anything in local.conf19:04
edmondswbut we wouldn't be testing it in our CI like we should be19:04
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edmondswalso it will be more readable to see what we want to disable than what we want to enable, right?19:06
edmondswefried you're welcome to chime in here at any point :)19:06
efriedReading backscroll...19:06
esbergluI think you're worrying to much about the list. This is just a short term solution so that I can start getting rid of tests in the skip list. This is all going away as soon as the devstack generated tempest.conf is up19:06
esbergluWe would just be subject to devstack defaults for enabled/disabled extensions. If it is enabled by default and introduced it either works or breaks us which is what we want either way19:06
esbergluIf it is disabled by default we would never know the difference19:07
esbergluAnd as far as readability19:07
esbergluWe aren't listing the extensions anywhere19:07
esbergluJust going through the output of a command19:07
edmondswesberglu you're listing them with 554819:07
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah I thought we had already determined that we were changing that19:08
esbergluI thought we were arguing white vs blacklist19:08
edmondswbut you're right about this probably being me overthinking things if this is all temporary19:08
edmondswassuming it really is temporary19:08
esbergluHow long "temporary" is depends on how many external changes are needed19:09
esbergluHere's the flow I want to happen19:09
esberglu1) Get devstack to generate a tempest.conf that matches our current tempest.conf19:09
esberglu1a) With the exception being anything that is in our current tempest.conf that shouldn't be19:10
edmondswso you'll change 5548 to use the output of `openstack extension list --network`?19:10
edmondswok, I'm cool with that19:10
esberglu2) While that is going on, start working through the skip lists19:10
esbergluand see what else we can get rid of/identify any bugs19:10
efried...and exclude anything in a blacklist of network extensions, said blacklist maintained... where?  how?19:11
esbergluefried: That's why I wanted a whitelist. The blacklist just adds one more piece to the puzzle19:11
edmondswefried in some CI code19:11
efriedesberglu I don't see how.19:12
efriedEither we're hardcoding the whitelist, or we're hardcoding the blacklist.19:12
esbergluopenstack extension list --network19:12
edmondswefried but I think esberglu has sold me on just calling that CLI he mentioned, once I realized that CLI lists everything that is enabled in devstack19:12
esbergluIt lists all of the enabled extensions after stacking19:12
esbergluIt's how I generated the list in 554819:13
esbergluI'm just gonna do it each run now instead19:13
efriedOh, sure, perfect.19:13
efriedI thought we were going to have to hardcode something one way or the other.19:13
edmondswefried I did to, but nope... so I think we all agree now :)19:14
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esbergluefried: Okay I'm at the point where I have a comma separated list of extensions and want to set api_extensions in tempest.conf20:17
esbergluProblem is that there are multiple api_extensions (for each service)20:18
esbergluKnow a good way to find the correct api_extensions line to replace?20:18
efriedslack me an example of the output20:18
esbergluI need to get the api_extensions line in the [network-features-enabled] section20:19
efriedesberglu And you want to do this from bash (as opposed to python)?20:19
esbergluefried: I was going to try it in bash unless it's way more difficult that way20:20
esbergluFor now I could just put a placeholder in our tempest.conf20:20
esbergluOn that line20:20
esbergluBut I'm trying to improve my bash so I wanted something better20:22
efriedesberglu See
esbergluefried: Oh I forgot that was in there. Thanks20:23
efriedesberglu Yahyoubetcha.20:23
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efriedesberglu You can also look up `iniset` in the devstack libs.21:30
efriedesberglu Actually, devstack/inc/ini-config is full of useful config-related functions :)21:32
esbergluefried: Cool I'll take a look tomorrow. Was having too much fun nuking the skip list today. Just knocked out another 80 lines21:42
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efriededmondsw Are you interested in being added to all of my ksa changes?23:28
edmondswefried will try to look tomorrow23:30
edmondswI can replace self with efried :)23:30
efriedI'll just walk 'em and add you.23:30
efriedThere's not that many.23:30
edmondswmy +1 will help you with the keystone guys23:30
edmondswthey know me pretty well at this point :)23:30
edmondswunlike nova...23:31
efriededmondsw Done.23:31
efriedThey're getting to know me :)23:31
efriedBut definitely appreciate your reviews.23:31
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