Tuesday, 2017-06-13

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esberglu#startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting13:01
openstackMeeting started Tue Jun 13 13:01:01 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.13:01
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'powervm_driver_meeting'13:01
edmondswefried thorst_afk you here?13:02
thorst_afkkinda here13:02
esberglu#topic In Tree Driver13:03
esberglu#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm-in-tree-todos13:03
edmondswI have been working on a couple patches13:03
edmondswsecond was at efried's request via comment in the first, but I think should probably go first13:04
edmondswhe just gave his comments yesterday, which I plan to go through today and then ping a couple cores for their thoughts, make sure this is acceptable before I invest a lot of time in UTs13:05
esbergluYeah that order makes sense from a quick glance13:05
edmondswother than that, we got a +2 on esberglu's support matrix patch... got a link for that?13:06
edmondswthat's the one13:06
* thorst_afk is now afk13:06
esbergluAnything we need discussion on in tree?13:07
edmondswI'll add mriedem and sdague on that and see if we can get it merged13:07
esbergluedmondsw: Sweet13:07
edmondswI'm sure efried would have more to talk about here... maybe we come back to it when he shows up13:09
edmondswnext topic?13:09
esberglu#topic Out of Tree Driver13:09
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esbergluNot sure how much activity has been going on here, I've been mostly on CI the last handful of days13:10
efriedSorry, previous "meeting" ran over.13:10
edmondswI've got a change out for pypowervm, 5421, that could use some reviews13:10
esbergluefried: np. You have anything you want to talk in tree quick before we move to out of tree?13:10
edmondswI guess that's as much IT as OOT, or not really either13:11
efriedWhat's the prognosis for hypervisors devref?13:11
esbergluI was gonna start that in the background today while I try to get stacks working13:12
efriedCool cool.13:12
efriedI'll be interested to see where that ends up, and what it looks like.13:12
efriedDo you have experience with RST?13:12
esbergluNope but there are plenty of examples13:13
efriedYup; remind me when you get started and I'll show you a couple of tricks for rendering so you can test it out and make sure it's a) valid, and b) doing what you want.13:14
esbergluefried: Ok sounds good13:14
edmondswI'll have to get you to show me those tricks as well... or better yet, someone should make sure they're documented somewhere and just link :)13:14
edmondswI know how to see things once they're in gerrit, but not before13:15
efriedYeah, that's the most reliable one, since that's how it's actually going to be rendered.13:15
efriedThe other one is to use rst2html.py13:15
edmondswesberglu once it's up in gerrit, just click the docs gate link13:16
esbergluEasy enough13:16
efriedBut come to think of it, I'm sure there's a way to do that docs build locally.  Probably tox -e docs in fact.13:16
edmondswhmm... yeah, probably13:16
efriedAnyway, moving on.13:17
efriedOtherwise, I don't have anything specifically PowerVM in tree.  Unless we want to start looking ahead to queens.13:17
edmondsware you going to tackle some of those minor cleanup things before or after starting on queens stuff like network, config_drive, etc.?13:18
efriedBefore would be better.13:18
edmondswthat's what I was thinking, since it'll be a while before we can merge for queens13:18
efriedYeah, I don't think those have an owner yet.13:19
edmondswthey don't13:19
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edmondswmight be good stuff for esberglu13:19
edmondswget his feet wetter :)13:19
efriedbtw, is mdrabe invited to these?13:20
esbergluedmondsw: Sure I can take a stab at it. I'll start looking through those patches again, been a while13:20
edmondswwe can all pick those off as able13:20
esbergluefried: Yeah13:20
edmondswesberglu +113:20
edmondswI thought mdrabe was invited, but let me check13:20
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah he is13:20
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esbergluAlright are we ready to move to OOT?13:20
edmondswesberglu hmm... I was going to say I don't see him on the invite I have, but you may have added him later13:21
edmondswand mdrabe is here!13:21
efriedOh, esberglu on the devref thing, note that we have some docs OOT.  A lot of it won't be appropriate (like how to install and set up the OOT driver) but could be a good starting point.13:21
edmondswspeak of the devil...13:21
mdrabeHaving some trouble with my client13:21
edmondswno worries13:22
efriedYeah, so train of thought there was something like, in order for esberglu to get to those items, he needs some breathing room in the CI - and wasn't mdrabe going to be helping create said space - say, where's mdrabe, was he invited?13:22
efriedAnyway, I think we're done talking about in-tree now.13:23
esbergluefried: Yeah I'm having him do his first deploy today13:23
efriedSchweet.  We can talk about it in the CI topic.13:23
edmondsw:) as I understand it, mdrabe is starting to learn there on CI, and I'm also hoping esberglu will have more space from getting these patches in that allow quicker CI changes without rebuilds13:23
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edmondswwe're all over the place today... anything for OOT efried?13:23
esbergluedmondsw: That's the idea13:23
edmondswsince that's the topic we're supposedly in13:23
efriedI think there's going to be a ripple OOT from the power-off changes.13:24
efriedFirst we're going to have to cut a new pypowervm release, for that and the iscsi stuff.13:24
efriedThen propose it in g-r and let it percolate.  Then chhavi's change will start to verify, and I can do the above.13:25
edmondswI'd like to see 5421 also go into that pypowervm release13:25
efriedmdrabe Can you please review 5421?13:26
edmondswty sir13:26
efriedAnd thorst_afk if you're not too busy saving the world.13:26
edmondswI think he's actually afk right now13:26
edmondswhe likes to keep us guessing, though ;)13:26
efriedYeah, but he'll see this eventually.13:26
esbergluReady to move to CI?13:28
edmondswbackports from IT to OOT on the TODO list is another thing that anyone can dip into as they have time and could be good learning material for some of us newer guys13:28
efriedSo OOT will also be impacted eventually by edmondsw auto-disable ...13:28
efriedyeah, what he said.13:28
edmondswefried I'd like to get the common changes in, then do you think the auto-disable for pypowervm should go IT or OOT first?13:29
edmondswI think we said IT first?13:29
efriedThat was the plan, though I'm not sure there's a solid reason why.13:29
edmondswwe'll stick with it for now anyway13:29
edmondswdone with OOT?13:29
edmondsw#topic CI13:30
esberglu#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm_ci_todos13:30
esbergluThe external prep_devstack change is in13:31
esbergluAnd the branch specific local.conf files change is ready, just need reviews13:31
edmondswesberglu you want to give us a quick status update, what's working / failing?13:31
edmondswI pulled up 5425 right before this meeting started, will get back to it when we're done13:32
esbergluOcata was working yesterday with the local.conf file in that latest patch13:32
esberglunewton, master (IT and OOT) were both failing13:32
edmondswI thought we were getting master working first13:32
esbergluedmondsw: I just had them running in the background to test the branch specific patches on staging13:33
esbergluI was working through master devstack issues all day yesterday13:33
esbergluIt was a real rabbithole13:33
esbergluThat's what I'm planning on doing today too13:34
edmondswesberglu the idea to go ahead and merge 5425 since it doesn't make anything worse (pending review, of course) and then fix each branch individually?13:34
esbergluedmondsw: Yeah13:34
esbergluWith priority being OOT master, IT master, OOT stable branches13:35
efriedOnce you get stuff stacking, please send a note to Jay.13:35
efriedAnd the rest of us, for that matter, since we'll be impacted next time we try to stack too.13:35
esbergluBut with how long stacking takes I'm going to try to get them working simultaneously at least somewhat13:35
esbergluefried: Yep13:36
esbergluOther than that just tackling the list of TODOs as I am able. Hoping to get mdrabe more involved now that some of his other work has settled down (I think?)13:36
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esberglu#topic Driver Testing13:38
esbergluI know jay is being blocked by the stacking issues13:38
esbergluAnything else going on there?13:38
efriedActually, he also ran into a nvl dependencies problem.13:38
edmondswanything to worry about?13:39
efriedHopefully he asked the right people in slack and got that figured out.13:39
efriedHe might've caught the repo in a weird state or something.13:39
edmondswchhavi did you see my comments on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/467599/ ?13:40
edmondswefried that is now backward compatible with existing pypowervm versions, so it doesn't have to wait for the pypowervm release, right?13:41
efriedoh, right, we were gonna do that.  I'll have to look again.13:42
edmondswyep, Jenkins passed13:42
efriedBut the new code path still won't work without an updated pvm-novalink13:42
efriedNeed to think through that a bit...13:42
edmondswyou mean when we enable more tests?13:43
efriedWell, that's what needs thought.13:43
edmondswthat's probably in queens, right?13:43
efriedNo.  If we're relying on some new REST behavior via this code, we may get 500s when it runs.13:44
edmondswat least for IT13:44
edmondswyeah, OOT is another story13:44
efriedYes, for IT, queens or later.  I'm talking about OOT+pypowervm+pvm-nvl interplay.13:44
edmondswtoo easy to get confused with this matrix of possibilities :)13:45
efriedTotally.  Anyway, I'll re-review that change with that in mind.13:45
edmondswmove on to open discussion?13:46
esberglu#topic Open Discussion13:46
efriedThe service tokens changes have merged.  I think mriedem is closing the blueprint.13:46
esbergluI was thinking I would create another etherpad with an agenda for this meeting13:46
esbergluWith the idea being it will go faster and people can bring stuff up even if they can't make it13:46
edmondswefried awesome13:46
esbergluefried: Nice13:47
edmondswesberglu +113:47
efriedesberglu --strict also merged in ocata, in case you were looking to use that.13:47
esbergluefried: We don't need to do the discover_hosts thing in ocata13:47
esbergluWell in the undercloud we do13:48
edmondswefried I don't think I ever reviewed the final service tokens change... have a link?13:48
edmondswwould like to give it a quick glance and see where it ende dup13:48
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/412634 https://review.openstack.org/41966213:48
efrieda glance indeed.13:48
efriedAs I mentioned yesterday, I really didn't do anything on these - just kept rebasing until they went green.13:49
efriedBiggest piece of work was chasing down the glanceclient bugs.13:49
edmondswI'm not actually on either of those reviews13:50
edmondswdidn't you have one up at one point? What happened to that?13:50
efriedYou're thinking of the service URLs bp13:50
efriedThat one's still in limbo pending mordred's infra support for it.13:51
edmondswyeah, I was getting confused13:51
efriedYeah, sorry, I didn't think to add you to the service tokens reviews.13:52
efriedI know we talked about you being more involved, but then I didn't end up actually having to do much.13:52
edmondswvery glad to have that in13:53
edmondswanything else guys?13:53
efriedpower-off changes, I should mention.13:53
edmondswyeah, what's your plan for the separate changeset for my #3?13:54
edmondswable to get that up this week?13:54
efriedShould be able to, yeah.13:54
edmondswwould be nice to get that in the new pypowervm release along with the other things13:54
efriedI'm going to introduce a new method power_off_progressive13:54
efriedThe only bit I'm still not sure about is how to specify options.13:55
efriedShould be via a PowerOffOpts13:55
efriedBut I should validate that guy.13:55
edmondswisn't the current progressive logic hardcoded, doesn't really use any options?13:55
efriedCause it should NOT have an operation set.13:55
edmondswi.e. do you even need to let the caller specify anything?13:56
efriedAt least restart.  But there's others as well I believe.13:56
edmondswyeah, probably restart... can't think what else13:56
edmondswwould have to look again13:57
efriedNope, you're right, just restart.13:57
efriedMaybe progressive doesn't take a PowerOffOpts at all.13:57
efriedJust takes a restart kwarg13:57
efriedWhich feels painful because we jumped through hoops to get rid of the restart kwarg in the existing power_off13:57
efriedAnd it paints us into that same corner in case we somehow need to add more opts in the future.13:58
efriedSo yeah, still need to think about this some more.13:58
efriedThen there's the weird translation bug.13:59
efriedbtang and I discussed it some yesterday, and got it figured out, I think.13:59
efriedWe believe the problem is that the i18n test case is setting a locale directory globally, which it shouldn't.  Depending what order the tests run, that can cause problems.14:00
efriedSo I'm going to try to nail that down in the next day or two.14:01
efriedOne more minor pypowervm thing I want to mention.14:01
efriedWe have a couple of tests that run over code that sleep()s, but the tests aren't mocking sleep(), so the tests actually take a relatively long time.14:01
efriedEasy to see which - just look at the longest-running-tests report at the end of a tox run.14:01
edmondswooo... good catch14:01
efriedSo if someone wants to pick those off and fix 'em...14:02
efriedLet the team know so we don't overlap.14:02
edmondswsounds like we need another TODO etherpad for pypowervm14:02
efriedThis is an unusual little glut, really.14:03
efriedWe've normally got one thing at a time, directly driven by some other piece of work.14:03
efriedBut yeah, at the moment it wouldn't be bad to keep track somewhere other than my head.14:03
efriedBut an openstack etherpad isn't really appropriate.14:04
efriedUnless we bury it in the one we've got.14:04
efriedCan we get an etherpad server set up internally?14:04
efriedCause I suuuuure do hate community wiki14:04
efriedor is it called connections?14:04
edmondswwhatever it's called, I agree that etherpad is way better14:05
edmondswI'll see if i can figure out what our options are there14:05
edmondswalright, we're over, and I think done... tx guys14:08
efriedlater y'all.14:08
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mdrabeefried edmondsw 5421 +114:43
edmondswmdrabe tx14:43
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esbergluedmondsw: efried: I have working ocata and newton local.confs with a few basic cleanup things done15:21
esbergluI'm running them through tempest now15:21
edmondswesberglu yay!15:22
esbergluBut we can hold off on merging that patch until then15:22
efriedsweet.  What's the status with master?  Is that already done?15:22
esbergluefried: Still stacking and unstacking15:22
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edmondswefried just pinged the nova cores about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/472794/17:25
efriedack, thx17:26
esbergluSomebody said something about there being rules when it comes to adding reviewers to nova yesterday18:38
esbergluefried: was that you? And what were you referring to18:38
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efriedesberglu Unwritten rules19:08
efriedRule #1: Don't.19:08
efriedThey're just supposed to notice.19:08
efriedUnless you've specifically discussed a change with someone.19:09
efriedesberglu What did you have in mind?19:09
esbergluefried: Was gonna ask yesterday and got distracted19:12
efriedask what?19:12
esbergluWhat the rules were19:20
esbergluUpdate on master stacking. I'm currently messing with the devstack tempest settings because the tempest tox is failing19:21
esbergluRight now we use a custom tempest.conf19:21
esbergluIIRC correctly the reason we did that and didn't use the devstack generated one was that there were limited conf options for tempest19:22
esbergluSo we couldn't get it to do what we wanted19:22
esbergluI'm thinking the devstack generated tempest conf might have more functionality now19:22
esbergluAnd if it still doesn't, we could add that functionality to devstack instead19:22
esbergluof trying to keep a custom tempest.conf19:23
efriedesberglu I didn't know it was even possible to have devstack generate a tempest.conf19:24
efriedBut shoot, if you can get that working, I'm down.19:24
esbergluefried: It does. It puts it in /opt/stack/tempest/etc/tempest.conf19:24
esbergluefried: The idea being that we won't have to maintain tempest.conf and we can also rip out of bunch of os_ci_tempest.sh19:25
efriededmondsw Alas, power_off_progressive still needs the option to decide whether to start with os-immediate or not.19:25
efriedesberglu That sounds lovely.  Do you get to feed options into tempest.conf via local.conf?19:26
edmondswefried ok, where does that leave us?19:26
efriededmondsw I think it leaves us still needing to accept a PowerOffOpts param.19:26
efriedAnd I need to decide how aggressively I want to forbid that guy from having an operation specified.19:26
esbergluefried: I'm checking right now if you can just use the [[post-config|$TEMPEST_CONF]] like you can for others19:27
esbergluefried: Otherwise you can use the settings found here19:27
efriededmondsw Ye gods, I don't know if this is going to be better or worse.19:29
efriedI really need to separate out the operation somehow.19:30
efriedPowerOffOper as a subclass of PowerOffOpts would be okay, but not backwards compatible.19:30
edmondswwhy not just have restart and immediate args and no PowerOffOpts?19:31
edmondswefried I don't see why PowerOffOpts would apply here19:31
efriededmondsw I need to support both 'immediate' and 'restart'.19:31
edmondswright, that's what I said19:31
efriedoh, sorry, missed :0919:31
efriedYeah, could do that, but again, the whole reason we introduced Power*Opts was to consolidate those kwargs and provide a single extensible home for them in case we add more in the future.19:32
efriedIf we add more options to the Job in the future, we wind up with exactly the same problem as with power_off.19:33
edmondswwhat more would we possibly add?19:33
edmondswand why would adding really be a problem?19:34
efriedLooking at it another way, the new power_off_progressive would have a nearly identical signature to the existing power_off.  The distinction will be difficult to describe, and confusing for the consumer.19:34
edmondswI thought the problem we fixed with PowerOffOpts was about the dict, not restart/force_immediate19:34
efriedWell, I've wondered for a while now why we don't support the same options for reboot that we do for power-on.19:34
efriedAnd if that becomes a thing, we're talking 8 additional kwargs.19:35
efriednot acceptable19:35
edmondswefried in that case, make the restart kwarg take a class of startup options19:35
efriedew ew ew ew ewwwww19:36
edmondswyou like PowerOffOpts but not PowerOnOpts?19:37
efriedWe have PowerOnOpts.  That's not the point.19:37
efriedI don't like overloading arg types.19:37
edmondswthen don't19:37
edmondswhave PowerOnOpts instead of restart19:37
edmondswif None, no restart19:37
efriedAnd if an empty PowerOnOpts(), restart with no additional options?  That's not the greatest UX.19:38
edmondswwhy not?19:38
efriedEspecially since right now it would just be that, always empty - anything you put in there would be ignored.19:39
edmondswwhy ignored?19:39
efriedBecause none of those things are supported for restart19:39
efriedUX-wise, pvm_pwr.power_off(..., restart=True) is nicer than pvm_pwr.power_off(..., power_on_opts=pvm_pwr_opts.PowerOnOpts())19:40
edmondswbut you think they should be, right? so make them... or is there some technical reason we can't do that yet?19:40
efriedNono, I don't think they should be, necessarily.  Nobody seems to care to make them so, and I'm not going to open that can of worms.19:41
efriedThe technical reason is that the REST Job doesn't support it.19:41
edmondswyou can have restart and power_on_opts if you want to better the UX19:41
efriedIf you want to do that, you would have to power-off (without a restart) and then power-on with opts.19:41
edmondswand if there's no need for power_on_opts today (which I think we just established) we don't worry about that19:42
edmondswback to just restart19:42
efriedYeah, and immediate.19:42
edmondsw2 kwargs... not near the limit of 8 :)19:42
efriedWhich isn't a lot better than the existing power_off19:42
efriedThe only improvement is the crispness of what 'immediate' means.  And getting to remove the host_uuid param from the signature.19:43
edmondswthe existing power_off has those needed kwargs deprecated... so that's not an option19:43
edmondswnow, if we hadn't deprecated them... or maybe we run that back and un-deprecate?19:44
efriedtalking about add_parms being an arbitrary dict?19:44
edmondswbut the thing that's really better about power_off_progressive is the name... shows that it's unique to progressive19:44
edmondswno, I wasn't talking about add_parms19:45
efriedI'll propose it and see what you & thorst_afk think.19:47
edmondswefried do you know a way to just run the UTs that relate to the powervm driver and not everything else?20:00
efriededmondsw After tox -e {envlist}, you can say -- followed by a pattern prefix that indicates which tests to run.20:01
efriede.g. tox -e py27 -- nova.tests.unit.virt.powervm20:01
edmondswright... more specifically... ok, tx20:01
edmondswso nova.tests.unit.virt.powervm is what I was looking for... at least I hope20:02
edmondswefried no, that doesn't seem right... that would just run the tests in that directory. Aren't there common virt driver tests as well?20:03
efriedhold please20:04
edmondswactually, maybe not... that's probably just me thinking like a keystone dev...20:05
edmondswkeystone have a bunch of tests that they will run against all possible drivers, but maybe nova doesn't do that20:06
efriedSorry, on a call.20:06
edmondswanswer when you can20:06
efriededmondsw I don't know of any UT outside of the powervm package that run against the powervm driver.20:07
efriedDoesn't mean it doesn't exist.20:07
efriedBut I would be pretty surprised.20:07
edmondswk, I'm not seeing any, so you're probably right20:07
edmondswthey probably consider that outside the scope of UT... which I would agree with20:07
efriedWell, I think the argument would be that anything *unit* testing powervm should run under that directory.20:08
efriedFunctional tests are different.20:08
edmondswyep, hence my agreement20:08
edmondswkeystone just doesn't work that way (unfortunately), and I was thinking in line with what I was familiar with there20:09
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efriedesberglu Please see mriedem comments and followup actions on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/470999/21:24
esbergluefried: ack21:40
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efriedesberglu Still bouncing off of neutron_plugin_create_nova_conf in-tree master?21:54
esbergluefried: Yeah but still not a working stack21:54
esbergluI'm trying to get the devstack generated tempest.conf working now21:54
efriedesberglu But I'm seeing stacking fail still.21:54
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esbergluefried: Yeah I don't have working stacks yet21:55
esbergluThat's how I came upon this whole devstack generated tempest.conf thing21:55
esbergluThe tempest install was failing21:55
esbergluWell not the tempest install but the tempest conf verification21:55
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